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I had such a long day…. but oh was it amazing…it rained today in L.A for the first time this fall.  I got to wear Fall/Winter wear!!!! I had on dark blue skinny jeans, beige t-shirt, black cashmere button up sweater(the style of it is insane) high black  flat boots with this amazing tweed jacket that goes above my knees…with the biggest oversize purse a girl could find….ahhh my time of year…

So I have been on the eating clean diet…I eat a green apple a day…and…THIS IS ALWAY’S MEASURED PRE COOKED!!!!!!!!! 3 1/2 ounces of protein (alway’s measure) of white fish, scallops, shrimp or chicken 2x’s aday, 6 to 10 ounces of 1 type of greens with only lemon on it and condiments 2x’s a day, then  I can have 4 to 6 ounces of either blueberry/blackberries…. WITH ABSOLUTELY NO OILS WHAT SO EVER….it’s not easy cuz you have to take a cooler with you if you are running around. No sodas-only water, green tea and coffee with STEVIA!!!!!!

I have been doing situps and cardio for 25 to 40 minutes (my heart rate at 130 to 139…) for me that feels slow… but I’m burning fat …. no joke it is working. I’m almost done with this torture…I only got to workout 30 minutes cuz of my busy schedule…I’m a bit smaller than my STAR MAGAZINE SHOOT…size wise …

I worked this am then went to a 12 step meeting…then I got invited to go out to lunch with JIM HECHT, GORDI HOFFMAN AND JAMES BLACK….. writers, actors and great friends of mine. Honestly Jimmy is MY BOY (btw he is a brillant writer/producer he wrote ICE AGE and ROBOTS etc. etc. ). I will alway’s love him dearly. I live with him-he has been my saving grace….he truly is a FRIEND that just loves me as a friend…he is screwed cuz he is stuck with me as family forever. I love to gross him out… we play well off each other. Well he decided to tag along with me. I went to a  fancy gym while he went to one of his writing spots around the way.  Later I ended up at chiro appt (thk u my sweet sweet GLENN). I suffer from a bad back. Long story…I will fill you in another time. I suffer from migraines and this Dr. could not crack 1 bone or adjust me-he said that I was one of his hardest  patients (he has been practicing for 50 yrs…ya ughhh)  going back on Friday. Then I went to see 1 of my lifelines-DR.SOPHY (my therapist) ohhhhhhh how I love him xoxoxo he saw me late tonight . It feels good that he’s taking care of me … even though it gets to me, I know it’s the best thing I could be doing. I got lucky today with being able to be around great men. I had alot of work calls and meetings throughout the day…

I got asked to do a photo shoot SUNDAY for a MAGAZINE with SHAWNA ANKENBRANT ( my hot photographer who shot me for STAR MAGAZINE and RADAR ONLINE ) and I think that I may be doing tasteful NUDES !!!!! I’ll find out tomorrow …..but I’m shooting for sure SUNDAY.  A certain kind of story….xoxoxo

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I have to remember that “This is the Best Time of the Year.” I love this time-Fall/Winter. Ohhh it’s simply beautiful. I went to my storage unit the other day with my mom….ughhhh, I became so overwhelmed. I opened the unit up-and I literally saw my whole life…boxed up. Since I moved out of my X’s 4 months ago,I haven’t had to go there. We work so hard for “things” blahhhhh…but living simple has become so delightful for me. The season is changing,so that calls for a wardrobe change as well. YaY! Boots, sweaters, scarves, jackets and layers! I’m about to leave for work right now. I just wanted to check in and let you know that I have been reading your comments,emails,tweets &wall posts. I will blog later today answering questions like…
weight loss/exercise/some eating tips
and some other things…
For those of you leaving me messages on here-(as well as on TWITTER &FACEBOOK)-I will try to address some of your questions. Please forgive me if I don’t answer all of them. Leave me questions on here or via Twitter/FB…and I’ll respond later on. Keep warm today….& love who you are right at this moment…because you do matter…and you are worthy of love….

Yesterday RADAR ONLINE posted my bikini/weight loss story with 19 pics (all in bikinis)…from the STAR MAGAZINE SHOOT!!!! It’s been scary to have shown my body pretty much bare…and on many levels it’s as if I’ve left myself with very little to hide behind (I’ve exposed my insides and out now) and U guys have embraced me with your love/PROTECTION and spirit. I’ll explain later if u don’t get what I’m trying to say.

