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im w my girlfriend Miss.Amy Hall right now… we just finished going to Anita Pointers house for a fitting(one of the Pointer sisters) i was asked to do a fashion show and introduce the opening of the benefit…i have to say i love fashion shows… as a model i did it all magazines,campaigns,videos and runway etc… BUT… Runway fashion shows was always my favorite,always…. so its gonna be fun…. wow and my costumes are beyond fabulous and theatrical…

i had an uber full day and its only going to get insane and uber duber busy for me…hell who am i kidding its already there… im living my dream and have to realize to smile and enjoy the ride…

i ran into an x boyfriend CHRIS KATTAN today and i was soooo truly happy to see him… we literally bumped into each other …we talked for a while and i was able to really appreciate our time together while talking… im grateful he was in my life back in the day… we dated for 2 1/2 yrs, many,many moons ago… making an amends is a beautiful thing…. i wish him only happiness and greatness….

i worked this morning ,went to an AA meeting , gym and other things then finally my fitting for the fashion show benefit…

ive been spending time with many wonderful friends … ive had some pretty God shot moments… im not alone today… im realizing that I AM LOVED AND I HAVE PEOPLE WHO TRULY CARE FOR ME ….

oh i have been doing the stairmasters at the gym and its sooo friggin painful i want to die but im increasing my speed and my body is loving the results… why does it have to hurt so much to work damn ittttttt?

im getting the oooopzis rightr now which well for us woman means….so all im thinking about tonight is Mc.Donalds and pizza… yummmmmmmy…. no.. i wont tonight im heading to sleep and praying this too shall pass….


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  1. raggie says:

    heya i still never been to a aa meeting im way to shy

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