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My week started out really great… last Sun I swam , wrote in my journal(my personal one) then I went to meet up w my girl ,who is one of my BEST FRIENDS, TARA CONNER ( Miss.USA) . I went to her house and off we went to get our toes and nails done… we talked and talked and talked … the funny thing is that I was hesitant to actually spend quality time w her…  reason being is for many years I was told so many negative things (subtly) that I started believing those things… I’m doing this new chapter alone and to be perfectly honest…it’s pretty wild to have her as a friend. We have sooooo much in common…. the way we grew up even though she was in pageants and I was modeling-we were alway’s identified as objects. We in fact have so much depth and weight to our existence. We have walked the same path in many ways… even though we are in a different age range ,(she being in her 20’s and I in my 30’s )we relate so much to each other… and I know she loves me for me. I am honored to call Tara my friend. She calls me out on my stufff and I do to her as well-but we do it w love. We only want the best for each other… I LOVE MY TARA CONNER. I came back and live TWEETED… I love talking to my fans and friends on TWITTER….speaking of  TWITTER I have such amazing people who follow me… and then I have a core group of mainly woman who have my back …it’s just mind blowing … I feel so loved and protected by these girls…. I mean seriously I adore each one of them…. I thank GOD for them …. and I want u ladies to know how much I LOVE U!!!! I also LOVE  the men who protect me. I don’t think they even understand that I’ve been going thru tough times and them loving me and protecting me is something I was afraid of never having. I’m starting to heal in such a miraculous way & I know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel-but boy oh boy I didn’t think it was going to come for a long time….

Monday I worked and then went to see my mamas…did interviews for CELEBRITY REHAB etc. etc. then one of my sponsies came over and we worked on her steps till 2am … I fel asleep like around 3:30am and up I was on Tues. with more work.  In the evening I went out to eat w one of the loves of my life… I just love being able to be me around him …we laughed alot then I came home to more work things…

Wednesday I did my group at PRC then I had a photo shoot w Sean James (who is my hairdresser) and he does so many fabulous people it’s incredible and Shawna ANKEMBRANT shot and LEBOC did the make up… amazing day which ended up lasting from 1pm to 8:45 pm…then BRANDI GLANVILLE my BEST FRIEND wanted to meet so I said yes and we met at DANTANAS and had sooooo much fun. I hadn’t eaten so I was starving and had a yummy steak…we had a ball there. 2 singles ladies just laughing and talking and being us ,till the wee hrs. of the morning… I LOVE MY BEST FRIEND BRANDI… I’d take a bullet for that girl…. I left at 9am and came home at 2am …up at 7am on

Thursday…more interviews and so much to do and I thought that I was gonna pass out…but I ended up at my mama’s and drove back to be w DEXTER … I love where I am staying . Dex is a golden who I just adore… I have been working out in between the madness and the best thing is I swim every day no matter what…. like a fish I swim and I feel like a mermaid too.  😉  I feel so good about it and I’ve lost some inches. 

Friday went by so fast…work work work then swimming, gym and fittings at HSM Fashion PR firm and got so many gorgeous dresses…then errands in between and another sponsie came to get me and we went to an AA meeting then I got invited out … so I went w my BUBBS PATTY…she has been such a saving grace to me…we had fun!

Today I had to work then went and spent time w my mamas and MICKERZ , got my nails did ,swam earlier , played w Dexter and went shopping w mama Gimenez…she is so beautiful my mamas… I wonder if i could possibly be half the mom she is w me and my brother… woman who are mothers inspire me…I did so much more that I can’t write it all down…

reason why I have to go shopping is when I moved out of my X’s I just put my life literally in storage and I just didn’t nor did I care that everything was there…but the clothes I took don’t fit me anymore-which is nice but costly. Not so fun on a budget. I bought 3 pairs of jeans that are a size 6 … in the dressing room I started crying while smiling cuz I just can’t eff’ing believe it… I had a proud moment. Hard work does pay off. I’m back on this eating clean diet w no oils or butter , everything is weighed. I want the last 5 lbs. off, ok ok 8 off then super model weight is back.  I will blog tomorrow about something that I’ve been dealing with and a loss I recently had…nxt wk is super crazy for me starting tomorrow till following Monday …