If it had inspired 1 person out there-or allows someone to relate on any level…then my story served and serves it’s purpose. WE CAN OVERCOME ANYTHING IN LIFE. I PROMISE U THAT….

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Star Magazine

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My week started out really great… last Sun I swam , wrote in my journal(my personal one) then I went to meet up w my girl ,who is one of my BEST FRIENDS, TARA CONNER ( Miss.USA) . I went to her house and off we went to get our toes and nails done… we talked and talked and talked … the funny thing is that I was hesitant to actually spend quality time w her…  reason being is for many years I was told so many negative things (subtly) that I started believing those things… I’m doing this new chapter alone and to be perfectly honest…it’s pretty wild to have her as a friend. We have sooooo much in common…. the way we grew up even though she was in pageants and I was modeling-we were alway’s identified as objects. We in fact have so much depth and weight to our existence. We have walked the same path in many ways… even though we are in a different age range ,(she being in her 20’s and I in my 30’s )we relate so much to each other… and I know she loves me for me. I am honored to call Tara my friend. She calls me out on my stufff and I do to her as well-but we do it w love. We only want the best for each other… I LOVE MY TARA CONNER. I came back and live TWEETED… I love talking to my fans and friends on TWITTER….speaking of  TWITTER I have such amazing people who follow me… and then I have a core group of mainly woman who have my back …it’s just mind blowing … I feel so loved and protected by these girls…. I mean seriously I adore each one of them…. I thank GOD for them …. and I want u ladies to know how much I LOVE U!!!! I also LOVE  the men who protect me. I don’t think they even understand that I’ve been going thru tough times and them loving me and protecting me is something I was afraid of never having. I’m starting to heal in such a miraculous way & I know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel-but boy oh boy I didn’t think it was going to come for a long time….

Monday I worked and then went to see my mamas…did interviews for CELEBRITY REHAB etc. etc. then one of my sponsies came over and we worked on her steps till 2am … I fel asleep like around 3:30am and up I was on Tues. with more work.  In the evening I went out to eat w one of the loves of my life… I just love being able to be me around him …we laughed alot then I came home to more work things…

Wednesday I did my group at PRC then I had a photo shoot w Sean James (who is my hairdresser) and he does so many fabulous people it’s incredible and Shawna ANKEMBRANT shot and LEBOC did the make up… amazing day which ended up lasting from 1pm to 8:45 pm…then BRANDI GLANVILLE my BEST FRIEND wanted to meet so I said yes and we met at DANTANAS and had sooooo much fun. I hadn’t eaten so I was starving and had a yummy steak…we had a ball there. 2 singles ladies just laughing and talking and being us ,till the wee hrs. of the morning… I LOVE MY BEST FRIEND BRANDI… I’d take a bullet for that girl…. I left at 9am and came home at 2am …up at 7am on

Thursday…more interviews and so much to do and I thought that I was gonna pass out…but I ended up at my mama’s and drove back to be w DEXTER … I love where I am staying . Dex is a golden who I just adore… I have been working out in between the madness and the best thing is I swim every day no matter what…. like a fish I swim and I feel like a mermaid too.  😉  I feel so good about it and I’ve lost some inches. 

Friday went by so fast…work work work then swimming, gym and fittings at HSM Fashion PR firm and got so many gorgeous dresses…then errands in between and another sponsie came to get me and we went to an AA meeting then I got invited out … so I went w my BUBBS PATTY…she has been such a saving grace to me…we had fun!

Today I had to work then went and spent time w my mamas and MICKERZ , got my nails did ,swam earlier , played w Dexter and went shopping w mama Gimenez…she is so beautiful my mamas… I wonder if i could possibly be half the mom she is w me and my brother… woman who are mothers inspire me…I did so much more that I can’t write it all down…

reason why I have to go shopping is when I moved out of my X’s I just put my life literally in storage and I just didn’t nor did I care that everything was there…but the clothes I took don’t fit me anymore-which is nice but costly. Not so fun on a budget. I bought 3 pairs of jeans that are a size 6 … in the dressing room I started crying while smiling cuz I just can’t eff’ing believe it… I had a proud moment. Hard work does pay off. I’m back on this eating clean diet w no oils or butter , everything is weighed. I want the last 5 lbs. off, ok ok 8 off then super model weight is back.  I will blog tomorrow about something that I’ve been dealing with and a loss I recently had…nxt wk is super crazy for me starting tomorrow till following Monday …

