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Exclusive! Jennifer  Gimenez clears up the rumors, dishes on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Jennifer Gimenez from Rehab with Dr. Drew and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Jennifer Gimenez was the target of an internet rumor recently that  claimed her BFF Brandi Glanville kicked her out of her home and forced her into  treatment for an alleged drug problem.  But Jenn is speaking out, clearing up this far-fetched claim, and is also  dishing on the upcoming third season of Real Housewives of Beverly  Hills!

Jenn tells Starcasm exclusively that not only did Brandi never kick her out  of her home to get treatment, she has never kicked her out period. “She  never kicked me out. Brandi and I have been friends for 15 yrs I lived with her last October until a  few months ago. I moved out because it was time. She and I needed each other  last year. It was great for both of us.”

Brandi is the one, along with Jenn’s mother, who forced Jenn into treatment  back in 2005 after her drug use took control. At the time, Jenn was living alone  in apartment, but when her best friend  and her mother realized that she needed help, they confronted her and sent her  to a treatment center. “She and my mom  where the last two people in my life in 2005 and didn’t want to see me die,” Jenn explains. “We are like sisters.  We’ve been through thick and thin together.”

Jennifer Gimenez at The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3 Premiere
^ Jennifer Gimenez at The Real Housewives of Beverly  Hills Season 3 Premiere.

Jenn, who will celebrate 7 years of sobriety in January, got clean after  treatment and headed to a sober living facility. Since then, she has gotten certified as a group counselor and rehab technician. Jenn has put  her knowledge regarding drugs  and addiction to good use alongside Dr.  Drew on Sober House and Celebrity Rehab, and is now on a new series titled Rehab, which airs every Sunday night on Vh1. Jenn is also the  spokesperson for the Klean Treatment Center in Los Angeles and co-hosts their live radio show  every Sunday.

Jenn is currently spending her time working on a new memoir about her life  and co-hosting Healthline. As if that weren’t enough to keep her  busy, she begins filming Birthday  Cake, the follow-up film to Groom’s Cake (which  won the award for Best Comedy at 8 out of 9 film festivals), next month. Of her  character in the flick, she says, “I’m kind of like that fly you can’t kill in  your house!” Jenn also will be seen in the 2013 horror flick Chastity  Bites.

Jennifer Gimenez with the cast of 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' in Las Vegas

^ Jennifer Gimenez (2nd from the left) along with The Real  Housewives of Beverly Hills cast members Camille Grammer, Lisa Vanderpump,  Brandi Glanville, Marisa Zanuck, and Kyle Richards.

Starting Monday, Jenn will be appearing on Real Housewives of Beverly  Hills for the all new third season which she tells us is “juicy.” Jenn has been friends with Brandi for so long, so it’s only right that Jenn  would appear alongside her on the show. “I was in her wedding and was her  first friend to hold Mason in hospital,” she reveals, adding that Brandi “is a  great friend, mother, and woman.” Jenn even walked the runway for Brandi when  she launched her new clothing line Brand B, and during the cast’s trip to Vegas,  Jenn was spotted alongside Brandi, Camille, Kyle, Lisa, and Marisa.

In addition to getting to hang out with her friend, Jenn has also formed some  new friendships during her time on RHOBH. “I love, love, love Yolanda,” she tells us of the newest ‘Wife cast on the show. As for who she keeps in touch  with when the cameras aren’t rolling, Jenn told us she’s closest with Lisa and  Yolanda. “I love Lisa. I keep in touch with her. I have also seen Kyle.” Regarding the other newbie, “friend of the housewives” Marisa Zanuck, Jenn  says she is a “sweet girl.”

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