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I was sitting earlier thinking wow I’ve been on the go for a while like 4 months…. then I counted …..NOOOO SINCE MARCH 1ST.. over 5 months.. my goodness…. I have many angels in my life lately…somehow in those moments  when one starts to believe the b.s. the mind tells you that “you are not alone”- I realize that I AM NOT ALONE … and that I AM LOVED…..and that I DO MATTER…. and the same I wish for u, that u know that U  DO MATTER & U R LOVED … I’m honestly grateful my “luffz” aka AUNG has been helping me immensely-girl thank u ….

Today was supposed to be my 1st day off… on a good note some wonderful things happened… I slept 10 hrs,  I was on the phone doing interviews, working and paying bills from 11:15 am to 3:15pm…I then left the office where I am staying w my phone in there, went swimming and played w DEXTER for 1 hr and a 1/2 … (he loves playing ball… he is the dog I’m watching while my dear friend is out of town…DEX and I have become soooo connected… he has been a blessing and bundle of big doggie love for me… although I am not a traitor and LOVE MY MICKEY… but mama Gimenez is taking care of him or better yet he is ruling her… Mickers is such a sweet soul…) I then took care of more emails, fb  and twitter stuff returned personal calls and off Iwent to the gym… I worked out for an hr then went to the steam room… I felt it would relax me more and help my skin… I feel like a 13 yr old boy going thru puberty w my skin….my goodness… last nite my friend said it was from all the makeup I’ve been wearing and stress I’ve had for a while…I laughed cuz I then told him about my hair loss , lack of sleep , &eye twitch that I’ve had for over a  wk (now gone ,thankfully).

Last nite I went to  “THE PERFECT AGE OF ROCK& ROLL” MOVIE PREMIERE… it was a great time… I’m so happy to be back in the ACTING world…I love ACTING and all that it entails… so being there was a blast…after the MOVIE PREMIERE I went out to meet my friend for dinner and seriously he helped me soooo much…we talked for hrs… it feels so good to have people who know me for me and I don’t have to be anything for them ….and I can fall apart or be my goofy dorky self with… me and this person have danced a dance together… I will alway’s love him soooo deeply….he may be the greatest love, or at least one of them-I have ever had…he was there the day my dad died and he is loved by not only me but by family….I am glad that I was able to see him face to face( after a decade) and make an amends to him right after my recent break up…but we have stayed in contact thru the last few years…here and there but now a bit more and I have the blessing to have seen him a few times now since the amends…its a trip because we were so young back then and we didn’t know better… it’s a friendship not an intimate relationship … cuz LORD knows I’m not ready for one….I don’t want to attach myself to anyone or anything right now… I really want to get to know this woman JENNIFER GIMENEZ … and what she is all about..

I have a busy day tomorrow … I did invite mama GIMENEZ to come be w me as I venture into the TEEN  CHOICE EVENTS TOMORROW… gonna be fun w my mama….I have a busy weekend w/ CELEBRITY REHAB SEASON 5 EPISODE 7 AIRING  and a few things on Sat… haaa I said a few things, a shit load of activities… I’ll blog and keep u updated w my weekend…

Also alot of people are asking me about my workouts, the secret as to how I lost my weight … right now I’m eating tiny portions and drinking so much water… I’m changing up my routine by swimming at least 45 minutes a day ( a minimum of 20 laps back and fourth is considered 1 lap for me)and cardio 25 to 35 minutes ,weights focusing on shoulders , back , arms and  lots of sit ups …and today I did 40 laps !