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thank u guys so much for ur love and support…it blows me away how kind and loving u guys are … ur truly gentle souls…thank u for being in my life…u really show me that im not alone and I AM LOVED!!!! at the end of the day thats all we all really want…is to BE LOVED.

like i said yesterday i have going thru being uncomfortable in my own skin ….when we go thru painful moments in life, as my sponsor and many wonderful insightful people say to me, “this too shall pass”…but for me i also find that thru the uncomfortable comes growth and learning lessons…even thou ive been going thru some serious change lately, I AM WALKING THRU MY FEARS , all the while having people lead the way and holding my hand…but for the GRACE OF GOD… only thru my experience will i be able to help others an find myself having a spiritual awakening…. sometimes i have to have the pain hurt bad enough to make the change… its also the good things that scare me….and truthfully i have a lot of great things happening to me right now…i also know the responsibilities that come w this….but staying in the moment helps me realize that all i have is the right here right now… but for me its, being honest w people and sharing that im uncomfortable or just that im scared… a group of people i call friends and confidants is something i never thought id have…people who truly have my back and want nothing but the best for me as i for them has beenone of the biggest gifts for me….ive been writing alot an d im doing a “cleaning house” inventory per sponsor direction….and i just surrendered on a whole new level , IM NOT IN CONTROL… im just going w the flow, ive dropped the rock,and this scares me !!!!! this has NOTHING to do w one person right now, its all about me believing in me and having faith that GOD has a plan for me….and that GOD didnt bring me this far to leave me…

so today i went to the gym… then Redlight Pr and the girls there hooked me up w the most amzing wardrobes for nxt few things i have…by the time i left i had so many more things booked for publicity this coming wk… also i got asked to shoot a show for tomorrow night w my BESTIE BRANDI GLANVILLE CIBRIAN  and i got invited to a movie Premiere tonight it was fun being back in that world again …since i want to get back into acting again it was a great introductory to that world…making the transition to acting again has kinda scared me but im soooo tired of staying stuck and not following my heart, letting fear over ride my joy and passion for the things i want, that im saying out loud ….ok ok in a blog, but i have told a few other people…F### it why not throw it out to the universe….right?????

Miss.AMY HALL aka Pocketsize was my date…she is such a lifesaver for me and an angel …im blessed to have her…then i went to an AA meeting which ive gone to at some point everyday the last few wks…

went to Whole foods last 2 days …have to say its a bit to pricey for me…oh and i got my nails did… literally i was gone driving and place to place for well over 13 hrs but ive been going since 8isham its now 1am…. so im retiring for nite…. sweet dreams my dear friend xoxoxo


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16 is my favorite number….my little brother was born on that day and so was i and i have many other reasons for it as well… happy 16th day of june guys….

oh man this oopzies that i have going on is getting ridiculous…split coffee 2 xs today…once all over me…yup good times… its just always right before my GOD blessed women w this gift time…. and im a bundle of emotions last few days… im also going thru a lot of change… i just moved out of a place ,ended a relationship w my x boyfriend and work is getting hectic w CELEBRITY REHAB SEASON 5  about to start, i have a crazy publicity schedule happening (which im honestly so grateful for) other jobs im doing/shooting and a new manager that is doing such a great job for me…plus sobriety ,meeting,working w sponsies,my sponsor ,the program, family i tend for ,family quality time, friends ,me and my little mickey …oh and working out…im not complaining its just a new phase, a new chapter in my life… I DEFFENTLY DONT HAVE THE WAAAA BURGERS AND FRENCH CRY I NEED A WAMBULANCE  SYMDROME  going on its just new and real for me right now…plus i dont know how to be sober 5 yrs 5 months and 1 day like i am this too is new…

needless to say im in a transitional phase … im getting to know myself on a whole new scale … im relying on this thing called GOD and as my sponsor says im dating GOD right now… so w all this and other thing s going on im uncomfortable in my skin at times during the day but for the most part im HAPPYand peaceful and having FUN… my friends and family have been soooo amazing and allowing me to realize im human and that i can go thru and get thru anything (ive been thru so much worse)… some amazing people have come into my life and also the ones ive had that stand solid in my life  are letting me know im alright during this time…im thankful that i have a group of people that i can lean on and tell the truth with…plus i just suffer from alcoholism period…. my head likes to play games w me … i do have tools that the program and steps have help me deal and handle the ism w…

i just got asked to shoot a show w my girl BRANDI on Sat that she is doing… ive done it once before and its wild….i have to wear white for this “WHITE PARTY” so im going to a fashion PR company REDLIGHT PR tomorrow to pull clothes  from… theyve been pretty good w me lately on that !!!

