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wow its been forever….. so i just sat on the phone with AUNG and she is going to help me recreate my website with the helps of GREG my web guy of course…. its so time for change….im actually excited about getting onward and upward…..shes got a brilliant mind….

since the last time i have written alot has happened…lets see

ARGENTINA for a lot of healing and unconditional love by my beautiful family

i am now 5 years and 17 days sober…. they say ur head pops outta ur ass…???? mine hasnt yet but i feel alot better in my life today…..

i have to say ive been extremely busy in my life….it blows me away the support and love i have received from all u …i never realized how many good people there are out in the world…ya theres some not so hot ones but, the good out ways the bad….

im really excited about how this year has started… i havent fallen off a bike infront of the post office and ive been able to meet calamity with serenity….what????? i thought that wasnt possible…but it is…..

im back on getting in the habit of blogging… i just feel so good when doing so…i just thought id check in to get in the swing of things…

i havent officially quit smoking but im cut down by 70%….

MICKEY just got washed ive been on the phone for hours and i got up at 645am this morning working… so what does TOM do ????? encourage MICKEY to bury his bone !!!!! so my clean little MICKEY comes in covered in mud!!!!!! COVERED!!!!!! yup …. just another day in the life…..

this weekend is theĀ  SUPERBOWL, im so down for the STEELERS….

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