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so today is my mamas birthday… all she wanted to do today was to have my little brother, tom and myself together… oh and to see her grandson mickey… so we went to Laguna beach… to this really beautiful beach there… we use to go  when we(bro and i ) were little and my dad lived there for years … it was so beautiful and the waves were ginormous… i must say the water was so cold…but it was very relaxing… we all had a great time… then we went to Laguna to have dinner…

i have to say im pretty amazed at how many people come up to me and share their stories with me or how much SOBERHOUSE has touched them or that theyre  big fans of the show… i get a lot of love from u people and i want to thank you for it…your support means a lot to me… 99 44/100 % of the time people respect that im around my family and friends so thank you for that as well… tom is use to it so he kinda doesnt count but im very protective with my family especially my mom…

mickey was terrible today we took him to his nanas house but we made a pit stop to grocery store , so with his new outfit his Auntie Aungster sent him, blue shirt w a skull on it , he went …he attempted to go into the store  but made a B line into grass to poop not once but 3 times…yup…oh jeez and i was stressed looking for anything on the floor to pick up the poo poo…thank the sweet Lord for people dropping there receipts on floor cause i ended up grabbing them…

i want to thank Codi, my sweet angel, for starting a fan page on facebook for “Dancing With The Stars” i didnt get it this season and the amazing thing is she and many others said they wont stop campaigning… i love you for not giving up…

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  1. Richard Dodson says:

    Happy Birthday to the mom of a sobriety icon! Love u Jenn.

  2. traveling fool says:

    Hiking when its already 100 degrees? Wow! I love to hike, and want to got to a particular place on the mountain to hike. I would definitely talk to your doctor about the sleep walking. You brought up some valid points, like accidentally cutting yourself. In 2005, my dad fell and broke his hip. Ever since then, before I go to bed, I check around to see if there’s anything he might trip on. Some might call it overkill, but try going through what my family went through, BEFORE even saying that.

    I’m glad you guys had a great day on your mom’s birthday. When a dogs gotta go, they’ve gotta go. I’m sorry you didn’t make it on DWTS. I agree the others. Just keep going for the next season, and beyond if you have to. We’re not giving up.

  3. Laurie says:

    Jennifer I am a HUGE Soberhouse fan and will keep trying for DWTS for you too! Love ya!

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