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I woke up this morning and went to do my group at PRC… then went to a Dr’s appt for 2 hrs… went to gym… I decided as tired as I was to do what I could… I did stairmaster for 25 minutes then back exercise, side stomach, more lower back and then did about 70 sit ups… I only worked out for like an hr…

then I had 2 interviews which they call “phoners” for CELEBRITY REHAB and I had to run around doing errands like bank, Riteaide,Target(my favorite), car wash , got my hair did roots and ends as well…Mason, Brandi’s little boy said to me the other day that I had white dots(grays,ughhh,yup) and red/orange ends … so u bet ur ass I got it fixed… I didn’t want to explain to Mason that I have grays….

I came home showered and got ready to go  do the ADAM CAROLLA show… I have to admit that I was very nervous to do his show and meet him… I am a HUGE fan of his… he is awesome , sweet, good looking , funny and super talented …really great man and a really great time…I have a long ass day tomorrow which starts early….

I am very grateful today looking forward to my beach date that I have coming up-sometime before summer ends, haaa… me and the sunset…. I wonder if I’ll ever feel the desire to date again….I do know that I don’t want what I used to have… so as AMY and DR.SOPHY say…I get to create the guy that I want….I am too fragile still and have way to much on my plate to even toy with the idea…

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  1. Awesome sis!
    You keep inspiring me!

  2. Guy H says:

    I won’t even discuss the sunset date as I already have. I met my first girl friend sober after I stopped looking for her, so that is just fyi. I don’t believe you can create your boy friend, because you can only create from your own experience. From your post it doesn’t sound like you want what you have had in the past. So here is a thought. Why don’t you ask your higher power to open your heart to infinite possibilities in the area of love for you? No preconceived ideas of what the perfect man should be, cuz there aren’t any, just what ever He/She has out there for you…..sit with that for a while….and just BE. xxooxx ps slow down my friend, my second sponsor had me look up moderation in the dictionary and put the definition in my wallet and carry it with me…..

  3. Penny says:

    Just listened to the Adam Carolla podcast that you shared. You did a great job. As for your comment about dating, it will happen when the time is right. It’s good that you recognize that you are not quite ready yet. Whenever that happens, it should be with someone who accepts you for who you are and does not try to change you or make you compromise your beliefs or principles. You deserve to be treated with love and respect and don’t accept anything less.

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