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so the last few weeks or maybe months ive been sleep walking… i slept walk apparently into the kitchen, drank water, peeled apples, tried to steal marshmallows from Toms cereal & checked my phone,that was just last nite… ( side note…Tom was kinda pissy that i tried to take his marshmallows from his “Count Chocula” that Aung had sent him)… we were just talking about it, normally i just laugh it off & we just normally think its just another “JENNISM” i do…but a light went off & i said to Tom” what if i really did something bad?” Tom said ” what like come try to kill me?”  i say “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, like cut myself by acciident while tryin to peel apple” ( why would he take it there?????) then i started thinking & i shared with him as im about to share with you….ive slept walked on and off my whole life… as a little girl i would walk downstairs in my sleep and walk outside, even once in my underwear …. go into closets etc etc…now im workin myself up and Tom said “we should put a little bell on you so i can hear you “… oh ya , he ended up raising his voice at me while i was sleep walking last night and woke me, i nearly went into shock….he thought i was awake…. nope buddy i was sound asleep… i wonder if this is something i need to address? what do you think… should i be concerned?…

so when i woke up this morning i have to say im so freakin sore…. that 5 million mile hike killed my butt thighs and calves…im kinda wanting to do more hikes now…oh no did i just say that out loud…i was so shocked when i  finally had  looked at my body bug, it said i had burned 4105 in calories  19997 in steps  and 9 hrs 18 mins in activity level… i have to say i was so happy yesterday all day…. its nice to be able to say that…today should be a great day as well… i am excited cuz tomorrow im going to the beach with my mama,Tom and brother… its my mamas birthday tomorrow so thats what she wants to do…

little Mickey has been is just so adorable…he Auntie Aung has sent him toys and clothes but the little monster is running around w his toy she got him…he wont move without it….

Theresa, i want to thank you as well as so many other people for encouraging me to start writing again….

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  1. Aung Von Munster says:

    Keep your paws outta his cereal!!!!!!!!!! LMAO Or I shall force him 2resort to drastic measures ;)A bell? Pfft. I say-SHACKLES!!! &Aww my lil nephew digs his new toy xoxo

  2. Theresa says:

    i dont know about you but im concerned! what if you fall and hurt yourself?? or end up outside in your underwear again? lol idk you might want to get some info and see if there is anything you can do. I heard waking a person while there sleep walking isnt a good idea but since he didnt know u were still sleeping consider it a freebe =) 19997 steps! you go girl! Have fun at the beach remember the sunscreen or you might turn into a lobster…happy bday to your momma!! Your most welcome and i love you tons! Thanks for inspiring me everyday! xo times 8 =)

  3. JennHryck says:

    OMG, I put the marshmallow idea in your head with my sleep eating story, didn’t I? So sorry! Just don’t keep chocolate in the house…that gets really messy. I also sleepwalk all the time. My 2 sisters as well. We would always try to get outta the house when we were young. One time my sister ended up in the middle of the road. Not even joking. They stopped eventually. I never did.

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