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I’ve been bat s### crazy lately… I feel like a robot just going… I’ve been uplifted by ur love and encouragement…last week I did so much…I went to an event where USHER performed and it was fun…I did tv shows…podcasts…webisodes…interviews…business meetings/dinners/lunches,fittings, oh jeez and the list goes on…oh and then there’s somewhat of my personal life like gym, spending time w my mom,brother, little MICKEY,12 step meetings and seeing a couple of my friends…working w my sponsies, working thru my …well…. growing pains… it feels like the flood gates of all these new emotions are opening up…good and bad. I’m growing up…

I must say I’m losing alot of hair, got a terrible eye twitch(which I found out is from stress) , my face is breaking out like a 13 yr old boy hitting puberty, my voice goes in and out from exhaustion and I’m getting grays…I feel like I’m getting wrinkles and need toothpicks for my eyes… ya not so HOT….this too shall pass…it’s kinda hysterical to me at this point….

this week started crazy and ended cray …. I’m honestly goin’ 100mph…I did “ISSUES W JANE VALEZ MITCHELL”on Mon on HLN, more interviews this wk , I also did DR.DREW SHOW on HLN on Wed which was super AWESOME , did a few CANADIAN TV/TALK NEWS SHOWS, did live RADIO, ON CAMERA GREEN SCREEN SHOOTS, met w my MANAGER MARKI COSTELLO who ROCKS , vh1 Blogs, other blogs, did other TV SHOW, SPENT SOME TIME W friends like  BRANDI GLANVILLE AND TATUM ONEAL,SAW MY MAMA AND BROTHER AND LITTLE  MICKERZ , went to CHURCH, 12 step meetings, committments,GYM ,EVENTS, AND SOOOOOO SOOO SOOOO MUCH MORE… THIS WEEK WENT SO DAMN FAST I MEAN SUPER FAST I ALSO WENT TO DR’s WHO SAID I HAD LOST EVEN MORE WEIGHT …guess that’s good… I am eating and last 2 day’s somewhat slept… today I went to the gym then swam for 2 1/2 hrs which was so nice it was me and DEXTER a dog I’m watching he is soooo sweet… I love where I am this last wk…..tomorrow is a big day… I have CELEBRITY REHAB EPISODE 6 ON VH1 AT 9PM THEN AT 10PM I’M ON MY GOOD FRIEND TATUM ONEALS SHOW ON OWN NETWORK, which I haven’t seen so I’m a little nervous… but let me tell u this as I was in treatment 6 yrs. ago OPRAH gave me hope, at one point I was going to send her a letter asking her if I could go intern for her and share my experience of who I was and what I did…I never got the courage to go through with it- but she encouraged me as I’m sure she encourages the world…I had to save my life …I would pass out to meet her and here I am about to be on her NETWORK… miracles do exist…..OMG OMG OMG… I know that I sound like a geek , but I am, and I’m so grateful for my life today…

I know people are emailing me, tweeting and posting to me to “slow down” but u only have one life and this is my time right now to BE IN MY REALITY THAT I  ONLY HAD DREAMED OF BEFORE…SEIZE MY OPPORTUNITY, WHERE I GO THERE I AM….

I must say this week I cried a lot … sometimes in my car and I had alot of panic attacks cuz I am breaking old ways of thinking… for instance-that I’m not enough etc…the old ways of what was, no longer has to be in my life today…..the crying to me is healthy because I was told tears are signs of my soul and spirit healing….in the midst of my being a personality and image I am my true JENN self and I share that as I go thru it w my confidants and U as well… they tell me it’s ok to be me and that I must be going thru so much inwardly and they are here for me…at the same time I am holding it together while I go in a public arena…sometimes they (my friends and family) hugging me is ENOUGH…. I yearn for my loved ones to touch me it’s so soothing to me… and I’m saying  that in a loving & nurturing way….the human hand-touch is so powerful…well I’m off to bed cuz it’s a big day for me… I’m doing a few hrs. of me time in early am…. I’m taking myself out on a date… to the balcony to write, have some coffee then a swim and my nails did time, cuz I destroyed them from all the  stress, then off to work…. I LOVE U DEARLY…U are helping me HEAL  xoxooxoxo

