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I have to remember that “This is the Best Time of the Year.” I love this time-Fall/Winter. Ohhh it’s simply beautiful. I went to my storage unit the other day with my mom….ughhhh, I became so overwhelmed. I opened the unit up-and I literally saw my whole life…boxed up. Since I moved out of my X’s 4 months ago,I haven’t had to go there. We work so hard for “things” blahhhhh…but living simple has become so delightful for me. The season is changing,so that calls for a wardrobe change as well. YaY! Boots, sweaters, scarves, jackets and layers! I’m about to leave for work right now. I just wanted to check in and let you know that I have been reading your comments,emails,tweets &wall posts. I will blog later today answering questions like…
weight loss/exercise/some eating tips
and some other things…
For those of you leaving me messages on here-(as well as on TWITTER &FACEBOOK)-I will try to address some of your questions. Please forgive me if I don’t answer all of them. Leave me questions on here or via Twitter/FB…and I’ll respond later on. Keep warm today….& love who you are right at this moment…because you do matter…and you are worthy of love….

Yesterday RADAR ONLINE posted my bikini/weight loss story with 19 pics (all in bikinis)…from the STAR MAGAZINE SHOOT!!!! It’s been scary to have shown my body pretty much bare…and on many levels it’s as if I’ve left myself with very little to hide behind (I’ve exposed my insides and out now) and U guys have embraced me with your love/PROTECTION and spirit. I’ll explain later if u don’t get what I’m trying to say.

If it had inspired 1 person out there-or allows someone to relate on any level…then my story served and serves it’s purpose. WE CAN OVERCOME ANYTHING IN LIFE. I PROMISE U THAT….

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  1. Robert says:

    Thanks for sharing your experiences and feelings with us Jenn. I became a fan of yours watching how you were on Sober House and then through following you on twitter. Youre down to earth, and I know youre helping alot of people with what you do…just by being open about what youve been through. I feel the same way as you about “stuff” collected over the years but I’d need my own blog to talk about it lol. Follow me on twitter and hopefully we can exchange stories.


  2. I absolutely love what you are doing! You’ve become an inspiration to everyone who battles through the many addictions of life. Keep up the great work! You’ve always been beautiful inside and out, and the world needs to hear your story!

  3. Heather Hollars says:

    Jen, you are a beautifully inspiring person. You give me hope I never had. I want to be sober and deal with my past, thanks to you! I am extremely insecure. Maybe one day you will read my book (in the works), or we can sit down and chat over sushi. I love you for you and all tge hope Im sure you give to so many people other than me. xoxo Heather

  4. Thanks for sharing Jennifer. My car got keyed yesterday, and I was pissed… but it’s just stuff. 😉

  5. raggie says:

    you inspire me jen i am now up to 170 lbs.i just love food so much.and dont make healthy choices id love to get down to 140 lbs.

  6. Lisa Burrell says:

    I’m always impressed by your attitude, motivation, spirit, etc… have a great afternoon! 🙂

  7. Hey Jennifer –
    I just wanted to pop over and say hello, I think you are an amazing and very brave person. I understand the struggle for sobriety and stability and am very grateful when people like you have the courage to share your struggle to help others.

    I follow you on twitter under my alter-ego, Kurt Horvat (@wingnutz48) – the name is made up but the bio is real. 🙂

    Keep up the great work, and yeah….about being overwhelmed by “stuff” – that is a book in itself, isn’t it?

    Take care, all the best,

    Kelly Mahan Jaramillo

  8. Guy Hamilla says:

    great blog Jenn. you have exposed yourself indeed, but that is just the outside, the inside is still under those layers. I know you have grown so much over the years and all the inside stuff that still needs covered will eventually be exposed as well. you will truly be free when that shift occurs. we all have our baggage, but when we share our deepest darkest secrets with those that care about us the most they begin to loose their power over us. I can honestly say that all of my deepest darkest secrets have been shared with at least five different sober people. People that I trust and truth be known if my experience helps them to help another struggling alcoholic or addict I have given them free reign to expose me even more. I am an open book and God has given me that freedom. I love you, care about you, and am always here by your side. Guy

  9. Suzanne says:

    Chica! You look amazing! I need diet and exercise tips. At age 41 I’d love a bikini hot transformation. 🙂 I’m guessing Slurpees aren’t on your hot bod menu. 😉

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