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God I don’t know last time I blogged…but I’ve been everywhere and done so much ….Thursday I went to an event my girl Serene was doing  w my AMY and I also went to HSMPR to pull clothes cuz I have many things going on … fri  I also went to REDLIGHTPR  and pulled some amazing pieces … they have been so good to me there… I tried on like 40 pieces and was there for 3 hrs …my day started at 6:30 am and ended up that afternoon at PATTY’s (MY GODMA/MENTOR) house and we had a blast then I went to dinner w a friend of mine and we talked for 4 or more hours… it felt great doing that ….but I finally went to bed at 4am … Sat I went to the gym and had a GALA EVENT function to attend that I took 1 of my BESTIES MANDY SHERMAN as my HOT DATE…the Organization is “FACE FORWARD” …. which helps WOMAN AND CHILDREN who are victums of ABUSE on ALL LEVELS…some of these women get their faces  and body parts cut off and are so tortured it’s beyond my understanding…this wonderful organization helps them get their outer bodies reconstructed and more importantly helps them inwardly as well. Yesterday I got up after yet another super late night and went to the gym,got ready and did the “O-BROWN” show w STEVEN ADLER and Will Smith from CELEB REHAB …I have to say it was one of the best nights of work I had… there were so many people there and I had such a blast…STEVEN is doing great … I do LOVE that guy, we get along beautifully…. and came home to 5 hrs of sleep… I got up today and did my group at PRC, gym, work calls, interviews etc…lifes in session … and now I can barley type… I have a super full week…

there’s something I want to share w u that is very important and hard to say ,… just typing the last words is making me cry but I believe it’s time to heal and share this so I can close this door, my past doesn’t have to be my future… I believe I deserve the chance to be happy, loved and living my dream….

. …BEING A WOMAN WHO HAS BEEN EXPOSED TO ABUSE MYSELF I was very honored to be a part of a great CAUSE AND FIGHT for ABUSED WOMEN …I am a survivor of abuse ..and I know many people who have been .. I have dealt with the issues that stem from being exposed to certain abuse…today I can say I have broken the cycle ….ill tell u it is not an easy one to over come ….BUT IT CAN BE OVERCOME I PROMISE U….”WHEN THE BATTERED LEAVES THE BATTERER, THEN THERES NO ONE TO BATTER.THE CYCLE ENDS AND THEN THE JOURNEY TO START HEALING CAN BEGIN”…THATS WHAT MY GODMAMA PATTY told me Fri….these are some of my darkest secrets I didn’t want to reveal but am ready to let it go,heal and move on from..I am very fragile and vulnerable lately because on top of all that a new change is occuring….this is me coming out w it….my friends and family have been very supportive w me thru this time of pain and growth and most of all healing period …. its funny how GOD has me on such a busy schedule that I can’t sit thru the pain that long…but it does come… the grieving cycle… my sponsor said to me I have been liberated…. I just tell GOD he must heal it and I’ll do the actions but I don’t ask to plz help me heal this is for him to do… BUT YES I AM DOING THE WORK…. and I do LOVE U and thank you for being able to accept all of me.

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  1. raggie says:

    anyone who harms another is evil. we all should help others not harm them.im sorry you went thru that jen

  2. steve says:

    I think your an amazing lady. I know exactly what your talking about. I’ve been there, & in some respects, I’m still there. Dealing with situations that happened along time ago. But it still haunts me today and its a long road to travel to get the healing we need. It will be an experience u will learn a great deal from and something u will never forget. We just have to learn how to deal with the day to day emotions that r sometimes so overwhelming. But u will be able to do this. U already r and that’s right where god wants u to be. U will succeed. I have total faith in u. U will come out of this a much stronger person. One who will have gone thru tuff experiences that will also help others.. I know u have a lot of luv in your heart. It shows, and you and others r going to benefit from that. I wish you nothing but the best in everything. Someday I just might meet the person who I have things in common with. Things that we can talk about. Things that we can share. Maybe someday in life, r paths might cross. Until then, don’t stop moving forward. Live your dream. At least try to anyway. God speed. Take care, Steve.

  3. Patty says:

    I am so proud of you being honest. As painful as it is and the shame that comes from being abused and the secrets we keep…you being open and honest will help other woman come forward and seek help. You are an incredibly strong woman. I love you

  4. Mandi Hanks says:

    I just want to say that I love you and the beautiful person that you are! Keep your head up and keep smiling, bc the world is a better place when you do!

  5. Art Zeigler says:

    Great job explaining your feelings and taking a wonderful step in you life. God will definitely lead you through the valley.

  6. Kim Clements says:

    You are growing and healing nicely. Remember that you can ask the Lord for anything! Let Him take all the pain away. Give Him ALL your troubles. Its hard to do, I still want to fix things myself,but it works out better if you let Him fix your life. On Twitter I send you love and now on your blog I send you love! You are a sweet angel, a kind person and a loving human.

  7. Sarah says:

    Thank you for doing what you do. You touch a lot of people’s lives, certainly those you work directly with, and also those of us watching and seeing your example. You teach the importance of taking care of and healing yourself as well as using these experiences to help others. That’s incredibly valuable especially in today’s world.

  8. Penny says:

    God bless you for sharing such personal parts of your life and yourself. It not only helps you to heal by releasing your pain, but helps others who may be in similar situations. You are truly an inspiration. Your fans love you for being true to yourself and to us.

  9. Aung Munster says:

    Each day that passes is a testament to your strength. I alway’s say that to you…because I think that sometimes you forget-or just simply need 2be reminded. You are incredibly brave for putting yourself out there. Love u “Sally”…

  10. Erin Fluff says:

    Jennifer, you are an amazing woman, and I am sorry that some devil of a person had to hurt you like that. Shame on him, may GOD judge him/them at their end. You are a beautiful woman and loving one also. We all love you for you, thank you for sharing with us. Now the healing has begun.
    ~On a side note, I should really take my own advice, lol.~
    Love you.

  11. Guy H says:

    thanks for sharing Jenn, I always new this what part of your past intuitively and very happy you are taking the steps to let it go and live in the moment. One of my dearest friends back in LA is from Mexico and also was abused if you ever want to hook up with her let me know. I think you could be friends. love you and as always you are the miracle….guy

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