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I can’t believe its Thurs already….4th of July was my off day and I slept till 1pm …ahhhh I needed that…got my hair did,gym and took care of personal errands spent time w my mama,bro and my little MICKERS,and went to bed super late…..Tues I had interviews,gym and came to L.A … I had soooo much work and running around…THANK GOD for my POCKETSIZE AMY ….. I’ve been at CASA CREATIVE this wk… I went to a meeting that night and when I came back I spent 3 hrs talking w her…. she gives me so much insight and encouragement…I really feel fortunate to have the people in my life that I do…. I realize how important it is for all of us to have that connection w at least 1 other person …. I ended up falling asleep at 4 am due to catching up on emails and work stuff… yesterday WED I started at 7am ,yes w only 3 hrs of sleep, I had interviews VH1 blogs for this upcoming SUNDAY EPISODE 3 OF CELEBRITY REHAB, then I went to PRC where I do my group in the morning …. I got a call from EXEC PRODUCER ROB telling me that I’m going to be shooting OTF’s for upcoming episodes of CELEB REHAB actually today…. so I had to get my wardrobe from the shoot and run around come back to AMY’s and shower change and go to my MANAGERS STUDIO to do ON CAMERA SCENES for other work stuff and we came up w other show ideas that I have to write treatment for and we r going to start shooting WEBISODES for my website and YOUTUBE!!!!!! I was there for rest of evening and felt soooo great about that… I rushed home to go to an AA big book study then spent late night w MISS. AMY talking , decompressing w her and I knew that I had sooo much more work to do on computer… then late phone calls and at 2:30 sleep …. I’m up now and boy do I have a full day and night…. found out I don’t have 1 day off for a while… today I’m doin OTF’s in an 1 1/2 so I must go do the whole make up/hair thing now,business lunch meeting ,I have an event after and so much more… I’ll blog later tonight to tell u more that I’d like to fill u in on….
I want to welcome everyone new on here and thank each and everyone of u for the love and support I receive from u… ur tweets,fb and comments here seriously keep me going and doing what I believe is the right thing to do … aspiring to be better and living this thing called life.  Have a blessed day today…..

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  1. Suzanne says:

    Webisodes! Sounds like fun. Have a great day!

  2. Bobby Cee says:

    Awesome, can’t wait to see it! Wish I could sleep in ’til 1PM! Have a Great week Jenn!

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