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Exclusive Jennifer Gimenez Loves Being on RHoBH Even With All the “Fighting and Going Crazy” — Exclusive
February 18 at 08:16PM EST by Nicholas White
 Jennifer Gimenez Celebrates Fashion's Night Out on September 8, 2011

Model, actress and rehab technician Jennifer Gimenez loves being a guest star on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

In fact, fans can look forward to seeing quote a bit more of her during Season 3.

Wetpaint caught up with Jennifer at the book release party hosted by Gilt City Los Angeles at Palihouse for Brandi Glanville’s new tell-all, Drinking & Tweeting and other Brandi Blunders.

What’s it like being on RHOBH?
I love being on the show. I am on for the rest of the season. And I went to Vegas with the girls. I’ve become very close with Lisa and Yolanda, who I absolutely love. It’s been so much fun. The show is so big.For me, it was like letting my hair down.

After shows like “[Celebrity] Rehab,” I was helping save lives — I was living with Brandi shooting “Housewives,” and I was shooting “Rehab.” So I would work 18-hour days. The whole house is lit inside. I’m getting home. They’d ask me to do a scene, I’d run inside and do a scene. I’m like oh my God, I’m one big reality. We’ve helped each other so much throughout the years. She actually saved my life. She actually took me to rehab, a lot of people don’t know that. People can say a lot of things about her, but she’s truly a remarkable woman. I get the chills.

What do you think when you get in the middle of these fights on camera?
It was really crazy for me. In that I work with crazies on the other show. When I came on last season, in Malibu, I had never seen one of the Real Housewives shows. All of these girls were fighting and going crazy. I was so confused why there were so off their rockers a lot of the time. It wasn’t everybody. So now when I go on, I stand up.

I’m a little cautious, but there are definitely some people I would fight back.

Are you looking forward to seeing more of Jennifer Gimenez on camera this season on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

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