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thank u guys so much for ur love and support…it blows me away how kind and loving u guys are … ur truly gentle souls…thank u for being in my life…u really show me that im not alone and I AM LOVED!!!! at the end of the day thats all we all really want…is to BE LOVED.

like i said yesterday i have going thru being uncomfortable in my own skin ….when we go thru painful moments in life, as my sponsor and many wonderful insightful people say to me, “this too shall pass”…but for me i also find that thru the uncomfortable comes growth and learning lessons…even thou ive been going thru some serious change lately, I AM WALKING THRU MY FEARS , all the while having people lead the way and holding my hand…but for the GRACE OF GOD… only thru my experience will i be able to help others an find myself having a spiritual awakening…. sometimes i have to have the pain hurt bad enough to make the change… its also the good things that scare me….and truthfully i have a lot of great things happening to me right now…i also know the responsibilities that come w this….but staying in the moment helps me realize that all i have is the right here right now… but for me its, being honest w people and sharing that im uncomfortable or just that im scared… a group of people i call friends and confidants is something i never thought id have…people who truly have my back and want nothing but the best for me as i for them has beenone of the biggest gifts for me….ive been writing alot an d im doing a “cleaning house” inventory per sponsor direction….and i just surrendered on a whole new level , IM NOT IN CONTROL… im just going w the flow, ive dropped the rock,and this scares me !!!!! this has NOTHING to do w one person right now, its all about me believing in me and having faith that GOD has a plan for me….and that GOD didnt bring me this far to leave me…

so today i went to the gym… then Redlight Pr and the girls there hooked me up w the most amzing wardrobes for nxt few things i have…by the time i left i had so many more things booked for publicity this coming wk… also i got asked to shoot a show for tomorrow night w my BESTIE BRANDI GLANVILLE CIBRIAN ¬†and i got invited to a movie Premiere tonight it was fun being back in that world again …since i want to get back into acting again it was a great introductory to that world…making the transition to acting again has kinda scared me but im soooo tired of staying stuck and not following my heart, letting fear over ride my joy and passion for the things i want, that im saying out loud ….ok ok in a blog, but i have told a few other people…F### it why not throw it out to the universe….right?????

Miss.AMY HALL aka Pocketsize was my date…she is such a lifesaver for me and an angel …im blessed to have her…then i went to an AA meeting which ive gone to at some point everyday the last few wks…

went to Whole foods last 2 days …have to say its a bit to pricey for me…oh and i got my nails did… literally i was gone driving and place to place for well over 13 hrs but ive been going since 8isham its now 1am…. so im retiring for nite…. sweet dreams my dear friend xoxoxo


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