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man last nite i ended up doing more cardio and then showered and layed down around 12:30… so then came 5:30 am and my ass was still awake…wtf…ya then 7am this mornin TOM got this call that his brother/friend from I.C.M.C  the President of his motorcycle club was going to work  on his bike and got hit by a car and ran over by a Semi truck… he is in the hospital right now and recovering but by the Grace of God he is ok and nothing was broken although the truck ran over his leg… his name is TOMMY , poor guy…so its been a day of lots of prayers for TOMMY… i finally fell aslepp around 9 am and had canceled my whole day…my day started then around 1pm… i been off all day…although i did end up going to the gym and …

training w DARLENE…yesterday i did all upper body combo and today the legs… and lots  of stomach…and i ended up doing 1hr and 35 minutes of cardio … i have burnt so far over 3000 cals and 18000  steps and did many many miles…i was having trouble doin side planks and kept shouting ‘my mind , my mind is stronger than my body” i got thru it…today i ate a bagel,whey protien/vanilla fat free yogurt/blueberries shake, then 3 garden burgers plain, 2 corn tortillas with chicken … stacey i eat apex oatmeal raison bars… i drink at least 1 to 2 big Smart waters daily plus any other water that is in my way i drink so much effing water these days…DARLENE is weighing me tomorrow morning and body fat measuring me… ill keep u posted …ugh!!!!

um right now TOM says to me “babe u know in the 60’s the housewives would leave the oven open after they cooked ,so u should do thias” then he pursues to open the oven cuz i baked chicken breast….i smiled and bit my tongue…so here i go…”what fooooooool… theres no ring on my finger, to me calling me a house wife…WTF’ jeez at leat give my ass a ring before you go down that road and giving me housewife tip…and a big fat ring at that.”ahhhhh that feels better… ok it was more funny than not… i love him …(he might get up set that i wrote this but….heheheheh.)

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