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Exclusive RHoBH’s Jennifer Gimenez: What You DIDN’T See At the White Party — Exclusive

February 22 at 01:43PM EST by Beth Sobol
full size Brandi Glanville and Jennifer Gimenez

When it comes to bringing the drama, Kyle Richards’s White Party is three for three. On Season 1 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Taylor and Russell Armstrong’s marital problems imploded at the bash, while on Season 2 their legal threats against Camille Grammer forced them to be turned away at the door.
But on Season 3’s White Party episode, which aired on February 18, it was the showdown between Adrienne Maloof, her husband Paul Nassif and Brandi Glanville that took center stage.

Jennifer Gimenez, Brandi’s best friend, was sitting next to her while Brandi confronted Adrienne and Paul about their threat to sue her for spilling the beans about their reported use of a surrogate. It was a heated exchange, but did we see everything?  Jennifer opens up about what wasn’t shown.

Is there anything about the sit-down between Paul, Adrienne and Brandi we didn’t get to see?
They didn’t show everything that went down, but I think the episode did a good job of summing it up. In addition to bringing emails that proved Bernie was the tabloid source, we also brought the letter from their lawyer. It was a letter of intent to sue. At the end of the day, Paul finally admitted they sent it. It proves that Adrienne lied when she said there was no letter.

What happened after?
Well what you didn’t see yet is that a week later, I saw Adrienne at another taping. She actually thanked me for being a referee.

Was your purpose for being at the White Party to support Brandi during her confrontation with Adrienne and Paul?
I came to the party because Kyle invited me. But I will always have Brandi’s back wherever we are and I didn’t think two on one was fair.

Does Brandi regret spilling their surrogacy secret?
All I can say is that Brandi herself admits she apologized. She sent an email to Adrienne and all the other women in cast saying she was sorry.

Do you think Brandi and Adrienne can ever get along again? Or have things just gone too far?
Personally, I feel it’s past the point where they could ever be friends. Too much has happened. But can they be civil if they’re in the same place? I know Brandi can, she’s a grownup. I don’t know about Adrienne. I really don’t know her that well to say one way or the other.

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