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I woke up today and took little MICKEY on his morning poop walk…holy jeepers it was a hot day… then I went to the gym.. there was this man that reminded me of JACK LALANNES (he was soo cute) came up to me and started teachimg me how to do free weights properly… ahhh found a blessing there… I try to remain teachable… and I actually learn….woooow ! What a concept … I learned how to do some crazy stuff today … I also learned that when u do new things u get super sore…..ouch…I’ve said this before but since CELEBRITY REHAB WRAPPED I’VE NOW LOST OVER 20LBS… I FEEL GREAT WITH WERE I AM WITH MY WEIGHT ,BODY AND HEALTH….I mean I’m an addict I would love to tighten up lose more etc etc… more more more!!!!!!!! but from 257lbs I’ve come a long way… I remember I said if I could ever get to blah blah blah I would be so happy then 3 wks ago I got there then I said ok ok but if I could get blah blah blah that would be it. Haaaa! I so had to check myself, quickly… I’ve  passed my dream goal from when I was heavy so it’s a MIRACLE and a blessing from here on… oddly since my last relationship ended I’ve been able to drop the last 20 lbs, maybe that weight was still protecting me…maybe just from me or…

I went and got my nails did and toes … went shopping for my mama and then came back to her house where I just couldn’t anymore… I just passed out and slept for 45 minutes and hard….then my little brother came in and we had a premiere party the 4 of us… MY MAMA , BROTHER, LITTLE MICKERS AND ME! I have to say I was filled w anxiety all day …my people pleasing kicked in, would I be liked? etc etc…at the end of the day it’s a show about addiction and bringing awareness to the disease and  it is sooooo REAL…. helping others not about me… but some fb’ed me and said it’s probably about the responsibilities thats the bigger picture and he was right….the responsibilities of a show like this that come with it…the show is edited and there are a lot of things I wish u guys got to see….I’m honored to do what I do but I am passionate about all the things I do… it’s not just recovery based stuff that I do, but that’s alway’s first. The more I put myself out there on shows about recovery the harder I have to work on my recovery and I effing do that ….. I have to…

SEASON PREMIERE OF CELEBRITY REHAB SEASON AIRED TONIGHT! It’s amazing all day STEVEN ADLER AND I have been txting each other … we are all good guys… I was in the bathroom trying to hide the fact I was crying but being mic’d they hear everything… so I was told to come out and gratefully Shelly was still there to walk me thru that… being on a team is such a blessing this season for me….compared to SOBERHOUSE… I learned and grew so much from this experience and the whole cast … I am receiving a lot of support from everyone…BAI LING also has been txting me … she has a powerful story …. MICHAEL LOHAN has called today too, but we talk a lot as do I with JEREMY JACKSON… JEREMY IS THE ONE WHO HELPED ME LOSE MY LAST 20LBS …. he knows his fitness that one…. well he helped a lot  for a bit….I still talk w DWIGHT”DOC”GOODEN ALL THE TIME (love love love him) and little JESSICA”SUGAR”KIPER as well…. I remain close with them …. they are very brave to put there life and isssues out there….

I am doing a fashion show tomorrow at the “ROXY”!!!!! but in the morning, it’s a super early rise and shine  for me… 6am wake up , then I go do my group at PRC then out to L.A for the week…. have gym, an aa meeting ,interviews on phone for CELEB REHAB  until I have to go to “ROXY” for rehearsals and hair and make up then show… apparently I’m opening the show… aghhhhhhhh…I haven’t done a FASHION SHOW IN A BILLION YRS….. I’ve got a busy wk but I am so blessed….. I ask GOD TO SINK MY BOAT W BLESSINGS lately ….I’M READY…. I LOVE U GUYS (even the ones who read my blogs and dont tell me). xoxoxo

