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Yesterday was a fantastic day…woke up happy, wrote in my personal journal and I paid bills over phone… went to the gym and rushed home to start more interviews…. I did internet interviews ,lots of phoners and radio interviews and my favorite MATTY Ps interview and pod cast… I did his show right when I split from my x a few months back and I was in such an uncomfortable place …. they even noticed that I sound different now…. it made me happy… he is such a great guy and his pod cast and live show does super well..he even told me they broke their live show record of  listeners by 3x’s the amount….they have call ins and I was soooooo surprised to get a call from Mandi H and I was touched by that …. then one of my bratzzz called in and floored me Miss.Deb D…. she was so honest and sincere w/ what she said and I was so moved and I also know Matty was as well… she made me cry… it’s moments like that , that I know what im doing is all so worth it… I know many others who were listening  were touched by what she had said… I then rushed to get ready cuz I was invited to go to the HTC 3D EVO LAUNCH PARTY. I did alot of press,on camera interviews and the press photographers  RED CARPET was on FIRE for me…what a fun fabulous party that was… I saw a lot of people I really liked and had great conversations. LMFAO performed, they were AWESOME….MY GIRL SARAH PANTARA did a great party , they were so good to me-even provided me w/ car service. One of my BESTIES MANDY SHERMAN was my date… I really love her…I was so beat when I got home, because doing those events are a lot of work  I really mean alot of work, that i just had to go to bed. I slept 8 hrs. and woke up, talked w/ my POCKETSIZE AMY for an hr. and off I went on my day, did an AA meeting which was powerful then came to my mama’s house to take her out to eat, & shopping.  Spent some time w/ her and my baby MICKEY…my mama has missed me so I’m w/ her for the nxt few days. Gosh I’m such a mama’s girl w/ her … then I went to the gym for 50 minutes came home and walked my little MICKERS… he was so happy to be w me… I love when he pee’s with his little leg way up and looks like a little ballerina… throughout the whole day I’m on my emails and calls for work . I’ts really a crazy time because of CELEBRITY REHAB AIRING THIS SUNDAY ON VH1… I’m a little nervous because I know what comes w/ doing this kind of show…but in the long run it’s all so worth it because it helps alot of people and it’s bringing awareness to the disease of ALCOHOLISM AND DRUG ADDICTION to the surface…I’M PROUD TO BE IN RECOVERY!!!! Since I’ve been home at my mama’s tonight I’ve been working and finally I get to go to bed soon….

my godmama of recovery Patty has been a huge help of support and LOVE to me as well as many others… like my chica, raggie, theresa, anna my bratz nappyz , debz,aungz (my luffz beyond words) , daddy dave, marg, sandro, al, rhonda , chris,jeff and so many others all from twitter and fb… thank u guys.. you’ve been such a great support… I appreciate u all.

Now it’s me and MICKERS time and I think we’re going to go and harass my mama as she sleeps till I get yelled at and run to my room like a little girl….

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My little brother DWIGHT  graduated USC and decided after 911  to go FIGHT for OUR country… He served Our country for 6yrs in the NAVY… He was on the USS CARL VINSON for 4 yrs…his position there was quite an extraordinary one…. he fought in the war and did so much in those 6 yrs that is beyond my own understanding… i find my baby brother and ALL THE MEN AND WOMAN WHO SERVE OUR COUNTRY TO BE THE TRUE HEROS of this NATION!!!! Im in AWE OF U ALLL… THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE COURAGE,HEART,SWEAT AND TEARS U HAVE PUT IN FOR ALL OF US TO HAVE FREEDOM….

ive been eating clean lately ,which has been such an effort and choice that ill tell u is not an easy one…for the last 3 wks i gave up oils,butters,fat,meat ,carbs,dairy and sugar….. i went on stevia and gave up sweetners…. oh sweet LORD the torture… this wk im back on oils ,olive oil that is, almond oil or coconut oil…. also ive been eating in small portions and clean …lots of lemon and white fish ,crab,shrimp andveggies at a x…ill tell u more later… but 13 lbs is off… oh and WATER lots of it about a gallon….

i just got called in for more OTFs for CELEBRITY REHAB SEASON 5 this THRUS eve…. I also have an event to go to THRUS NITE!..gonna be a busy evening…

its kinda mind blowing that were in MAY already…. How and why does time fly soooooo fast!

yesterday i was walking MICKEY and he did his poopie dutie outside and here i am with a bag … all proud doing my dutie as his poopie dutie cleaner upper and i scoop up his doodoo and sure enough there was a hole in the bag so i got his poopie dutie all over my fingers….aghhhhhhhh smudged mind u all over my fingers and hand….ahhh the perks of being a mommy…



