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"Keeping It Real" by:Ilana Angel

                                            A Conversation With Jennifer Gimenez

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  1. Ed O'Neill says:

    You are an Inspiration in more people’s lives than you can imagine Jennifer! You help so many people without realizing it, for that we (I) Thank You!! Your Inspiration with your struggles in life are what helped me to fight mine. I’ve had such a Bad life because of my weight that I have contemplated and tried things that put me in an even worse situation. My struggle to lose weight has gotten me to take drugs, turn to alcohol and even close to committing suicide many times! Sometimes these things still cross my mind during my struggle. Seeing you fight your demons and win has helped me be a stronger person. Although I am still fighting a fight I still believe to be losing, I have more strength today than I did yesterday because of you! Someday I hope to win this fight and not have to struggle in life anymore! Thank You Jennifer, you are such a Beautiful Woman with a Huge heart!! You are My Inspiration!!

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