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what a HOT summer day today has been… i actually started my day off by doing something i havent done in a long time…i went on a hike ,not just a little hike ,a 5 miles hike up the mountains in 100 degree wheather today …and i did it after 10 am… maybe not the smartest thing to do 1st time up this crazy mountain… i thought i was goin to die…but i ended up having a great time…then i dashed over to train w my trainer “BOSS” DARLENE… it was a comedy act at the gym cuz i was so dehydrated from the crazy billion mile hike… so we kinda took it in stride…i have been very SERIOUS about my training and taking care of my health… its taken me almost 2 yrs to get here… i am pleased with where i am at but very excited to get to where i want to go w my body…im btw 23-23.something % body fat … well, actually ill know exactly next week when i get measured and weighed again… people think i just lost the weight in a mointh or 3 , but actually its been a long and slow process cuz im proud to say ive done it correctly with the guide and assistant of  my trainer , nutritionist and getting regular check ups by doctors to make sure all is alright….but DARLENE has been my force…

i have been doing things “OUTSIDE THE BOX” for me lately…and ill give u more details later… im off to be with great girlfriends tonight and get some recovery as well…

ive missed writing on here for all u to see and hear my experiences…. im so grateful u all exist and have supported me along the way…oh ya i cant wait to hear back from you….

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  1. theresa says:

    Love this! congrats.. So proud of you for going the extra mile (or should i say 5 lol) and doing it the right way! