"Brennie G."

                  A Conversation with Brandi Glanville & Jennifer Gimenez

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"For Crying Out Loud" (Lynette Carolla & Stefanie Wilder-Taylor) Interview

                                                      “For Crying Out Loud”  Interview

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Episode 14

                The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills “Malibu Beach Party From Hell” Clip

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I was talking with a dear friend of mine a few weeks back and I had the “whoa is me” french cries saying how poor me doesn’t sleep & blah blah waaa waaa going on and he said “JENN ur living the dream baby girl, u get to do what ur passionate about ” which is “helping others and acting  and being in front of the camera, ur a do’er and an achiever, u don’t just dream it-U LIVE IT”-and right at that moment he put it all in perspective for me….so to u Darin I am grateful to have been called out like that….sometimes I just need to be reminded…

I have to say that I am sooooo happy in my life. I feel like crying from the joy… thru all the good and all the hard times I have peace overall…

This “dating JENNY and GOD phase” has been healing for me.  I do have hope that someone will be able to be my PARTNER and be whole heartedly invested in me and I in them…setting an UNORTHODOX way of life for us both , where we are safe, IN LOVE, happy, fully committed and 100% for each other. Until then JENNY and her big man upstairs isn’t so bad. He brings me blessings.

This past Sunday I was on CELEBRITY REHAB REVISITED on VH1. It showed some of the cast from CELEB REHAB Season 2 and SOBERHOUSE…like my sweet ANDY DICK…and Amber,Nikki, and Rodney. I had no idea that it was going to be on-but boy was it a bitterly sweet show to see. That show, time and experience changed me and my life on every level…and has helped keep me sober till this day…and more imporantly, it helped so many people all over the world. These precious people I’ve lived with for a month….they were so brave. I keep in contact with all of them.

On Monday they announced me in the movie I am doing “CHASTITY BITES”… I was thrilled … the movie is  so hysterical. I’m blown away by the writing …Lotti rocked it….she’s the writer…a BRILLIANT writer….you’ll be surprised by my character. It’s something I’ve never played before!!!!!!!!!!

On Monday night I was also on the teaser of  THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS  season 2 for next weeks episode. I’m happy to say that I’ve shot a few episodes of that show with my BEST FRIEND BRANDI GLANVILLE -she is on this season…we’ll see what airs. I will be on the show more than just next week …I gather…

I also have been working at Klean Center and other places…I love doing groups. It’s amazing being able to study human behavior, mental disorders and drug addiction…I’m learning so much.  I love it….

I have a lot of ANGELS out there like Chula , Anna ,and so many more that I can’t even begin to THANK for UR LOVE AND SUPPORT …it’s been …well a tough one and THANK U ALL for helping me keep on keeping on…really, I mean that from the bottom of my heart…

I’ve been working out and have been consistant with it and eating the best that I can. My body has changed even more lately….

so my JENNISM moment….I’m with a friend of mine this past Tuesday nite and something was said that was funny so what happens ….I start laughing out loud and snot comes out….ya not my finest moment…seriously my cool factor is so NON EXISTENT….at least I haven’t taken a tumble this week or ran into anything….thus far…..

Oh it’s the holiday season!!! I cant believe the end of the year is just a blink of an eye away…because all this has happened this year I KNOW 2012 is gonna ROCK…BRING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I was sitting earlier thinking wow I’ve been on the go for a while like 4 months…. then I counted …..NOOOO SINCE MARCH 1ST.. over 5 months.. my goodness…. I have many angels in my life lately…somehow in those moments  when one starts to believe the b.s. the mind tells you that “you are not alone”- I realize that I AM NOT ALONE … and that I AM LOVED…..and that I DO MATTER…. and the same I wish for u, that u know that U  DO MATTER & U R LOVED … I’m honestly grateful my “luffz” aka AUNG has been helping me immensely-girl thank u ….

Today was supposed to be my 1st day off… on a good note some wonderful things happened… I slept 10 hrs,  I was on the phone doing interviews, working and paying bills from 11:15 am to 3:15pm…I then left the office where I am staying w my phone in there, went swimming and played w DEXTER for 1 hr and a 1/2 … (he loves playing ball… he is the dog I’m watching while my dear friend is out of town…DEX and I have become soooo connected… he has been a blessing and bundle of big doggie love for me… although I am not a traitor and LOVE MY MICKEY… but mama Gimenez is taking care of him or better yet he is ruling her… Mickers is such a sweet soul…) I then took care of more emails, fb  and twitter stuff returned personal calls and off Iwent to the gym… I worked out for an hr then went to the steam room… I felt it would relax me more and help my skin… I feel like a 13 yr old boy going thru puberty w my skin….my goodness… last nite my friend said it was from all the makeup I’ve been wearing and stress I’ve had for a while…I laughed cuz I then told him about my hair loss , lack of sleep , &eye twitch that I’ve had for over a  wk (now gone ,thankfully).

Last nite I went to  “THE PERFECT AGE OF ROCK& ROLL” MOVIE PREMIERE… it was a great time… I’m so happy to be back in the ACTING world…I love ACTING and all that it entails… so being there was a blast…after the MOVIE PREMIERE I went out to meet my friend for dinner and seriously he helped me soooo much…we talked for hrs… it feels so good to have people who know me for me and I don’t have to be anything for them ….and I can fall apart or be my goofy dorky self with… me and this person have danced a dance together… I will alway’s love him soooo deeply….he may be the greatest love, or at least one of them-I have ever had…he was there the day my dad died and he is loved by not only me but by family….I am glad that I was able to see him face to face( after a decade) and make an amends to him right after my recent break up…but we have stayed in contact thru the last few years…here and there but now a bit more and I have the blessing to have seen him a few times now since the amends…its a trip because we were so young back then and we didn’t know better… it’s a friendship not an intimate relationship … cuz LORD knows I’m not ready for one….I don’t want to attach myself to anyone or anything right now… I really want to get to know this woman JENNIFER GIMENEZ … and what she is all about..

I have a busy day tomorrow … I did invite mama GIMENEZ to come be w me as I venture into the TEEN  CHOICE EVENTS TOMORROW… gonna be fun w my mama….I have a busy weekend w/ CELEBRITY REHAB SEASON 5 EPISODE 7 AIRING  and a few things on Sat… haaa I said a few things, a shit load of activities… I’ll blog and keep u updated w my weekend…

Also alot of people are asking me about my workouts, the secret as to how I lost my weight … right now I’m eating tiny portions and drinking so much water… I’m changing up my routine by swimming at least 45 minutes a day ( a minimum of 20 laps back and fourth is considered 1 lap for me)and cardio 25 to 35 minutes ,weights focusing on shoulders , back , arms and  lots of sit ups …and today I did 40 laps !

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“The Decently Funny Show” Interview(animated)           “The Rico&Mambo Show” Interview


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I woke up this morning and went to do my group at PRC… then went to a Dr’s appt for 2 hrs… went to gym… I decided as tired as I was to do what I could… I did stairmaster for 25 minutes then back exercise, side stomach, more lower back and then did about 70 sit ups… I only worked out for like an hr…

then I had 2 interviews which they call “phoners” for CELEBRITY REHAB and I had to run around doing errands like bank, Riteaide,Target(my favorite), car wash , got my hair did roots and ends as well…Mason, Brandi’s little boy said to me the other day that I had white dots(grays,ughhh,yup) and red/orange ends … so u bet ur ass I got it fixed… I didn’t want to explain to Mason that I have grays….

I came home showered and got ready to go  do the ADAM CAROLLA show… I have to admit that I was very nervous to do his show and meet him… I am a HUGE fan of his… he is awesome , sweet, good looking , funny and super talented …really great man and a really great time…I have a long ass day tomorrow which starts early….

I am very grateful today looking forward to my beach date that I have coming up-sometime before summer ends, haaa… me and the sunset…. I wonder if I’ll ever feel the desire to date again….I do know that I don’t want what I used to have… so as AMY and DR.SOPHY say…I get to create the guy that I want….I am too fragile still and have way to much on my plate to even toy with the idea…

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It’s 2:40 am Sun morning but since I just got home I posted this  for Sat… because today (Sun) brings a whole new day,venture and life experience…

I stayed the last few nites w my POCKETSIZE, AMY(who by the way let me know shes 5’4 ,she’s so tiny to me cuz of her little frame that I’ll still call it 5’1 grrrrrr)… I woke up today around noon …. was that tired …. we can exhaust ourselves not only  physically, but emotionally and mentally and have no idea that we’ve completely drained ourselves…I had only 20 mins to get myself together and go speak at a womans AA meeting… I have to say womens meetings rock…as scared as I used to be around women, they save my life…I have these gorgeous goddess’s in my life who I am connected to and I just love love love u…my girl AUNG who has entered my life over a year ago and I am grateful for her…she’s loving ,kind, sensitive ,caring, generous and has my back, as I have hers….she’s very special to me, my sweet LUFFZ…it’s super cute how much she cares that we have some discussions (is a nice way of putting it) about how much she worries about me…I do appreciate it…grrrrrrr I love her … she has showed up for me constantly…

then I have my godma of a mentor PATTY BARET, we call each other bubbs… she is one of my towers that I lean on for guidance and direction… oh how she is a life line for me… I’m honored to have her in my life… I can be childlike around her and be completely open and vulnerable around her… she nourishes me back to health all the time… she never went back on her word and has my back as well….what a gift…

after my meeting I went back to AMY’s and I had an hr to just relax so I went to her back yard wrote ,read and just took some sun for 40 mins… it was really beautiful to just be in that moment…I found myself really happy with being w ME…I got ready cuz I was asked to shoot a show w my bestie BRANDI GLANVILLE again… I found myself a bit blocked w the kind of look I was going to go w so AMY came to the rescue and her being  such an amazing creator and stylist, mama got to whipping my look into shape… she’s really got a gift … her eye and talent is so inspiring… she’s really a true artist… I was going to a “White Party” but I felt the need to find ala circa of some sort and we (she) did!

one of the gifts thru the last few months has been spending quality time w my friends… BRANDI and I hung out for a bit and talked then off we went to her party, thats all I’m really allowed to say about this job… we took pictures and I posted a few up ( BRANDI AND CAMILLE GRAMMER & I) but will post more up on twitter and fb soon…its the moments that make it all the worth wild for me, like this one, as we were coming home we were grubbing on fatburger from the party laughing our bellys off like 2 little girls in the car, our conversations were killing us as we were choking on the choking while laughing soooo hard… we definitely left a trail in that poor town car…

today is FATHERS DAY so to all those wonderful men out there HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!! If ur a father, grandfather, brother, son, provider, teacher, role model or mentor to anyone out there, know u are loved and adored … thank u for making a difference to the world around u…

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16 is my favorite number….my little brother was born on that day and so was i and i have many other reasons for it as well… happy 16th day of june guys….

oh man this oopzies that i have going on is getting ridiculous…split coffee 2 xs today…once all over me…yup good times… its just always right before my GOD blessed women w this gift time…. and im a bundle of emotions last few days… im also going thru a lot of change… i just moved out of a place ,ended a relationship w my x boyfriend and work is getting hectic w CELEBRITY REHAB SEASON 5  about to start, i have a crazy publicity schedule happening (which im honestly so grateful for) other jobs im doing/shooting and a new manager that is doing such a great job for me…plus sobriety ,meeting,working w sponsies,my sponsor ,the program, family i tend for ,family quality time, friends ,me and my little mickey …oh and working out…im not complaining its just a new phase, a new chapter in my life… I DEFFENTLY DONT HAVE THE WAAAA BURGERS AND FRENCH CRY I NEED A WAMBULANCE  SYMDROME  going on its just new and real for me right now…plus i dont know how to be sober 5 yrs 5 months and 1 day like i am this too is new…