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Yesterday was a fantastic day…woke up happy, wrote in my personal journal and I paid bills over phone… went to the gym and rushed home to start more interviews…. I did internet interviews ,lots of phoners and radio interviews and my favorite MATTY Ps interview and pod cast… I did his show right when I split from my x a few months back and I was in such an uncomfortable place …. they even noticed that I sound different now…. it made me happy… he is such a great guy and his pod cast and live show does super well..he even told me they broke their live show record of  listeners by 3x’s the amount….they have call ins and I was soooooo surprised to get a call from Mandi H and I was touched by that …. then one of my bratzzz called in and floored me Miss.Deb D…. she was so honest and sincere w/ what she said and I was so moved and I also know Matty was as well… she made me cry… it’s moments like that , that I know what im doing is all so worth it… I know many others who were listening  were touched by what she had said… I then rushed to get ready cuz I was invited to go to the HTC 3D EVO LAUNCH PARTY. I did alot of press,on camera interviews and the press photographers  RED CARPET was on FIRE for me…what a fun fabulous party that was… I saw a lot of people I really liked and had great conversations. LMFAO performed, they were AWESOME….MY GIRL SARAH PANTARA did a great party , they were so good to me-even provided me w/ car service. One of my BESTIES MANDY SHERMAN was my date… I really love her…I was so beat when I got home, because doing those events are a lot of work  I really mean alot of work, that i just had to go to bed. I slept 8 hrs. and woke up, talked w/ my POCKETSIZE AMY for an hr. and off I went on my day, did an AA meeting which was powerful then came to my mama’s house to take her out to eat, & shopping.  Spent some time w/ her and my baby MICKEY…my mama has missed me so I’m w/ her for the nxt few days. Gosh I’m such a mama’s girl w/ her … then I went to the gym for 50 minutes came home and walked my little MICKERS… he was so happy to be w me… I love when he pee’s with his little leg way up and looks like a little ballerina… throughout the whole day I’m on my emails and calls for work . I’ts really a crazy time because of CELEBRITY REHAB AIRING THIS SUNDAY ON VH1… I’m a little nervous because I know what comes w/ doing this kind of show…but in the long run it’s all so worth it because it helps alot of people and it’s bringing awareness to the disease of ALCOHOLISM AND DRUG ADDICTION to the surface…I’M PROUD TO BE IN RECOVERY!!!! Since I’ve been home at my mama’s tonight I’ve been working and finally I get to go to bed soon….

my godmama of recovery Patty has been a huge help of support and LOVE to me as well as many others… like my chica, raggie, theresa, anna my bratz nappyz , debz,aungz (my luffz beyond words) , daddy dave, marg, sandro, al, rhonda , chris,jeff and so many others all from twitter and fb… thank u guys.. you’ve been such a great support… I appreciate u all.

Now it’s me and MICKERS time and I think we’re going to go and harass my mama as she sleeps till I get yelled at and run to my room like a little girl….

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16 is my favorite number….my little brother was born on that day and so was i and i have many other reasons for it as well… happy 16th day of june guys….

oh man this oopzies that i have going on is getting ridiculous…split coffee 2 xs today…once all over me…yup good times… its just always right before my GOD blessed women w this gift time…. and im a bundle of emotions last few days… im also going thru a lot of change… i just moved out of a place ,ended a relationship w my x boyfriend and work is getting hectic w CELEBRITY REHAB SEASON 5  about to start, i have a crazy publicity schedule happening (which im honestly so grateful for) other jobs im doing/shooting and a new manager that is doing such a great job for me…plus sobriety ,meeting,working w sponsies,my sponsor ,the program, family i tend for ,family quality time, friends ,me and my little mickey …oh and working out…im not complaining its just a new phase, a new chapter in my life… I DEFFENTLY DONT HAVE THE WAAAA BURGERS AND FRENCH CRY I NEED A WAMBULANCE  SYMDROME  going on its just new and real for me right now…plus i dont know how to be sober 5 yrs 5 months and 1 day like i am this too is new…

needless to say im in a transitional phase … im getting to know myself on a whole new scale … im relying on this thing called GOD and as my sponsor says im dating GOD right now… so w all this and other thing s going on im uncomfortable in my skin at times during the day but for the most part im HAPPYand peaceful and having FUN… my friends and family have been soooo amazing and allowing me to realize im human and that i can go thru and get thru anything (ive been thru so much worse)… some amazing people have come into my life and also the ones ive had that stand solid in my life  are letting me know im alright during this time…im thankful that i have a group of people that i can lean on and tell the truth with…plus i just suffer from alcoholism period…. my head likes to play games w me … i do have tools that the program and steps have help me deal and handle the ism w…

i just got asked to shoot a show w my girl BRANDI on Sat that she is doing… ive done it once before and its wild….i have to wear white for this “WHITE PARTY” so im going to a fashion PR company REDLIGHT PR tomorrow to pull clothes  from… theyve been pretty good w me lately on that !!!

