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I was talking with a dear friend of mine a few weeks back and I had the “whoa is me” french cries saying how poor me doesn’t sleep & blah blah waaa waaa going on and he said “JENN ur living the dream baby girl, u get to do what ur passionate about ” which is “helping others and acting  and being in front of the camera, ur a do’er and an achiever, u don’t just dream it-U LIVE IT”-and right at that moment he put it all in perspective for me….so to u Darin I am grateful to have been called out like that….sometimes I just need to be reminded…

I have to say that I am sooooo happy in my life. I feel like crying from the joy… thru all the good and all the hard times I have peace overall…

This “dating JENNY and GOD phase” has been healing for me.  I do have hope that someone will be able to be my PARTNER and be whole heartedly invested in me and I in them…setting an UNORTHODOX way of life for us both , where we are safe, IN LOVE, happy, fully committed and 100% for each other. Until then JENNY and her big man upstairs isn’t so bad. He brings me blessings.

This past Sunday I was on CELEBRITY REHAB REVISITED on VH1. It showed some of the cast from CELEB REHAB Season 2 and SOBERHOUSE…like my sweet ANDY DICK…and Amber,Nikki, and Rodney. I had no idea that it was going to be on-but boy was it a bitterly sweet show to see. That show, time and experience changed me and my life on every level…and has helped keep me sober till this day…and more imporantly, it helped so many people all over the world. These precious people I’ve lived with for a month….they were so brave. I keep in contact with all of them.

On Monday they announced me in the movie I am doing “CHASTITY BITES”… I was thrilled … the movie is  so hysterical. I’m blown away by the writing …Lotti rocked it….she’s the writer…a BRILLIANT writer….you’ll be surprised by my character. It’s something I’ve never played before!!!!!!!!!!

On Monday night I was also on the teaser of  THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS  season 2 for next weeks episode. I’m happy to say that I’ve shot a few episodes of that show with my BEST FRIEND BRANDI GLANVILLE -she is on this season…we’ll see what airs. I will be on the show more than just next week …I gather…

I also have been working at Klean Center and other places…I love doing groups. It’s amazing being able to study human behavior, mental disorders and drug addiction…I’m learning so much.  I love it….

I have a lot of ANGELS out there like Chula , Anna ,and so many more that I can’t even begin to THANK for UR LOVE AND SUPPORT …it’s been …well a tough one and THANK U ALL for helping me keep on keeping on…really, I mean that from the bottom of my heart…

I’ve been working out and have been consistant with it and eating the best that I can. My body has changed even more lately….

so my JENNISM moment….I’m with a friend of mine this past Tuesday nite and something was said that was funny so what happens ….I start laughing out loud and snot comes out….ya not my finest moment…seriously my cool factor is so NON EXISTENT….at least I haven’t taken a tumble this week or ran into anything….thus far…..

Oh it’s the holiday season!!! I cant believe the end of the year is just a blink of an eye away…because all this has happened this year I KNOW 2012 is gonna ROCK…BRING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I’ve been bat s### crazy lately… I feel like a robot just going… I’ve been uplifted by ur love and encouragement…last week I did so much…I went to an event where USHER performed and it was fun…I did tv shows…podcasts…webisodes…interviews…business meetings/dinners/lunches,fittings, oh jeez and the list goes on…oh and then there’s somewhat of my personal life like gym, spending time w my mom,brother, little MICKEY,12 step meetings and seeing a couple of my friends…working w my sponsies, working thru my …well…. growing pains… it feels like the flood gates of all these new emotions are opening up…good and bad. I’m growing up…

I must say I’m losing alot of hair, got a terrible eye twitch(which I found out is from stress) , my face is breaking out like a 13 yr old boy hitting puberty, my voice goes in and out from exhaustion and I’m getting grays…I feel like I’m getting wrinkles and need toothpicks for my eyes… ya not so HOT….this too shall pass…it’s kinda hysterical to me at this point….

