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Honestly I am so effing wiped out I feel like I’m seeing stars….I honestly lost it at an AA meeting…I walked in and just started balling like no ones business…the great thing about that was people embraced me and they got me without words… I’m very thankful for them…without words we speak the same language ….I feel like I’m living out of my car lately… I just carry so many bags w me for so many things and I’m tired… yes on paper it looks and is great but I’m overwhelmed….I’m living the DREAM and I’m grateful… my dream date is to go by myself to the beach and watch the sunset and just be… that will not happen till a while but at least it’s something to look forward to…

I shot UBEUlifestyle today and the crew was incredible… so much love and support … the experience was memorable and I was blown away by the production…CHRISTINA GIUSEPPE asked me questions that were deep that I have never been asked before… at one point I cried and broke down because I had to tap into some very sad times in my life…but I pulled thru and got there and answered the questions….I ended up having a blast …

Then ANDY DICK  wanted to meet up w me so I rushed over after a 9 hr day of work…I went to meet him and it was amazing….. I’m proud of him… he really is an ANGEL to me and was the one that ENCOURAGED ME TO LOSE WEIGHT AND GET BACK INTO ACTING…we are like BEST FRIENDS and he knows I love him deeply… he was my inspiration  to move forward… I’m eternally grateful to him…. he is a bright lite that entered my life…he also brought the FUN and LAUGHTER back into my life almost 3 yrs ago….

I came home and TWEETED LIVE and now I have to be up at 6am for work….

I am doing the ADAM CAROLLA show tomorrow night… really excited to meet him and a little nervous … I don’t know why but I am….after work in the am I’m coming home to work out and run errands…..

CELEBRITY REHAB tonight was so amazing… Doc was so inspiring to watch and the family that came in blew me away…

I have to go to bed but I LOVE U GUYS SO MUCH.

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  1. Penny says:

    Very happy to see good things happening for you. Keep on being real. God never gives you more than you can handle.

  2. Guy H says:

    you do so much for so many others. please remember to do or just be for you. I have had the most amazing experiences watching the sunset on the beach in Santa Monica! You know what you need in your heart, let it lead you there.

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