needless to say im in a transitional phase … im getting to know myself on a whole new scale … im relying on this thing called GOD and as my sponsor says im dating GOD right now… so w all this and other thing s going on im uncomfortable in my skin at times during the day but for the most part im HAPPYand peaceful and having FUN… my friends and family have been soooo amazing and allowing me to realize im human and that i can go thru and get thru anything (ive been thru so much worse)… some amazing people have come into my life and also the ones ive had that stand solid in my life  are letting me know im alright during this time…im thankful that i have a group of people that i can lean on and tell the truth with…plus i just suffer from alcoholism period…. my head likes to play games w me … i do have tools that the program and steps have help me deal and handle the ism w…

i just got asked to shoot a show w my girl BRANDI on Sat that she is doing… ive done it once before and its wild….i have to wear white for this “WHITE PARTY” so im going to a fashion PR company REDLIGHT PR tomorrow to pull clothes  from… theyve been pretty good w me lately on that !!!

i just spent the evening w my little brother DWIGHT… we had dinner ,went into the jacuzzi for tiny bit and then just chatted about life…he is such a blessing…hes such a kind soul…a good man…hes smart and somewhat shy…and an incredible business man…wow we are so different yet alike (somewhat) ,we get each other and we will die for each other…poor little guy i use to toucher the poor little one as akid…could u imagine having me as a big sister…

Amy and i have been spending a lot of time together … she is a rock for me … shes so hip,cool,awesome,creative,stylish,wise,smart and fun… almost 10 yrs ago she was my mentor for yrs and seriously saved my life …its so nice to reconnect w her… she is letting me see the creative person in me …something im finding again back in my life…she gets me…shes 5″1 ft with a super duper tiny frame really light skin,blue eyes w brown hair.. but because we get each other and have been so close she use to call me “POCKETSIZE” cuz im sooo the opposite of her, almost 5″10 dark skin,big boned latina…and when i was afraid or nervous she said i could go into her pocket…stories longer but….awwww i love my POCKETSIZE

.im going to change my workout up a bit ….so tomorrow im taking an abs class30 mins and a yoga class…i havent done a workout class in forever let alone 2….im shocking my body …oh and due to the oopzie time of the month i ate in&out and for diner i had spinach salad,cous cous, taboulie (whole foods) and a gluten free burrito….ummmm not so hot but i have been so vigilant that i dont care for just today… but back on good eating tomorrow again….


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im w my girlfriend Miss.Amy Hall right now… we just finished going to Anita Pointers house for a fitting(one of the Pointer sisters) i was asked to do a fashion show and introduce the opening of the benefit…i have to say i love fashion shows… as a model i did it all magazines,campaigns,videos and runway etc… BUT… Runway fashion shows was always my favorite,always…. so its gonna be fun…. wow and my costumes are beyond fabulous and theatrical…

i had an uber full day and its only going to get insane and uber duber busy for me…hell who am i kidding its already there… im living my dream and have to realize to smile and enjoy the ride…

i ran into an x boyfriend CHRIS KATTAN today and i was soooo truly happy to see him… we literally bumped into each other …we talked for a while and i was able to really appreciate our time together while talking… im grateful he was in my life back in the day… we dated for 2 1/2 yrs, many,many moons ago… making an amends is a beautiful thing…. i wish him only happiness and greatness….

i worked this morning ,went to an AA meeting , gym and other things then finally my fitting for the fashion show benefit…

ive been spending time with many wonderful friends … ive had some pretty God shot moments… im not alone today… im realizing that I AM LOVED AND I HAVE PEOPLE WHO TRULY CARE FOR ME ….

oh i have been doing the stairmasters at the gym and its sooo friggin painful i want to die but im increasing my speed and my body is loving the results… why does it have to hurt so much to work damn ittttttt?

im getting the oooopzis rightr now which well for us woman means….so all im thinking about tonight is Mc.Donalds and pizza… yummmmmmmy…. no.. i wont tonight im heading to sleep and praying this too shall pass….


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