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wow its been forever….. so i just sat on the phone with AUNG and she is going to help me recreate my website with the helps of GREG my web guy of course…. its so time for change….im actually excited about getting onward and upward…..shes got a brilliant mind….

since the last time i have written alot has happened…lets see

ARGENTINA for a lot of healing and unconditional love by my beautiful family

i am now 5 years and 17 days sober…. they say ur head pops outta ur ass…???? mine hasnt yet but i feel alot better in my life today…..

i have to say ive been extremely busy in my life….it blows me away the support and love i have received from all u …i never realized how many good people there are out in the world…ya theres some not so hot ones but, the good out ways the bad….

im really excited about how this year has started… i havent fallen off a bike infront of the post office and ive been able to meet calamity with serenity….what????? i thought that wasnt possible…but it is…..

im back on getting in the habit of blogging… i just feel so good when doing so…i just thought id check in to get in the swing of things…

i havent officially quit smoking but im cut down by 70%….

MICKEY just got washed ive been on the phone for hours and i got up at 645am this morning working… so what does TOM do ????? encourage MICKEY to bury his bone !!!!! so my clean little MICKEY comes in covered in mud!!!!!! COVERED!!!!!! yup …. just another day in the life…..

this weekend is the  SUPERBOWL, im so down for the STEELERS….

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so today is my mamas birthday… all she wanted to do today was to have my little brother, tom and myself together… oh and to see her grandson mickey… so we went to Laguna beach… to this really beautiful beach there… we use to go  when we(bro and i ) were little and my dad lived there for years … it was so beautiful and the waves were ginormous… i must say the water was so cold…but it was very relaxing… we all had a great time… then we went to Laguna to have dinner…

i have to say im pretty amazed at how many people come up to me and share their stories with me or how much SOBERHOUSE has touched them or that theyre  big fans of the show… i get a lot of love from u people and i want to thank you for it…your support means a lot to me… 99 44/100 % of the time people respect that im around my family and friends so thank you for that as well… tom is use to it so he kinda doesnt count but im very protective with my family especially my mom…

mickey was terrible today we took him to his nanas house but we made a pit stop to grocery store , so with his new outfit his Auntie Aungster sent him, blue shirt w a skull on it , he went …he attempted to go into the store  but made a B line into grass to poop not once but 3 times…yup…oh jeez and i was stressed looking for anything on the floor to pick up the poo poo…thank the sweet Lord for people dropping there receipts on floor cause i ended up grabbing them…

i want to thank Codi, my sweet angel, for starting a fan page on facebook for “Dancing With The Stars” i didnt get it this season and the amazing thing is she and many others said they wont stop campaigning… i love you for not giving up…

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PHIL VARONE  posted photos of us from the “TODAY SHOW” on facebook today…he is actually a very funny guy…

i feel like there is so much to say but yet again im exhausted… i feel like im goin to collapse from exhaustion soon… God please help me, im tired so im goin to make this short…i did 2hrs at the gym… but due to being in my car working on the phone i wasnt able to workout wit DARLENE…she is goin to break me tomorrow..i have this feeling but i did work out lifted weights ,ran and did the cross trainer… ive burned over 3000 cals taken 16500 steps and have done over 4 hrs of activity…i even cooked which was a big deal for me… ya i steamed brown rice and opened 2 cans of tuna and cracked open hard boiled eggs… haaa…i mad tuna casarole… i love that , i use to eat that as a kid…mickey was a little extra needed ,which honestly i love…. i just love my mickey even while i pick up his poopoo and as he goes i cheer him on…he is an amazing love in my life…wow if i could be half the woman mickey thinks i am on a daily basis id rule my universe…i have to get up in a few hours im to do a phone interview in the wee hours of the morning then one at 10 am then gym then off to la for meetings and interviews im shooting another magazine but ill keep u posted later…Dr.Drew and i  are presenting at the PRISM awards in a few weeks and the first SOBERHOUSE is nominated which is awesome…im also hosting a few events…. now i must say nite nite i have to go clean my toilets… i have a thing about cleans sinks,toilets and floors , actually im a freak over it… i love tilex and bleach too… TOM hates it…oh salt i miss u where r u ….mrs.dash(blah) i know were ur at i dont like u yet….