this week started crazy and ended cray …. I’m honestly goin’ 100mph…I did “ISSUES W JANE VALEZ MITCHELL”on Mon on HLN, more interviews this wk , I also did DR.DREW SHOW on HLN on Wed which was super AWESOME , did a few CANADIAN TV/TALK NEWS SHOWS, did live RADIO, ON CAMERA GREEN SCREEN SHOOTS, met w my MANAGER MARKI COSTELLO who ROCKS , vh1 Blogs, other blogs, did other TV SHOW, SPENT SOME TIME W friends like  BRANDI GLANVILLE AND TATUM ONEAL,SAW MY MAMA AND BROTHER AND LITTLE  MICKERZ , went to CHURCH, 12 step meetings, committments,GYM ,EVENTS, AND SOOOOOO SOOO SOOOO MUCH MORE… THIS WEEK WENT SO DAMN FAST I MEAN SUPER FAST I ALSO WENT TO DR’s WHO SAID I HAD LOST EVEN MORE WEIGHT …guess that’s good… I am eating and last 2 day’s somewhat slept… today I went to the gym then swam for 2 1/2 hrs which was so nice it was me and DEXTER a dog I’m watching he is soooo sweet… I love where I am this last wk…..tomorrow is a big day… I have CELEBRITY REHAB EPISODE 6 ON VH1 AT 9PM THEN AT 10PM I’M ON MY GOOD FRIEND TATUM ONEALS SHOW ON OWN NETWORK, which I haven’t seen so I’m a little nervous… but let me tell u this as I was in treatment 6 yrs. ago OPRAH gave me hope, at one point I was going to send her a letter asking her if I could go intern for her and share my experience of who I was and what I did…I never got the courage to go through with it- but she encouraged me as I’m sure she encourages the world…I had to save my life …I would pass out to meet her and here I am about to be on her NETWORK… miracles do exist…..OMG OMG OMG… I know that I sound like a geek , but I am, and I’m so grateful for my life today…

I know people are emailing me, tweeting and posting to me to “slow down” but u only have one life and this is my time right now to BE IN MY REALITY THAT I  ONLY HAD DREAMED OF BEFORE…SEIZE MY OPPORTUNITY, WHERE I GO THERE I AM….

I must say this week I cried a lot … sometimes in my car and I had alot of panic attacks cuz I am breaking old ways of thinking… for instance-that I’m not enough etc…the old ways of what was, no longer has to be in my life today…..the crying to me is healthy because I was told tears are signs of my soul and spirit healing….in the midst of my being a personality and image I am my true JENN self and I share that as I go thru it w my confidants and U as well… they tell me it’s ok to be me and that I must be going thru so much inwardly and they are here for me…at the same time I am holding it together while I go in a public arena…sometimes they (my friends and family) hugging me is ENOUGH…. I yearn for my loved ones to touch me it’s so soothing to me… and I’m saying  that in a loving & nurturing way….the human hand-touch is so powerful…well I’m off to bed cuz it’s a big day for me… I’m doing a few hrs. of me time in early am…. I’m taking myself out on a date… to the balcony to write, have some coffee then a swim and my nails did time, cuz I destroyed them from all the  stress, then off to work…. I LOVE U DEARLY…U are helping me HEAL  xoxooxoxo

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Honestly I am so effing wiped out I feel like I’m seeing stars….I honestly lost it at an AA meeting…I walked in and just started balling like no ones business…the great thing about that was people embraced me and they got me without words… I’m very thankful for them…without words we speak the same language ….I feel like I’m living out of my car lately… I just carry so many bags w me for so many things and I’m tired… yes on paper it looks and is great but I’m overwhelmed….I’m living the DREAM and I’m grateful… my dream date is to go by myself to the beach and watch the sunset and just be… that will not happen till a while but at least it’s something to look forward to…

I shot UBEUlifestyle today and the crew was incredible… so much love and support … the experience was memorable and I was blown away by the production…CHRISTINA GIUSEPPE asked me questions that were deep that I have never been asked before… at one point I cried and broke down because I had to tap into some very sad times in my life…but I pulled thru and got there and answered the questions….I ended up having a blast …

Then ANDY DICK  wanted to meet up w me so I rushed over after a 9 hr day of work…I went to meet him and it was amazing….. I’m proud of him… he really is an ANGEL to me and was the one that ENCOURAGED ME TO LOSE WEIGHT AND GET BACK INTO ACTING…we are like BEST FRIENDS and he knows I love him deeply… he was my inspiration  to move forward… I’m eternally grateful to him…. he is a bright lite that entered my life…he also brought the FUN and LAUGHTER back into my life almost 3 yrs ago….

I came home and TWEETED LIVE and now I have to be up at 6am for work….

I am doing the ADAM CAROLLA show tomorrow night… really excited to meet him and a little nervous … I don’t know why but I am….after work in the am I’m coming home to work out and run errands…..

CELEBRITY REHAB tonight was so amazing… Doc was so inspiring to watch and the family that came in blew me away…

I have to go to bed but I LOVE U GUYS SO MUCH.

