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I only slept 3 1/2 on SUNDAY NITE  so when I woke up on MONDAY I knew that I was going to be on a rollercoaster of a ride that day… I now know that I had emotionally and mentally ran myself to exhaustion.  I put a lot of pressure on myself…well I’m getting better but still…and w CELEBRITY REHAB SEASON 5 AIRING LAST SUNDAY I WAS NERVOUS….why??? The “am I enough” syndrome…would people like me?  I’m too damn hard on myself… I went to PRC to go do my group then had a staff meeting there…rushed to L.A to the gym, got my workout on then rushed to AMY’s (POCKETSIZE) house then off I went to an AA meeting …ran a few errands then came back to her house to literally shower and get dressed to head over to the “ROXY” on SUNSET… AMY has such a vision and is a huge part of my NEW CHAPTER …MY NEW TRANSFORMATION. So MISS POCKET, EDWARD SCISSOR HANDS’ed MY STYLE and she looked at the dress I had on & she said “ummmm no, ur going to put MY dress on” Ya hello HERVE LEGER super small ok extra small …. I said “umm no I couldn’t fit into that” She then said “ummm ya u can , ur tiny”… so off it went (she just said to me  that I was wearing a shirt,grrrrrr lmao) and more importantly ON IT WENT, IT FIT!!!!!!! WAAAAALAAAA! We drove together to the “ROXY” for the “FRIENDLY HOUSE 60TH ANNIVERSARY BENEFIT”… I was opening the show, oh yes I was nervous. Sold out event, and we all were wearing a POINTER SISTERS COSTUME from the past 45 yrs.. pretty cool, many musicians performed…actors…. comedians… and back stage we had stylists like AMY, hair dressers like SEAN JAMES (who I love ) and his team of assistants and make up artist like CRYSTAL (who did my face that night) VOLUNTEERING their time and talents as well as so many people who volunteered from all over for this benefit …. I had been there from 4ish till way past midnight and let me tell u I hit a wall, not literally but physically… one thing about me is that when I’m done, IM DONE!!!!!and call me rude, moody whatevs I just shut down and lights out….

TUESDAY I had a lot of stuff going on and Thank God I slept a little. I did interviews and went to an AA meeting when I got home I went in the back yard at Amy’s…I just needed “ME” time… I responded to a whole hell of alot of txts, emails, phone calls, twitter, fb emails , messages etc. etc. and got my agenda for JULY/AUGUST caught up and then wrote all while taking some sun in for about 3 hrs…I had interviews yesterday for CELEB REHAB and then off I went to do the “OH MARY” show on www.latalkradio.com in the valley. when I got home I was so tired and drained…yet I proceeded to do more work via computer and finally again hit that wall. I was delirious and my girl AUNG thankfully came to the rescue-helping by cleaning up all the mess I do on the computer…

Today I worked again at PRC doing my group, some errands, drs appt in Santa Monica, gym time (saw Mr. Jeremy Jackson and his girl there) did some returns at fasion PR firm REDLIGHT( they are so good to me there) more errands and back for more interviews and work via computer… tonights got to be an early night for me…I’m kinda excited for a long weekend. I just need it to be mellow  at times. My life is full and busy, which I LOVE… but it’s also important to find my balance…

I have received OVERWHELMING SUPPORT from EVERYONE ON ALL MY SOCIAL MEDIA REGARDING CELEBRITY REHAB …. THANK YOU FOR THAT… I will get into more how I’ve lost all my weight, over coming heavy obstacles and just life when I’m not so tired…


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  1. Rhonda Mohar says:

    Jen, when I watched CR5 it broke my heart..You have way too much compassion and love to give and some of us don’t deserve you..But we all appreciate YOU Immensely. Because of YOU I am starting a Journal about me..Kinda boring, but I need to do it. You are so great and wonderful and I wish I could actually “Talk” to you sometime…Love ya Woman..

  2. Lana Russo says:

    Keep up the great work.. You are Beautiful Inside and Out…. You are doing great things Jen. Great seeing you again

  3. Mandi Hanks says:

    I pray that you will be able to SLOW DOWN soon! The radio show was great. I was only teasing you on FB! You need some You time and You and God time!


  4. Penny says:

    You are such an inspiration. You deserve some “Me” time. We all need that at times. It’s good for the body and soul. Thanks for being so honest and real. I hope good things continue for you.

  5. Stan says:

    WOW! You always look so regal.

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