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really??? how did months yet again go by?well i guess life just takes over and i always go “ok ill do it later” and later just never happens ,when it comes to computer stuff…well i  am so excited for this time of year… im such a fall/winer girl…ya i know wierd cuz i live in L.A but i would love to travel around the world  chasing for winter all yr round…

i have to say my body is changing even more now….im quite excited … but the hard work i put into it is now really paying off.. without DARLENE i dont know if it wouldve happen… im lucky and grateful…

she has me doin things i never ever thought i would be doing…

this year thus far has been a year of reconnecting w freinds i havent seen  in decades and healing….

im goin to start yet again postin but i figured i might as well say hello to my favorite people : YOU!!!!! 

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  1. Cynthiya says:

    Love you, Jen!

  2. Richard Dodson says:

    Luv u lotz kiddo

  3. Leigh says:

    Hi Jen!
    I am SO not one to track down a celebrity and write a note so I’m stepping out here, lol. Hopefully it reaches you:)

    I’m a single mom of 2 in recovery (sober since July 28, 2009) attend meetings (AA) have worked the steps and recently begun sponsoring. A few weeks ago I had to enforce some pretty serious boundaries with my sponsee. Tricky since I really suck at that. Somehow I prayed, summoned my “voice” and it worked. Logical words came out of my mouth and I got respect and didn’t lose it!

    Where you come into play: After I thanked my higher power,
    I looked back over the situation and you popped into my head, the calm way you stood your ground, bonded but remained firm and gave people the grace to be vulnerable but not get caught in their crap. Sounds nuts but I used you as a model of that behavior somehow. You made a difference.

    So I wanted to say thanks. I it took a lot for me to get sober…I can’t help think that probably watching that first season-Winter ’09 – played some part, too. You rock!

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