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So much has happened this week …. I have been so on the go… I’m starting to wear out a bit…. I’m so grateful for my girls in my life…AMY, BRANDI, AUNG the list goes on…I don’t get a day off til the 16th of Aug….yes I know people say to take care of me but it’s time for me to seize the moment… God doesn’t give me what I can’t handle…

Alot and I mean alot of people have asked me how I’ve lost the weight… it hasn’t been the easiest thing that I’ve done and it certainly didn’t happen over night… I have done different exercises from walking to running to fast walk, stairmasters, weights,both heavy and light. I’ve learned how to eat … I’m constantly changing up my routine… these last few weeks have been difficult cuz I’ve been on the go and sometimes can’t work out or eat well….. I get to be in charge of my body…

I have worked every single day this week and sometimes 3 jobs or publicity things a day… I work tomorrow on UBEU lifestyles it’s a shoot all day long then I’m on CELEBRITY REHAB EPISODE 4 TOMORROW NIGHT… I think that I’m going to TWEET LIVE FOR THE WEST COAST SHOW…. NEXT WEEK I WILL ALSO BE ON THE “ONEALS” ON OWN NETWORK W TATUM ONEAL WHO IS A DEAR FRIEND OF MINE…. IT IS ON SUNDAY NIGHT AS WELL. I have to say I’M SO HONORED TO BE IN HER SHOW AND ON OPRAHS NETWORK… NOW OPRAH IS ONE OF MY HEROS….u have no idea….

I have spent the week w AMY who literally is my saving grace lately ….I’m so lucky to have her in my life… and I’ve also spent the last few days w BRANDI GLANVILLE…. I’m actually at her house tonight… I babysat the boys yesterday evening and it was truly a blessing to be w her and her boys and sooo much fun…. well since I have to get up uber early I must retire to sleep now… I love all the support and love I’m getting from u all. Honestly sometimes it’s u guys that keep me going…

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so today is my mamas birthday… all she wanted to do today was to have my little brother, tom and myself together… oh and to see her grandson mickey… so we went to Laguna beach… to this really beautiful beach there… we use to go  when we(bro and i ) were little and my dad lived there for years … it was so beautiful and the waves were ginormous… i must say the water was so cold…but it was very relaxing… we all had a great time… then we went to Laguna to have dinner…

i have to say im pretty amazed at how many people come up to me and share their stories with me or how much SOBERHOUSE has touched them or that theyre  big fans of the show… i get a lot of love from u people and i want to thank you for it…your support means a lot to me… 99 44/100 % of the time people respect that im around my family and friends so thank you for that as well… tom is use to it so he kinda doesnt count but im very protective with my family especially my mom…

mickey was terrible today we took him to his nanas house but we made a pit stop to grocery store , so with his new outfit his Auntie Aungster sent him, blue shirt w a skull on it , he went …he attempted to go into the store  but made a B line into grass to poop not once but 3 times…yup…oh jeez and i was stressed looking for anything on the floor to pick up the poo poo…thank the sweet Lord for people dropping there receipts on floor cause i ended up grabbing them…

i want to thank Codi, my sweet angel, for starting a fan page on facebook for “Dancing With The Stars” i didnt get it this season and the amazing thing is she and many others said they wont stop campaigning… i love you for not giving up…

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Jennifer Gimenez on Good Day LA talks “Sober House”

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PHIL VARONE  posted photos of us from the “TODAY SHOW” on facebook today…he is actually a very funny guy…

i feel like there is so much to say but yet again im exhausted… i feel like im goin to collapse from exhaustion soon… God please help me, im tired so im goin to make this short…i did 2hrs at the gym… but due to being in my car working on the phone i wasnt able to workout wit DARLENE…she is goin to break me tomorrow..i have this feeling but i did work out lifted weights ,ran and did the cross trainer… ive burned over 3000 cals taken 16500 steps and have done over 4 hrs of activity…i even cooked which was a big deal for me… ya i steamed brown rice and opened 2 cans of tuna and cracked open hard boiled eggs… haaa…i mad tuna casarole… i love that , i use to eat that as a kid…mickey was a little extra needed ,which honestly i love…. i just love my mickey even while i pick up his poopoo and as he goes i cheer him on…he is an amazing love in my life…wow if i could be half the woman mickey thinks i am on a daily basis id rule my universe…i have to get up in a few hours im to do a phone interview in the wee hours of the morning then one at 10 am then gym then off to la for meetings and interviews im shooting another magazine but ill keep u posted later…Dr.Drew and i  are presenting at the PRISM awards in a few weeks and the first SOBERHOUSE is nominated which is awesome…im also hosting a few events…. now i must say nite nite i have to go clean my toilets… i have a thing about cleans sinks,toilets and floors , actually im a freak over it… i love tilex and bleach too… TOM hates it…oh salt i miss u where r u ….mrs.dash(blah) i know were ur at i dont like u yet….

