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I was sitting earlier thinking wow I’ve been on the go for a while like 4 months…. then I counted …..NOOOO SINCE MARCH 1ST.. over 5 months.. my goodness…. I have many angels in my life lately…somehow in those moments  when one starts to believe the b.s. the mind tells you that “you are not alone”- I realize that I AM NOT ALONE … and that I AM LOVED…..and that I DO MATTER…. and the same I wish for u, that u know that U  DO MATTER & U R LOVED … I’m honestly grateful my “luffz” aka AUNG has been helping me immensely-girl thank u ….

Today was supposed to be my 1st day off… on a good note some wonderful things happened… I slept 10 hrs,  I was on the phone doing interviews, working and paying bills from 11:15 am to 3:15pm…I then left the office where I am staying w my phone in there, went swimming and played w DEXTER for 1 hr and a 1/2 … (he loves playing ball… he is the dog I’m watching while my dear friend is out of town…DEX and I have become soooo connected… he has been a blessing and bundle of big doggie love for me… although I am not a traitor and LOVE MY MICKEY… but mama Gimenez is taking care of him or better yet he is ruling her… Mickers is such a sweet soul…) I then took care of more emails, fb  and twitter stuff returned personal calls and off Iwent to the gym… I worked out for an hr then went to the steam room… I felt it would relax me more and help my skin… I feel like a 13 yr old boy going thru puberty w my skin….my goodness… last nite my friend said it was from all the makeup I’ve been wearing and stress I’ve had for a while…I laughed cuz I then told him about my hair loss , lack of sleep , &eye twitch that I’ve had for over a  wk (now gone ,thankfully).

Last nite I went to  “THE PERFECT AGE OF ROCK& ROLL” MOVIE PREMIERE… it was a great time… I’m so happy to be back in the ACTING world…I love ACTING and all that it entails… so being there was a blast…after the MOVIE PREMIERE I went out to meet my friend for dinner and seriously he helped me soooo much…we talked for hrs… it feels so good to have people who know me for me and I don’t have to be anything for them ….and I can fall apart or be my goofy dorky self with… me and this person have danced a dance together… I will alway’s love him soooo deeply….he may be the greatest love, or at least one of them-I have ever had…he was there the day my dad died and he is loved by not only me but by family….I am glad that I was able to see him face to face( after a decade) and make an amends to him right after my recent break up…but we have stayed in contact thru the last few years…here and there but now a bit more and I have the blessing to have seen him a few times now since the amends…its a trip because we were so young back then and we didn’t know better… it’s a friendship not an intimate relationship … cuz LORD knows I’m not ready for one….I don’t want to attach myself to anyone or anything right now… I really want to get to know this woman JENNIFER GIMENEZ … and what she is all about..

I have a busy day tomorrow … I did invite mama GIMENEZ to come be w me as I venture into the TEEN  CHOICE EVENTS TOMORROW… gonna be fun w my mama….I have a busy weekend w/ CELEBRITY REHAB SEASON 5 EPISODE 7 AIRING  and a few things on Sat… haaa I said a few things, a shit load of activities… I’ll blog and keep u updated w my weekend…

Also alot of people are asking me about my workouts, the secret as to how I lost my weight … right now I’m eating tiny portions and drinking so much water… I’m changing up my routine by swimming at least 45 minutes a day ( a minimum of 20 laps back and fourth is considered 1 lap for me)and cardio 25 to 35 minutes ,weights focusing on shoulders , back , arms and  lots of sit ups …and today I did 40 laps !

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  1. Sounds like you had a good day today! Glad you got your sleep in and that you’re not as stressed out. You should always know though that no matter what you are important, you are special, and you do have people who are praying for you. “Family values” means everyone is family and everyone has value. Be blessed and have a great week!

  2. Art Zeigler says:

    I have noticed you were staying busy. Just make sure to take care of you and get enough rest so you aren’t stressed out. Keeping down stress helps with recovery, weight loss and just dealing with everyday issues. Your changed eating habits are great. Lots of water and small portions spread out through the day are the best way to help maintain weight control. May God continue to bless you and lead you in all you do.

  3. Marg says:

    Love, Love, Love, Love, Love..Sending you so much!
    NYC would love to see you.
    Hugs, Marg

  4. Allyson says:

    You know what? You would be beyond amazing if they ever made a movie about Gina Carano/women fighters and you starred as Gina! Love to look for your acting in anything! But I totally respect what you’re saying about getting to know Jennifer Gimenez and where you are right now. More power to you! 😀

  5. Penny says:

    Sounds like you are in a really good place. As they say, you have to love yourself first before you can love someone else, so getting to really know and understand who you are on such a deep level is a great thing. You deserve all the happiness and good things that are coming your way. You are such an inspiration. God bless.

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