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thank u guys for ur support… i do read my comments…and i do appreciate the support… it is mind blowing to me how there are such kind and gentle souls out there…u know just day to day for all of us isnt always pleasant, but when i read the comments and emails from u guys it fills me with joy…

on thursday evening i got the call that i was doing “THE TODAY SHOW” in New York  on Saturday morning so i was leaving in the am (Friday)… i was excited and nervous at the same time… i was at the gym about to train when i got the call…my life these days is pretty much on hold although i am super busy w , well my life… i continue to schedule and plan my days as if , but i am allowing God to direct me…so on friday ,off i went to New York… i ended up meeting PHIL VARONE from SEX REHAB WITH DR.DREW at the airport.. i was sitting at my gate and i heard this guy behind me talking to some other guy(PHIL) and he was talking about the shows ,so i turned around and saw PHIL and said “hi im jenn” we were both caught off guard but i have to say what a lovely man PHIL VARONE is …. we got to New York and talked ,walked in the city and ate pizza… he was a delight…i ended sleeping 2 hrs cuz i was still catching up w emails and stuff… so we did a segment on “THE TODAY  SHOW’  and it was fun but i was soooo tired… as soon as i was done i jumped in a town car and off i went back to the airport…i actually havent stopped in a long time…when i got home “MY TOMMY” was there to love me back to health…im so lucky to have a loving man support me and he put me to bed i shut my phone off for 24hrs and slept for 17 needed hours… when i woke up today TOM and i went to church w my mama and little brother(who is so much taller than me) then we went to my mamas house and ate an amazing lunch and had great conversation… TOM laughs at how my little brother and i are so brother and sister… its funny we so resort to childish behavior… i love my family to death…we came home and i was just trying to catch up w life….i turned my phone back on ,it was weird to not have my phone on but kinda awesome at the same time…so i was full from eating a lot and actually last few days kinda bad so i went to the gym and did cardio for an hour, came home walked mickey and then water the front yard …when i got in TOM said to me “babe its suppose to rain tonight” …. “huh” i replied… what was i thinking but i haven’t heard the news and really didn’t know… what a dork i am…. tomorrow i have phone interviews for magazines and internet sites then gym and so on…. i hope u all had a wonderful EASTER… again i adore u and thank u for being in my life …. i start my intense training , eating and calorie target all over again tomorrow … i did reach over 3000 calories today and over 17000 steps so that pretty good but i ate poorly… i do start with the “BOSS  DARLENE” tomorrow …I HAVE NOT BEEN AS DEDICATED AS I WAS A FEW WEEKS BACK WITH THE EATING AND MY CHOICES OF BEING HEALTHY…ONE OF THE GIFTS OF LIFE I HAVE IS CHOICE…SO I CHOOSE TO DO AND BE BETTER…one day at a time….

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yes its been a while since i wrote. you  know its taken  its toll on me…not being able to write is not good for me… ill be honest i feel like im about to explode becuz ive even stop in my personal journal… i can be lame and say ive been too busy … not an exception…

im blown away by all u lovely beings… supporting, loving  and cheering me along has been a gift for me…at times i kept asking myself” why the hell am i doing this for”… I DO NOT RUN A SOBERLIVING HOME OR WORK IN RECOVERY IN MY DAILY LIFE…I WAS BROUGHT IN BECAUSE OF MY RECOVERY AND THAT IVE BEEN WHERE THESE PEOPLE HAVE BEEN…the “AWARENESS” SOBERHOUSE 1 &2: has been able to provide   addicts and alcoholics still suffering ,recovering addicts and alcoholics, family/friends /loved ones who live(d) w people like me or have ever loved one of us and have gone thru the torement of our disease w us , is really the reason i did it again…i only say this because it is people like u who email me ,come up to me,post ,comment and all other kinds of modern ways of contact tell me.. then theres “THOSE PEOPLE” ,ahh im praying for u, all these people blogging on messageboards or on tweets  myspace and facebook all this  negative stuff makes me sad… but with every good thing in life comes some bad… over all ,about 97% of the response has been positive, the support and love im getting from people is truly amazing…like everyone else in the world i have over come obstacles… i am a child of  a loving GOD and he has made me ,despite of my down falls ,a woman who has a story to tell… my experience ,strength and hope that miracles do exist…No… what u guys see on t.v is what really happened ,nothing was acted out… i may be an actress but i was dealing with seriously sick people trying to save there lives as well as me staying somewhat sane and sober thru that time in the house… this group was the toughest 8 people i could have ever imagined… it was me against them(more like the disease)…a bit too intense im really lucky i didnt get  hurt or killed…but then theres things u will not see and ohhh the power of editing….like me being super stern, did happen, but first i was kind and gentle but most of the time it was mistaken for weakness and they (most of them) kept pushing my buttons..i want u to know how grateful i am to have been able to be of service…

