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Its the first day of summer… season change… its the first time in many many years that im excited for summer… i normally havent been a fan favorite for summer… new time , new change… im ready!!!

when i woke up this morning i was so happy…i felt safe … i went outside , sat in the morning sun, talked w GOD  and then wrote in my journal… it was lovely just spending quite time w me , the universe and GOD! i did a few interviews for CELEBRITY REHAB season 5… and since i have the gift of the gab my interviews are not short… it really takes a lot out of me… because w whatever i do i put my heart and soul into it… then i drove to AMYS house which really is the creative house… did more interviews then was wiped out… i thought to myself do i want to just rest or what would be the best form of release for me so i decided to go to the gym … just to relieve the stress out of my body… i didnt work out to get in better shape i worked out to let go of the pressures … it was great just to be in that mind frame of liberating myself from the world and all it entails… then i did a little shopping and back to AMYS house… we had a lovely few hrs talking and at times not talking just being  … i have to say that something i LOVE is being w the people i love and care for and not having to be anything for them… the silence is sometimes my favorite part… she KNOWS me, the REAL me, she gets me and sometimes w out words … she is a powerful soul…in btw that i was working via email etc… at one point after a great lengthy conversation w AMY i just started talking backwards and not making sense of what i was saying… i was thinking one thing and speaking jiberish… so i then proceeded to get ready… once again AMY just looked at me and started creating and fine tuning the image, look, my image… shes a fashion expert among other things…we went to the “I HEART RONSON” part at the Rosevelt Hotel… very chic party… amazing intimate crowd … great fashion hip people there, like Nicole Richie , Samantha Ronson etc… i had a blast and did lots of press… now im back in my 70’s shorts and little tank blogging w zit cream on… and yes Wed is a whole new day w a whole new full schedule … I LOVE MY LIFE TODAY… im accepting my role in this universe for today(tonight)

i want to thank you for ur emails and responding to me here or any other way u do… and for encouraging me to keep on keeping on …I LOVE YOU !!!!!


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  1. Jessi says:

    You do have the ‘gift of the gab.’ While watching the first Sober House I remember hearing you describe Seth as ‘charming, but with a lot of demons’. You said it in such a nonjudgmental, loving, understanding way that I rewound it a few times to watch over. I liked seeing that ‘moment of love’ on TV, because it means there are people out there who understand me and love me too, in the same way. Love is lovely, isn’t it? I’m looking forward to watching Season 5. PS Right now you are in a very good spot. You have a lot going for you. The real trick is to keep moving forward, keep progressing even when you are out of the spotlight. You inspire me! Keep going!

    your friend,

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