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Real Housewives’ Jennifer Gimenez on Reaching Out to Kim Richards, Fighting With Brandi Glanville — Exclusive
Jennifer Gimenez Poses at the Us Weekly Hot Hollywood Style Event on April 18, 2012
Although she’s not a full time cast member, from time to time Jennifer Gimenez appears as a voice of reason on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and a comforting presence on Rehab with Dr. Drew. Wetpaint Entertainment chatted with the reality star at the RHoBH Season 3 premiere party on Sunday about juggling two shows, fighting with BFF Brandi Glanville, and reaching out to Kim Richards.
Wetpaint Entertainment: What was it like shooting Rehab and RHOBH at the same time?
Jennifer Gimenez: It was crazy because I was living at Brandi’s house and shooting Rehab, working 18-hour days. I would work nights, and I would wake up and I would shoot Housewives, which was insane! On one show, I’m saving lives and on the other one, I feel like I’m letting my hair down a little bit, yet it’s so dramatic.
Are you still living at Brandi’s?
I recently moved out of Brandi’s. She’s the one who actually threw me into treatment. Brandi and my mom saved my life years ago. We were both going through some changes in our lives and we both thought it was a great idea to move in together and it was. Living with her and the boys was just so great. Now I live on my own; I feel like I’m wearing big girl panties.
You always seem to be there for Brandi; is she always there for you?
Yes, we’re like sisters and we fight like sisters. You see us bicker a little bit; we’re like an old married couple. She’s family, and she shows up for me all the time and I show up for her. What we do is real love; it’s unconditional.
Aside from Brandi, who else do you get close with this season?
I love Yolanda [Foster]; I get very close with Yolanda. I get very close with Lisa [Vanderpump]. I think Kyle [Richards] is great.
You’re seven years sober, is that correct?
I will be in January!
Have you been able to reach out to Kim and offer her guidance or advice?
I did! I reached out to Kim last year at the end of the show. I said, ‘Do you need my help? Is there something I can do?’ She was like, ‘Eff you, you’re Brandi’s friend.’ I said, ‘Eff Brandi and the cameras. This is about your life.’ This year, we actually got to know each other a little bit more so it was nice. Everyone always asks me ‘How can you do a show like Housewives and Rehab? How dare you?’ It’s like I got sober to live my dreams and I can’t, so I don’t, but everyone else is entitled to drink or do whatever, I’m not here to save the world.
Any chance we’ll see you acting in the near future?
Yes, I have Rehab out right now. I shot a movie called Chastity Bites last year; it was my first movie back sober. Then I shot another one, Groom’s Cake, and it’s won seven out of eight in the film festivals for best comedy.
I’m shooting another feature in November called Birthday Cake so I’ve been really busy. I’ve been co-hosting another show and I still do CNN and HLN. I don’t sleep, and I’m writing a book. I lost 130 pounds! In recovery, I gained 100 pounds but I’ve lost 130 since.

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