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Jennifer Gimenez dishes on all things reality 

By: Lindsay Cronin

Jennifer Gimenez at the launch of Brandi Glanville’s new clothing line
Jennifer Gimenez at the launch of Brandi Glanville's new clothing line
Jennifer Gimenez is what one might call a reality television pro. She’s been in everything from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to Sober House, and she’s not slowing down. In the next few months, fans will be able to see her in Rehab, a new show by Dr. Drew, and RHOBH, which both premiere this fall and will likely be airing simultaneously.

During last night’s debut of her friend Brandi Glanville‘s clothing line, Jenn dished on how being on reality shows affects her personal relationships, dating, and she expressed interest in adding yet another reality show to her extensive resume.

“It really makes you realize who your real friends are and who’s going to be there for the long run,” Jenn reveals. She also spoke about finding privacy within her circle of¬† friends. Luckily, she’s been blessed with what she refers to as her ‘towers.’

When it comes to dating, Jenn says, “It’s really hard to date, trust me, it’s really hard to date or be married.” Although Jenn is currently single, she looks forward to marriage and kids at some point. Perhaps she should apply for ABC’s The Bachelor or The Bachelorette! Well, maybe not. That may lead to a reality show overload. However, Jennifer may be eyeing up another ABC reality show — Dancing With The Stars!

When the interviewer took a brief pause, Jenn joked that he was just waiting for her to put her foot in her mouth, which she claims to do often, but as she says, “I’m kind of okay with it.” A good attitude to have — especially in reality TV.

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