i just spent the evening w my little brother DWIGHT… we had dinner ,went into the jacuzzi for tiny bit and then just chatted about life…he is such a blessing…hes such a kind soul…a good man…hes smart and somewhat shy…and an incredible business man…wow we are so different yet alike (somewhat) ,we get each other and we will die for each other…poor little guy i use to toucher the poor little one as akid…could u imagine having me as a big sister…

Amy and i have been spending a lot of time together … she is a rock for me … shes so hip,cool,awesome,creative,stylish,wise,smart and fun… almost 10 yrs ago she was my mentor for yrs and seriously saved my life …its so nice to reconnect w her… she is letting me see the creative person in me …something im finding again back in my life…she gets me…shes 5″1 ft with a super duper tiny frame really light skin,blue eyes w brown hair.. but because we get each other and have been so close she use to call me “POCKETSIZE” cuz im sooo the opposite of her, almost 5″10 dark skin,big boned latina…and when i was afraid or nervous she said i could go into her pocket…stories longer but….awwww i love my POCKETSIZE

.im going to change my workout up a bit ….so tomorrow im taking an abs class30 mins and a yoga class…i havent done a workout class in forever let alone 2….im shocking my body …oh and due to the oopzie time of the month i ate in&out and for diner i had spinach salad,cous cous, taboulie (whole foods) and a gluten free burrito….ummmm not so hot but i have been so vigilant that i dont care for just today… but back on good eating tomorrow again….


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i have to remind myself that this is such an exciting time in my life… im having such a great time, reconnecting w loved ones and work people… meeting new people… strong in my recovery and living my dream…i have been able to spend more quality time w the people that  i love and my family… my foundation is SOLID, I HAVE A GREAT GOD…
i am also on this eating clean diet which is a drag but the results make it all the worth while… im not gonna lie, McDonalds sounds sooooo good…i am not having any oils or butter or fat for the time being and doing a different workout…. i dont work out as long but i work hard on certain areas…
im a single woman having a blast w my girlfriends and family and at the end of the day this is exactly what i need and am enjoying… life is what we make of it….

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what a HOT summer day today has been… i actually started my day off by doing something i havent done in a long time…i went on a hike ,not just a little hike ,a 5 miles hike up the mountains in 100 degree wheather today …and i did it after 10 am… maybe not the smartest thing to do 1st time up this crazy mountain… i thought i was goin to die…but i ended up having a great time…then i dashed over to train w my trainer “BOSS” DARLENE… it was a comedy act at the gym cuz i was so dehydrated from the crazy billion mile hike… so we kinda took it in stride…i have been very SERIOUS about my training and taking care of my health… its taken me almost 2 yrs to get here… i am pleased with where i am at but very excited to get to where i want to go w my body…im btw 23-23.something % body fat … well, actually ill know exactly next week when i get measured and weighed again… people think i just lost the weight in a mointh or 3 , but actually its been a long and slow process cuz im proud to say ive done it correctly with the guide and assistant of  my trainer , nutritionist and getting regular check ups by doctors to make sure all is alright….but DARLENE has been my force…

i have been doing things “OUTSIDE THE BOX” for me lately…and ill give u more details later… im off to be with great girlfriends tonight and get some recovery as well…

ive missed writing on here for all u to see and hear my experiences…. im so grateful u all exist and have supported me along the way…oh ya i cant wait to hear back from you….

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Jennifer Gimenez on Good Day LA talks “Sober House”

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Jennifer Gimenez: Back For ‘Sober’ Maternity

Jennifer Gimenez: Back For ‘Sober’ Maternity by Caleb Bacon
Jennifer Gimenez | Photo by David Jakie / used with permission

Back for the second season of VH1’s “Sober House With. Dr. Drew” is its matriarch, Jennifer Gimenez. Last year’s debut season, featuring Gimenez and a host of celebrities trying to clean up their act, was one of reality TV’s most dynamic in memory.

Somehow this season (VH1, Thursdays/tonight, 10 p.m.) makes its predecessor seem like the PG version.

