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Friday was a full day for me I had a great work meeting… I got sooo much encouragement and motivation from it … I did the gym errands etc…. then I ended up seeing SETH BINZER and I was in tears when I saw him because I’ve been really worried for him… we go back over 12 yrs…. I love him dearly and he is getting better as of right now….he and ANDY DICK are my sweet angels that I love. I adore them… both of them worry me. I ended up at a meeting and then PATTY my godma drove me to my car and we ended up talking for 3 hrs. in her car in the parking lot. It was sooo healing and amazing for me…. she is like GOLD to me…. with so much wisdom… when we were talking it was like a movie … the light lit her so perfectly and all her words and movements were perfect…
Yesterday feels like a blur. I was everywhere with my mama and I’m just getting so tired. I have to chill. Maybe tomorrow evening…
Today I walked my little Mickey like I do…almost everyday if I’m here and then off with my mama and brother. We went to the beach for some familia time. I’m realizing that when CELEBRITY REHAB IS AIRING I get really nervous…there was alot going on with STEVEN ADLER. He overcame and was able to heal from that experience… he really is a doll. This season is going to be pretty wild…and powerful.. when we came back from the beach I watched the show with my family then rushed to the gym for 40 minutes but I wasn’t centered or even in the moment cuz my phone was blowing up … I believe that while I work out I need to be focused on what I’m doing. I’ve been doing the stairmasters and my little Jack Lalanes look-alike man actually taught me the other day how to do it correctly… he said for me “not to lean on the machine and stand straight on it and smile at God” (which meant my boobies should aim high) soooo cute and pushing down while squeezing my booty would change everything on my body-and I must say it is sooooo much harder….I ate badly the last 3 days and gained 4 lbs… ughhhhh… that means lots and lots of water and I’m on eating healthy again …. I might do just eating clean no oils or carbs and no butter in my food for nxt few days….I have so much to say but I’m beat. Promise tomorrow I’ll have more to say… ohhhh major important to the ladies plzzzzzzzzzzz use Neutrogena spf 100-best product for not getting sun spots and keeping ur face protected … I’ve been using other super expensive products-but this is by far the best… and cheeeaaapppp…..

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  1. DaddyDave says:

    Smile at God, thats a good one girl

  2. nena says:

    I have been watching the show since it first aired. I saw the history that was shown between you, Mike Starr, Stephen Adler, Shifty and Andy Dick. I also wanted to see all of them make it and be okay. You all do such wonderful work and one can feel the love that you have for them. I cannot wait to see what happens. Have a great 4th of July

  3. Guy H says:

    I love your writing because you are so raw and relate what is going on at your deepest core. I learned very early that God has a plan for everyone and His business is not my business. I’m not saying that concern, worry, empathy are not going to happen, but my experience has given me the ability to lovingly detach from people that I do not have the power to help. I had to learn that when my daugter at 16 told me to go f^&* off and leave her alone. Alanon taught me to allow her to follow her path that God has aligned for her. Now she is 23 and living in a sober living in San Antonio. I thank God every day for giving me the strength to allow her to make her own mistakes no matter the cost. In her case, almost overdose twice and 15 months in jail. Listening is an art that takes time to nourish and you are a good listener. My prayers are with you my friend always. One of my first sponsors taught me that the weight of world was holding my down and to let it go, for his advice I am most grateful…..xxooxx

  4. bobby cee says:

    You’re an angel Jenn! I don’t know how you do it but you do! It takes a special person to help others and go thru what you have to go thru on CR, but in the end you are not only helping other but makeing yourself a better person inside and out and it shows…You are an Angel and we all Love You!

  5. Allyson says:

    Hi Jennifer! Smile at God – that IS a good one! love that. You my dear are an incredible inspiration to me for never ever giving up. It sounds so simple but yet it is SO beyond complex to never ever give up. Thank you for just keepin’ on and being so real. Your hard work really shows and I love that you are helping so many people still in so many ways. I’m on my own fitness/health journey and seeing what you have done with yourself gives me hope that at 47 maybe, if I work as hard as you do, I can one day look the way I envision. 😀 Take care!

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