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i just wrote over 300 words and i accidentally deleted the whole thing!!!!!! so i guess this is all im suppose to write tonight…

ok ill just write whatever comes to my mind…

JENN H i was laughing when i couldnt sleep last nite and i started accepting friends on fb and BOOM , there u were asking me what i was doing up… i had to sneak the phone down low on my side of the bed and touch the key pads slowly cuz if i do it loudly i will get caught by TOM…its as if i was being a bad child… i was secretly giggling …

this last weekend i was suppose to do EMMY parties and events all weekend but  on fri evening i started having this terrible pain in my bladder and i ended up on sat in the hospital for 9 hours…i passed a kidney stone,a bladder infection,suffering from dehydration and a TERRIBLE migraine…ya fun times…TOM was such a champ and hung in there with me for all those hours when i woke up sunday i had that damn migraine back and it wouldnt go away…i spent most of my day at doctors office today…im just friggin falling apart…im physically worn down and in pain…

my days are normally super long and super busy but im wearing down….

can i tell u a secret????? i love pickle juice!!!! is that wierd…

definitely need to get my hair cut ,just a tad bit…its been over 4 months now and ive fried the hell out of it this summer with all the bleaching and when i work i always have people doing,pulling,teasing,ironing,blow drying etc etc my poor hair…my girl DEB B hooked me up with the best shampoo and conditioner and hair oil from NEIL GEORGE…omg its amazing…thank u mamas…im in love…

alright im getting tired guys…so little sleep these days….hope u have a great right now

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  1. theresa says:

    Ok first off kidney stones are no joke man.. i didnt know you were in the hospital =(…i had one about 2 yrs ago and i couldnt even was so bad my sister had to call 911 so i know that sucked in itself nevermind having a bladder infection, dehydration and a migraine! No it’s not weird (pickle juice) my friend and i used to drink it all the time lol..sounds weird but your good =)Feel better, get as much rest as you can and know i love u bunches xo X8

  2. traveling fool says:

    I’m so sorry about the weekend. That’s so awful! 🙁 I’m glad you’re feeling better. Just a tad bit off? Honey, its your hair. You take off as much as you want. Keep a journal of what you do during the day, and find the one you don’t need. That might help with doing to much at once, and wearing yourself out.

  3. I hate when that happens 😉

  4. Jeff Baynes says:

    Hope you are doing well.

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