i just spent the evening w my little brother DWIGHT… we had dinner ,went into the jacuzzi for tiny bit and then just chatted about life…he is such a blessing…hes such a kind soul…a good man…hes smart and somewhat shy…and an incredible business man…wow we are so different yet alike (somewhat) ,we get each other and we will die for each other…poor little guy i use to toucher the poor little one as akid…could u imagine having me as a big sister…

Amy and i have been spending a lot of time together … she is a rock for me … shes so hip,cool,awesome,creative,stylish,wise,smart and fun… almost 10 yrs ago she was my mentor for yrs and seriously saved my life …its so nice to reconnect w her… she is letting me see the creative person in me …something im finding again back in my life…she gets me…shes 5″1 ft with a super duper tiny frame really light skin,blue eyes w brown hair.. but because we get each other and have been so close she use to call me “POCKETSIZE” cuz im sooo the opposite of her, almost 5″10 dark skin,big boned latina…and when i was afraid or nervous she said i could go into her pocket…stories longer but….awwww i love my POCKETSIZE

.im going to change my workout up a bit ….so tomorrow im taking an abs class30 mins and a yoga class…i havent done a workout class in forever let alone 2….im shocking my body …oh and due to the oopzie time of the month i ate in&out and for diner i had spinach salad,cous cous, taboulie (whole foods) and a gluten free burrito….ummmm not so hot but i have been so vigilant that i dont care for just today… but back on good eating tomorrow again….


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My little brother DWIGHT  graduated USC and decided after 911  to go FIGHT for OUR country… He served Our country for 6yrs in the NAVY… He was on the USS CARL VINSON for 4 yrs…his position there was quite an extraordinary one…. he fought in the war and did so much in those 6 yrs that is beyond my own understanding… i find my baby brother and ALL THE MEN AND WOMAN WHO SERVE OUR COUNTRY TO BE THE TRUE HEROS of this NATION!!!! Im in AWE OF U ALLL… THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE COURAGE,HEART,SWEAT AND TEARS U HAVE PUT IN FOR ALL OF US TO HAVE FREEDOM….

ive been eating clean lately ,which has been such an effort and choice that ill tell u is not an easy one…for the last 3 wks i gave up oils,butters,fat,meat ,carbs,dairy and sugar….. i went on stevia and gave up sweetners…. oh sweet LORD the torture… this wk im back on oils ,olive oil that is, almond oil or coconut oil…. also ive been eating in small portions and clean …lots of lemon and white fish ,crab,shrimp andveggies at a x…ill tell u more later… but 13 lbs is off… oh and WATER lots of it about a gallon….

i just got called in for more OTFs for CELEBRITY REHAB SEASON 5 this THRUS eve…. I also have an event to go to THRUS NITE!..gonna be a busy evening…

its kinda mind blowing that were in MAY already…. How and why does time fly soooooo fast!

yesterday i was walking MICKEY and he did his poopie dutie outside and here i am with a bag … all proud doing my dutie as his poopie dutie cleaner upper and i scoop up his doodoo and sure enough there was a hole in the bag so i got his poopie dutie all over my fingers….aghhhhhhhh smudged mind u all over my fingers and hand….ahhh the perks of being a mommy…



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wow its been forever….. so i just sat on the phone with AUNG and she is going to help me recreate my website with the helps of GREG my web guy of course…. its so time for change….im actually excited about getting onward and upward…..shes got a brilliant mind….

since the last time i have written alot has happened…lets see

ARGENTINA for a lot of healing and unconditional love by my beautiful family

i am now 5 years and 17 days sober…. they say ur head pops outta ur ass…???? mine hasnt yet but i feel alot better in my life today…..

i have to say ive been extremely busy in my life….it blows me away the support and love i have received from all u …i never realized how many good people there are out in the world…ya theres some not so hot ones but, the good out ways the bad….

im really excited about how this year has started… i havent fallen off a bike infront of the post office and ive been able to meet calamity with serenity….what????? i thought that wasnt possible…but it is…..

im back on getting in the habit of blogging… i just feel so good when doing so…i just thought id check in to get in the swing of things…

i havent officially quit smoking but im cut down by 70%….