so LIFE and STYLE MAGAZINE is now coming out in a few weeks 2nd week in APRIL… i will keep u posted.. they pushed it back due to some scandals lately…ive been on planes and cars for the last month…i really love traveling … my schedule starts sometimes at 4:30 am and once in a while ends 2/3a.m… not everyday id lose it…im trying my best to juggle my personal life /love/friends/family,work auditions/producing a show/publicity  (etc .etc on this career section) tending to my house,gym and trying (not really) to have a tiny bit of personal time , 12 step program,speaking at 12 step meetings,working w 6 girls daily ,speaking at hospitals and institutions and working w my sponsor on me, sleeping every now and then oh and walking mickey…ill b honest with u lately im tripping out on  having God fulfill my prayers although i can tell u itll work out for u, but i got to jump and know the net will catch me, it always has before…

im really tired and have to get up in 6 hours to start my journey all over again i promise to make an effort to journal at least 4-6 times a week… i love u with all my heart………oh yes still doing intense training but i got back on salt for a hot minute we started dating off and on again ,but were off again … ill explain tomorrow

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my name is jennifer and im a SALTAHOLIC… i was doing good on my salt intake and boom out of no where i had the urge and its just progressively gotten worse… until today…i have had a bit of a salt attack for the last 2 wks … i just craved it so badly it was making my mouth water… i told on myself and now i had to quit cold turkey …”NO SALT” DARLENE “the boss” commanded… and u know what ,i dont want to be swollen or live dependent on danm SALT… i asked what i could substitute  salt for and she said MRS.DASH so there i went to the store to buy it … when i made my spinach salad with chicken i put MRS.DASH on , ummmm MRS.DASH should be called MRS.YAWN… so i started eating it and nothing…ugh… i got so mad cause all i wanted was salt with lemon on it… so instead it was mrs.dash and lemon w a teaspoon of olive it went….on that note today i started w a yogurt,protien powder, blueberries,banana shake.sugar free rock star, 2 pieces of chicken and brown rice w a bit a parmesan cheese, then for dinner spinach salad w 4oz of chicken and the dash thing….i did alot of cardio 1st 45 minutes at the gym then trained w MISS.DARLENE  during the day but tonight i needed to reach over 3000 calories so i got on the treadmill for 30 minutes…im at 17000 steps so far and its 11pm and i hit over 3400 calories… yesterday i hit 2964 i was on under by 36 and im on this kick for a certain reason ,so miss.thang said that  for what im trying to achieve its not acceptable for me to do that …IM AN ATHLETE damn it…. i watch the OLYMPIANS do their thing and that determination i see in there eyes ,its in their pores ,in the every breath , so its in mine, to achieve my goals…they inspire me as i watch them live their dreams…. such an inspiration.

im so blessed to have a great group of people who really love me and want the best for me…i need them and u…SOBERHOUSE is coming out 2wks from tomorrow and im a bit nervous… i just hope it reaches someone out there watching…

my mama is over for the next few days so itll be nice to have her around… we spend alot of time together regardless… but when life gets super busy its nice to have a loving face around…Toms and Mickeys helps so much too…but having my mama ,theres nothing that compares… shes my mama!!!!!! carrying little mickers warm poop in a bag while walking him keeps me laughing ,reminding me how humble and how my life is soooo filled with humility … and its on a daily basis…he loves to lay on my shoulder when we sleep and the best part is ,he farts on my shoulder and as im sound asleep my face is right in his ass…. oh the lovely moments….sometimes its the small things….

im pms’d to top it off and as a dear old friend of mine C.D use to say “i get the opzies” right before my period so im dropping everything and just stumbling a bit ,NOT FALLING… did enough of that recently still have slight bruises from that POST OFFICE fall…damn it that was terrible but effing HYSTERICAL… again being humbled….

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i am so happy to hear from u !!! that u are reading my blogs ! really its just my journalling… regardless u are taking the time out of ur busy life to follow me and THANK YOU  from the bottom of my heart…i was asked to twitter and so i started that too so please follow me … http://twitter.com/JenniferGimenez 

last week i had alot of nite life going on… my girl MANDY SHERMAN had a birthday party at the”SAINT” on Wednesday nite , Thrusday i had an event for my friend ALLIASON MELNICK at “PLAYHOUSE” and Friday nite my friend RYAN OCONNOR had a play “RYAN O CONNOR EATS HIS FEELINGS” so it was soical nite life at its finest… during the day i was super busy with life…running around phone calls and yes the fun filled gym! TOM and I were so beat by Saturday with just one more party to attend Sunday THE SUPERBOWL! ahhh my “COLTS” lost and lost bad…i was at Toms friends house with 100 people and 90 of them were cheering for the “SAINTS” including TOM … ya and there i was all in “COLTS” gear talking all the SHIT one could until the 4th quarter… oh my ass and ego hurt !!!oh well , theres always next year… now im on to the “LAKERS”…

