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Cory Monteith’s Rehab Too Public? Celeb Addiction Expert Weighs In — Exclusive


Cory Monteith and Jennifer Gimenez

Glee star Cory Monteith (Finn) surprised everyone with the March 31 announcement that he had checked into rehab to address substance issues. After all, here is a guy who had first gotten sober at 19, then went on to major Hollywood success by starring in one of the most iconic shows on television. To hear he had relapsed felt shocking.


Thankfully, Cory decided to seek treatment before things went too far, and he has the full support of the Glee cast and crew, especially girlfriend Lea Michele (Rachel). Since then, however, the question remains: Should Cory have announced it publicly? Did letting his fans know he had slipped glamorize his addiction in any way?

Addiction counselor and Rehab with Dr. Drew star Jennifer Gimenez doesn’t think so. “When it comes to addressing your issues publicly, I definitely think it’s to each their own,” Jennifer tells Wetpaint Entertainment. “That said, I think it’s extremely brave of him to open up about his addiction and recovery. Not everyone has to come out about it — but those that do can help others tremendously.”

And rather than making relapse look cool, she thinks Cory going public about rehab will help emphasize what a daily struggle it is for anyone — even celebrities — to stay sober. 

“The pressure of keeping secrets can easily take someone down,” Jennifer explains. “It’s important not to hide them.”

“He already seems to be fighting the good fight,” she adds. “My biggest advice to him would be to not be so hard on himself. Relapse happens. It’s about the journey, not the destination, and I wish him only the best journey possible.”

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