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My day started off well… I wrote when I woke up then got ready to go to do my group at PRC which I do 2 times a week… it feels good working there…yes I do that on top of everything else on my agenda. I was and still am tired… but I get so motivated in my day to day life … eventually I do hit a wall… but I believe God doesn’t give me what I can’t handle… and I have great enough friends that when I lose it , well I like to call it “having a moment” I’m safe enough to break down around them. After my group I went to the gym… I’ve been doing the stairmaster and let me tell u its crazy hard… I sweat so much…my booty and legs are starting to get some good definition. I also grunt and snot drips down my nose and I could care less for a second-then I dab and wipe with a towel but for a few day’s now its been gross… I was doing the stairmasters next to Justin Long (actor) today…grunting  with snot going everywhere…yup I’m so not the cute girl at the gym. I did hard core sit ups and legs ….worked via email all day and phone calls both  personal and work..some other interviews…then I ran home to shower and got ready to go to KTLA to do “ON AIR W TONY SWEET” who  like an ass I called TONY SCOTT… ughhh…  Tony is super sweet…. I had so much fun w him… I alway’s get so nervous before these things…then I went shopping,groceries, bank, riteaide,99cent store, and came home (Amy’s) to rest… by that time it was 7:45 pm…so I sat on the couch for 1/2 an hr and felt comatosed. I ended up walking to 711 down the street and it was perfect I felt like I was in New York w all these cute stores , restaurants and people eating outside…I was in my 70’s shorts and tank top w a huge sweatshirt and flip flops on… couldn’t have cared less… awesome moment… sunset , cool hip street and me, present for the moment…so it gets gross right here. I went poo when I got home and the damn toilet clogged and there was no plunger in this big house… she was not feeling well-I didnt want to bother her so I ended up going to not 1 but 3 Ralphs grocery stores cuz no one in L.A happened to have a damn plunger …. I wanted to scream by store 2… got one and waaaaala new toilet…  then computer just froze and it took me forever to restart it all up…I’m soooo bad w technology stuff. Tomorrow I have a super big day and nite w an event to end the night. There was this moment today where I started getting sad -I know I have so many people supporting me during these kinds of times…but for 5 minutes I got really down then I started praying and realized I have u guys (my friends) who support, encourage and love me during these times…like my Aung who is effing incredible to me, Amy,Deb,Mandi H, Rhonda, Darrin  ,Matt, Jimmy, Patty,my mama ,bro,oh the list goes on… but right before or right after those are the messages I received..my point is that I’m getting the love and support and I’m just perfect…. there’s so many more of u but I’m seriously going to pass out…

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  1. Mandi Hanks says:

    Love reading your blogs Jenn! Thank you for your openness and honesty. So glad you have great ppl to guide you through those “moments!” Love and hugs to you!

  2. Patty says:

    I love you Jen…AKA bubbs…I love your blog!!! You are one talented,animated and beautiful creature. I am blessed to have you in my life and be your godmama…

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