MICKEY just got washed ive been on the phone for hours and i got up at 645am this morning working… so what does TOM do ????? encourage MICKEY to bury his bone !!!!! so my clean little MICKEY comes in covered in mud!!!!!! COVERED!!!!!! yup …. just another day in the life…..

this weekend is the  SUPERBOWL, im so down for the STEELERS….

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so today is my mamas birthday… all she wanted to do today was to have my little brother, tom and myself together… oh and to see her grandson mickey… so we went to Laguna beach… to this really beautiful beach there… we use to go  when we(bro and i ) were little and my dad lived there for years … it was so beautiful and the waves were ginormous… i must say the water was so cold…but it was very relaxing… we all had a great time… then we went to Laguna to have dinner…

i have to say im pretty amazed at how many people come up to me and share their stories with me or how much SOBERHOUSE has touched them or that theyre  big fans of the show… i get a lot of love from u people and i want to thank you for it…your support means a lot to me… 99 44/100 % of the time people respect that im around my family and friends so thank you for that as well… tom is use to it so he kinda doesnt count but im very protective with my family especially my mom…

mickey was terrible today we took him to his nanas house but we made a pit stop to grocery store , so with his new outfit his Auntie Aungster sent him, blue shirt w a skull on it , he went …he attempted to go into the store  but made a B line into grass to poop not once but 3 times…yup…oh jeez and i was stressed looking for anything on the floor to pick up the poo poo…thank the sweet Lord for people dropping there receipts on floor cause i ended up grabbing them…

i want to thank Codi, my sweet angel, for starting a fan page on facebook for “Dancing With The Stars” i didnt get it this season and the amazing thing is she and many others said they wont stop campaigning… i love you for not giving up…

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so the last few weeks or maybe months ive been sleep walking… i slept walk apparently into the kitchen, drank water, peeled apples, tried to steal marshmallows from Toms cereal & checked my phone,that was just last nite… ( side note…Tom was kinda pissy that i tried to take his marshmallows from his “Count Chocula” that Aung had sent him)… we were just talking about it, normally i just laugh it off & we just normally think its just another “JENNISM” i do…but a light went off & i said to Tom” what if i really did something bad?” Tom said ” what like come try to kill me?”  i say “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, like cut myself by acciident while tryin to peel apple” ( why would he take it there?????) then i started thinking & i shared with him as im about to share with you….ive slept walked on and off my whole life… as a little girl i would walk downstairs in my sleep and walk outside, even once in my underwear …. go into closets etc etc…now im workin myself up and Tom said “we should put a little bell on you so i can hear you “… oh ya , he ended up raising his voice at me while i was sleep walking last night and woke me, i nearly went into shock….he thought i was awake…. nope buddy i was sound asleep… i wonder if this is something i need to address? what do you think… should i be concerned?…

so when i woke up this morning i have to say im so freakin sore…. that 5 million mile hike killed my butt thighs and calves…im kinda wanting to do more hikes now…oh no did i just say that out loud…i was so shocked when i  finally had  looked at my body bug, it said i had burned 4105 in calories  19997 in steps  and 9 hrs 18 mins in activity level… i have to say i was so happy yesterday all day…. its nice to be able to say that…today should be a great day as well… i am excited cuz tomorrow im going to the beach with my mama,Tom and brother… its my mamas birthday tomorrow so thats what she wants to do…

little Mickey has been is just so adorable…he Auntie Aung has sent him toys and clothes but the little monster is running around w his toy she got him…he wont move without it….

Theresa, i want to thank you as well as so many other people for encouraging me to start writing again….

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