on Thrus i got the call… and yes my car was  finally ready after 33 days of all the crap and serious work on my car and my baby is back in my belonging… TOYOTA OF GLENDORA  was outstanding in there service of my vehicle… i would like to personally “THANK THE SERVICE DEPARTMENT DAVE, DANNY AND THE ACTUAL SERVICE TECH WHO TOOK CARE OF MY CAR”they really worked with TOM and i and now baby is ready to rock and roll…

i had my mama over for the weekend and played daughter and mommy to both her and little MICKEY…it was nice…i dressed her up in “COLTS” gear too…

SOBER HOUSE 2 IS COMING OUT IN A MONTH or less  ON VH1… ive been watching CELEBRITY REHAB 3… last weeks show was amazing for me … HEID FLIESS & TOM SIZEMORE laying there talking as a once couple made me sad…(u cant act that moment as great as they were in their reality) & TOM SIZEMORE  with his girlfriend monroe(wow how she triggers him by just being in his presence) are toxic for eachother…im a little nervous about it ,SH2…i just tried my best to do what my job entailed… although im happy to say i do look much different from even that show… due to my intensive work out ,training ,eating habits and yes DARLENE oh and me too…8-O

ok so speaking intense working out my BOSS ,DARLENE  decided to crank it up a notch … ya thanks lady… to burn 3000 or omore caleries a day 10000 ateps or more and that means much more cardio and moving me around more at all times… adjusting to that has yet made me come to another challenge…she broke down how im not eating enough to burn carbs and fat so my body starts to burn muscle … this whole new way has been so intense… mentally my body doesnt want to keep going but my mind is trying… so hence me grunting like a freak at the gym and on my treadmill (poor TOM and people around me at gym) its me really going for mind over matter… last nite i watched  “THE BIGGEST LOSER’ and so effing related to them… i felt as if i was on the show… when Juliann was yelling at the poor girl who was the “teacher” about how she was playing tough girl and then her teaching her mom and her mom on the treadmill moaning,grunting thats me…breaking thru…


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i am so happy that you are reading my blogs… and that you are commenting on THIS SITE or even on FACEBOOK or MYSPACE…its nice to know there is support out there… and truthfully that im getting honest about my moments of my day…having a connection is so important to me…i have the biggest craving for TACO BELL…nacho belle grande…i talked myself out of going there…but my head was playing nasty games on me… like telling me “no one has to know you can get something,you deserve it”…i didnt!!! but the drive back from Silverlake tonight was like that the whole way home…

Today at the gym eith DARLENE was intense and no joke… i stayed centered and focused… i couldnt stand almost all the stuff we were doing cuz my brain wouldnt connect but ill be damned if i didnt stayed centered to keep at it… today was everything with squats involved and i dont like them but im tired of the lines underneathe my ass having a bunch of friends all around that one line thats only suppose to be there…and all the cellulite … i also decided to do a stupid thing and tell DARLENE (who just gets off on me challenging myself and her) i wanted to work my abs off too… i was so mad doing these crunches and stomach exercises and SLOWLY….wtf…ive been quite active all day…i had a protien shake with a banana, ,light vanilla yogurt and whey for breakfast /then a bowl of tuna with 1/2 a cup of brown rice for lunch/then 4oz of chicken with a teaspoon of mayo salt and pepper for an early dinner/ then a appex protien bar….im so freakin hungry right now but its 1am in the morning so im going to guzzle yet more effing water… oh TACO BELL why are you friends with my enemy cellulite?????

i talk with my little brother DWIGHT everyday and when GOD made DWIGHT he just made him so angelic like… he is such a sweet and loving brother… im so lucky… i miss him i havent seen him since CHRISTMAS and i cant wait til he moves back to L.A soon…no wait i saw him in VEGAS during the New Year but he only saw me for like 5 minutes cuz big sister wasnt cool enough to hang with him and his friends … wow my ego still hurts i guess 🙁 haaa

i just took  MICKEY out in our backyard to poop… he gets so shy about it… its hysterical watching him in all his ways… he has such a personality …he is so sensitive and sweet and acts like such a baby most of the time then he can be terrible which i absolutley LOVE…

i had to get my roots done yet again… DAMN IT this thing called getting older i wish i was warned about … JEEZ  i can do without the GRAYS… ugh

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