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yes its been a while since i wrote. you  know its taken  its toll on me…not being able to write is not good for me… ill be honest i feel like im about to explode becuz ive even stop in my personal journal… i can be lame and say ive been too busy … not an exception…

im blown away by all u lovely beings… supporting, loving  and cheering me along has been a gift for me…at times i kept asking myself” why the hell am i doing this for”… I DO NOT RUN A SOBERLIVING HOME OR WORK IN RECOVERY IN MY DAILY LIFE…I WAS BROUGHT IN BECAUSE OF MY RECOVERY AND THAT IVE BEEN WHERE THESE PEOPLE HAVE BEEN…the “AWARENESS” SOBERHOUSE 1 &2: has been able to provide   addicts and alcoholics still suffering ,recovering addicts and alcoholics, family/friends /loved ones who live(d) w people like me or have ever loved one of us and have gone thru the torement of our disease w us , is really the reason i did it again…i only say this because it is people like u who email me ,come up to me,post ,comment and all other kinds of modern ways of contact tell me.. then theres “THOSE PEOPLE” ,ahh im praying for u, all these people blogging on messageboards or on tweets  myspace and facebook all this  negative stuff makes me sad… but with every good thing in life comes some bad… over all ,about 97% of the response has been positive, the support and love im getting from people is truly amazing…like everyone else in the world i have over come obstacles… i am a child of  a loving GOD and he has made me ,despite of my down falls ,a woman who has a story to tell… my experience ,strength and hope that miracles do exist…No… what u guys see on t.v is what really happened ,nothing was acted out… i may be an actress but i was dealing with seriously sick people trying to save there lives as well as me staying somewhat sane and sober thru that time in the house… this group was the toughest 8 people i could have ever imagined… it was me against them(more like the disease)…a bit too intense im really lucky i didnt get  hurt or killed…but then theres things u will not see and ohhh the power of editing….like me being super stern, did happen, but first i was kind and gentle but most of the time it was mistaken for weakness and they (most of them) kept pushing my buttons..i want u to know how grateful i am to have been able to be of service…

so LIFE and STYLE MAGAZINE is now coming out in a few weeks 2nd week in APRIL… i will keep u posted.. they pushed it back due to some scandals lately…ive been on planes and cars for the last month…i really love traveling … my schedule starts sometimes at 4:30 am and once in a while ends 2/3a.m… not everyday id lose it…im trying my best to juggle my personal life /love/friends/family,work auditions/producing a show/publicity  (etc .etc on this career section) tending to my house,gym and trying (not really) to have a tiny bit of personal time , 12 step program,speaking at 12 step meetings,working w 6 girls daily ,speaking at hospitals and institutions and working w my sponsor on me, sleeping every now and then oh and walking mickey…ill b honest with u lately im tripping out on  having God fulfill my prayers although i can tell u itll work out for u, but i got to jump and know the net will catch me, it always has before…

im really tired and have to get up in 6 hours to start my journey all over again i promise to make an effort to journal at least 4-6 times a week… i love u with all my heart………oh yes still doing intense training but i got back on salt for a hot minute we started dating off and on again ,but were off again … ill explain tomorrow

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Dr. Drew Brings Rehab And Sober House To The View

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Jennifer’s Side Of Sober House – Season 2, Episode 3


As she did last season, house manager Jennifer Gimenez is set to give us her weekly take on each episode of Sober House with Dr. Drew. Below, Jenn talks about the third episode of the show: Mike’s departure (and return), Kari Ann’s intercepted attempt at a return and the curfew violation by a few that resulted in consequences for all.

Toward the beginning of the episode, Mike was kicked out for hitting a camera man. I thought it was strange that he was let back in, given the no-tolerance policy for violence.

The difference between Mike and Kari Ann is that Mike didn’t come into the house loaded and he wasn’t starting havoc. During the group meetings that they had with Drew, he wasn’t interrupting and getting on the phone because he wanted more attention. He was participating. When Mike hit the camera, he felt provoked. Kari Ann had punched the cameraman in the neck; Mike shoved him. It’s still physical violence, it’s still not OK and there are consequences due to that. Keep in mind that Kari Ann didn’t want to be there. She never apologized. Mike did.

