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Jennifer Gimenez Reveals Why She Should Join RHoBH — Exclusive!


Jennifer Gimenez at the Opening of Kyle By Arlene Too on July 21, 2012




Jennifer Gimenez was Brandi Glanville’s rock during some difficult times on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3 — namely during attacks from co-star Adrienne Maloof and rabble rouser Faye Resnick.

The model and Sober House star is no stranger to drama (she manages a house full of recovering addicts, after all), so would Jennifer consider joining the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4 cast?

We caught up with Jennifer at the Reality Wanted Awards on April 11 at Greystone Manor in West Hollywood, California. She spilled on why she’d love to join the RHoBH cast and whether Faye is as controversial in real life as she comes across on camera!

Wetpaint Entertainment: You’ve wrapped up this season. What are your thoughts in hindsight?

Jennifer Gimenez: I wish I would have been able to speak a little bit more direct to Faye Resnick, now that I look back. I’m not a fan.

In what regards?

I just feel like she was so unclassy on every angle in every way. She was talking about being classy, and yet, she was the epitome of a joke.

Is that clever editing?

No. It’s just who she is. I really believe the camera doesn’t lie. I mean, of course, editing does occur with how things are, but the audience is very smart. The audiences are smart. They can read, and nobody likes her.

Are you up for another season?

I’m hopeful. Hopefully. I’m hopeful that maybe I will be.

Now, that some people have left, do you want to be a full time?

Absolutely. It would be an honor and a privilege to be part of the cast.


Well, I think that I haven’t been able – I always say when I did Sober House and Rehab, for example, I always felt like I could bring more and I learned more. So I always feel like now, I can bring more. And me and Brandi are best friends. Me and Yolanda [Foster] are very good friends, and me and Lisa [Vanderpump] are good friends. I love some of the other women there too. Taylor [Armstrong’s] great. I’m no longer fearful of some things because it’s a different type of show than the other shows that I’ve been doing.

It should be exciting!

I’m really excited, and I love the girls. And I learned so much, and we actually stay friends after we were done filming.

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