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It has been a FULL last few weeks… I really have grown up alot lately… I have been on the go for the past 6 months and I am proud to say I’ve learned alot. This whole new “single me” has been more joyful than scary-only because of the LOVE and SUPPORT from so many wonderful friends and family… I honestly never knew that I had this… also that “ask and u shall receive” really is true… I ask for HELP and I ask alot of questions to uncover, discover and discard things… what a trip this thing called life is…

CELEBRITY REHAB Season 5 has wrapped and now they are doing follow ups on the patients from the show … with only 1 more show this upcoming Sunday… then it’s a wrap…CELEBRITY REHAB & SOBERHOUSE has been such a blessing for me… I’m honored to have been a part of the shows and I’m more honored to know what had been wrong w me has turned out to be the biggest blessing-to help myself and countless others. No longer do we stand alone w the DISEASE of any addiction and anyone can overcome it if the are willing to do the work. It’s not alway’s easy but it’s so worth it….I stand by the motto “NO MATTER WHAT”….yes I still do the work on a daily basis … I turn it over daily… my story has just begun… there are many things in the works and many things that I have shot even T.V wise so I will keep u posted…and sooooo much more… I can’t wait to tell you about it…

I’m  doing “FASHION NIGHT OUT” this THURSDAY in  LOS ANGELES to help kick off FASHION WEEK in NEW YORK… they are doing it all over the country this week… and yours truly got asked to “OPEN” the fashion show (yes I’m MODELING in it) and then I am 1 of the CELEBRITIES speaking on different topics.. 1 of mine is  “Being Comfortable in Ur Own Skin”… Tori Spelling , Gregory Zarian and many others are doing it w me…. kinda super excited …  1 of my favorite things in the whole world has been doing RUNWAY… which I did all over the world … there is nothing better than walking a runway and becoming that look for the season, designer and era… I love it soooooo much….

Last week I bought a new car… OMG it was so stressful going into dealerships and looking for what I wanted within my budget and then dealing with the salesmen, which I have to say, some of them treated me like I was some dumb girl, quickly did they change their tone and way after being w me. I learned sooooooooo much from last week… it was like I grew up in an instant. I learned alot of lessons, BIG and small… I had and have-as someone special has told me for past 5 yrs – put my “BIG GIRL PANTIES ON” but some reliable men both friends and family stepped in to help… THANK GOD!!!! Sometimes I felt they (salesmen) were speaking Chinese to me , which I don’t understand… I did find myself so stressed out and to tell u the truth I just wished someone would have saved me… but I realized I CAN DO THINGS ON MY OWN and there is no easier or softer way of doing it but to just do it….BIG GIRL PANTIES….

I worked all day today and will for the  rest of the week also… I had someone come assist me for the day… which helped me alot. I’m taking too much on and it’s exhausting me … I wear many many hats in my life….

I have CELEBRITY REHAB’s last episode to do interviews on in early am, then my PRC group to do , a fitting for the fashion show , an audition, gym then in late  evening-then I’m getting a brazilian blowout for 3 hrs. or more …. long ass day tomorrow…

I’ve been eating rather healthy throughout all of the craziness… working out at the gym and swimming at least 5x’s a week. I’m doing new things at the gym-I’m shocking my body…I’m still at my lowest weight I’ve been in 8 to 10 yrs and most strongest physical shape I’ve ever been in…

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  1. Scott R says:


    What did you get?

  2. DaddyDaveT says:

    Good for you girl, keep up the good fight, we are with you

  3. Suzanne says:

    Yikes that does sound like a “long ass day tomorrow” lol.
    I know what’s really making your body so fierce is all the exercise but I’m still interested to hear what your eating these days.
    Rock on chica! 🙂

  4. Penny says:

    You are stronger than you know and you are helping so many, both in leading by example and by sharing your experiences, good and bad. I’m very happy that things are going so well for you. You deserve it all and I hope good things continue.

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