But that  all said, there really isn’t a no-tolerance policy regarding violence, then.

Dr. Drew evaluated Mike between him leaving and coming back. I know I said there’s absolutely no violence, but we were worried that Mike would die if he was out. And the thing is that I really did care about Mike. We were a couple days into filming and I started to care about all of them at that point.

Speaking of coming back, Kari Ann attempted to this episode. Was this as big of a surprise as the show made it out to be?

There were finally a couple hours where things were going OK at the house. We are all getting along. Seth and I were bowling, Heidi and Tom were throwing a football. And all of a sudden Bob comes up the hill with Kari Ann. It was like a bomb on our happiness. I was like, “Are you kidding me?” You could see by everyone’s reactions how shocked we were.

From what we saw, you stayed pretty quiet.

I think everybody was freaking out. What you see is the one who freaks out the most, and that’s Heidi. I was more in disbelief and trying to keep calm because I knew if I overreacted the whole house would react. I need to lead by example. Heidi started going off about how Kari Ann was loaded. Kari Ann was being really confrontational and going off on everyone. If you really want to come back into the house, why are you going off on everybody? Kari Ann started getting anyone that she could get on her side, and that person ended up being Tom, which was so weird and gross. It was disgusting.

So you think, as Heidi implied, that he was sexually motivated to take Kari Ann’s side?

Yeah. I think that Tom is very distorted in some areas. I think they are all sick. They are sick trying to get better, but Tom sees this girl, and…I don’t know. I don’t think he was trying to be the hero here. That was the first time I saw the interaction between Tom and Heidi turn — they were getting along and then he did something to piss her off. It wasn’t because he was purposely trying to piss her off. Tom’s not all there, I think you see. Tom has a violent streak, an angry streak.

At this point, it was unfathomable as a viewer that Kari Ann’s return to the house should even be considered.

I agree with you. It wasn’t like Kari Ann was trying to change and get better. It was like Kari Ann was just coming back to play the part. She obviously didn’t want it from the moment she walked in there. So I was really shocked, I was angry, I was appalled. I said that I needed to test her. It was at that moment she decided to leave, and not just because of me but because she realized she wasn’t welcomed there. Heidi did have a great point, why come back to a place where you’re not wanted? At that point we saw her intentions — you can’t bulls*** a bulls****ter. We could see right through that. That’s really a key thing: you know that this girl doesn’t want it so why try and help her? I don’t wish ill will, but if you don’t want it, there are so many other people out there that do.

In happier news, Seth made a decision this episode to stay home and play board games instead of going out on their first free night.

I was blown away, especially after all the stuff that was happening. I was like, “Oh no. This going to end in another webcam apology for Seth. This is going to be terrible.” But all week he had been saying, “I really want this, I really want this.” When he told me he wanted to stay home, I got teary eyed because I saw the desire in him. That’s the difference between Kari Ann and Seth – you can see a desire in a person’s eyes.

On the flip side, Jennie, Mike and Dennis Rodman stayed out, violating curfew.

By the way, Heidi stayed home too — she went to bed early. I suffer from migraines and I caught a full-blown one that night. I was vomiting, I couldn’t see and I had to take my migraine medication. When they came home, I was little out of it. It was like, “Are you kidding me? I have to stay up and wait for these people?”

It did seem unfair that Seth and Kendra were punished for what other people did.

This is a group — they rally together. I figured that if everyone didn’t pay the consequences, the people who did stay would think they could get away with something next week because they were good this week. I wanted the people who did the right thing to be angry at those who messed up, not me. In this setting, if one person fails, they all do, because of the group dynamic. It doesn’t have to do with sobriety, it has to do with accountability to each other. Kendra and Seth didn’t have to write the 150 words, but they did lose their phones. When I was living in a recovery home, I got my phone all the time. I don’t think I had it half the time. It happens.

How long do you take the phones away for?

Twelve hours. They were probably going to sleep eight of those hours.

Dennis gave you the biggest problems about this. Among the things he said to you were that you don’t know what you’re doing, and most people in the house don’t respect you.

Meanwhile, I ended up getting his phone, and he ended up writing. If he didn’t respect me, he wouldn’t have done that. He was just trying to push my buttons and I gave him no reaction.

Keep up with Jenn on Facebook and follow her on Twitter.


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