This year’s cast combines recent graduates of the much more structured drug and alcohol program, “Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew,” along with those from the inaugural season of “Sex Rehab With Dr. Drew.” Both were filmed at the Pasadena Recovery Center.

Some of the cast members are: Tom Sizemore, Heidi Fleiss, Dennis Rodman, Jennifer “Penny Flame” Ketcham, and Kari Ann Peniche. The results have been dynamic television full of punched-out cameramen, relapse, and no shortage of bleeped f-bombs.

Since LAist last visited Gimenez a year ago, the former covermodel has had quite the year. She’s continued to grow yet lost a hundred pounds, has a growing career, and is over four years sober from drugs and alcohol herself. LAist had a chance to chat with Jennifer about just that.

LAist: What was the difference between the first and second season of Sober House?

Jennifer Gimenez: This season they were all hardcore, street-smart addicts except Dennis Rodman. Last year you had more of a mixture. This year, they were a rough group. Who would have ever thought that I’d be saying I’d take eight Steven Adler’s over the season two group?

I am so grateful I did Sober House the second season. I’m also lucky I didn’t get hurt from this experience. It was a really rough group.

Did the first season prepare you for this one?

Season One taught me a lot. Coming into Season Two, I felt stronger about myself. I also learned to have more love and tolerance, and that I’m not here to be friends with these people. The season before, I was trying so hard to be make them like me.

People in my life, and especially people in the recovery community that I come from, don’t tip-toe around my sobriety. People call me out on my stuff: shut up, sit your ass down, and listen. I felt like, coming into this season, I needed to be the same way people were with me in my program. This disease is deadly, so I’m here to help other people.

What has the public reaction been to the show?

I’ve never been more blown away by the response of people. Yeah, there’s that three percent that’s always going to say some negative stuff, but I get thousands of positive emails and people come up to me and say “thank you for doing what you’re doing.”

Are there any misconceptions as to your role in recovery?

I definitely want to clear up that I do not work in recovery except for the show. You don’t have to work in recovery to run a sober house. Dr. Drew and the producers brought me in because of my recovery.

A lot of people come to me with their problems and they start opening up. I know sometimes we just need someone to listen, but I can’t give “doctor advice.” I’m not a doctor. I’m just a drunk helping another drunk.

Since Sober House Season One, you’ve lost 100 pounds….

After Season One, after being called a ‘fat’-every word possible, I started dropping weight. I went from going on the treadmill, to going to the nutritionist, to weight training. Last May, I was doing another job somewhere else and I started training with Jai Rodriguez from “Queer Eye For The Straight Guy.”
He was like “hey girl, you need to lift weights.” I had this whole philosophy that my body was going to get big from gaining muscle. Instead, I feel great.

Did you have time to exercise on Sober House Two?

Yes. Dennis Rodman and I were training every day. By that point I had lost about 80 pounds. Since the show finished, I’ve lost that last 20. I’m now officially down 100 pounds. I went from a size 16 back down to a six.

What are your eating habits like these days?

For me, I had to divorce salt and not drink so many sodas. I don’t eat french fries. I eat wheat bread, lots of multi grains, and chicken, and chicken and chicken until it’s coming out of my ears.

What was it like when Kari Ann called you “fat” on Season Two?

It was so “last season.” When I came into the show, obviously I looked much more different than the first season and I was well-seasoned by Steven Adler and that whole group. It didn’t bother me, though, sure, I don’t want to be called on that on a normal basis in my life.

What was it like to live in the show’s Hollywood Hills mansion?

The house was unbelievable. I got to wake up to Downtown LA, and I’d look over to the left, and there was Griffith Park and the ocean straight ahead. It was really beautiful. However, there was many, many stairs. I’d be running up and down them all day long. I was pretty exhausted just from going up the stairs.

Who would win in an arm-wrestling match: Dr. Drew or Barack Obama?

Dr Drew by far. Did you see those arms? Every now and then he’ll wear a t-shirt and you’ll be like “what?”

What’s coming up for you?

Sober House One was nominated for a PRISM Award. Dr. Drew and I will be there presenting at the end of the month. Work-wise, there’s a lot of things in the mix right now that I’m not allowed to talk about because nothing’s finalized. I’m getting back into acting and hosting. I hope a vacation in the near future.

Follow Caleb Bacon on Twitter @thecalebbacon.

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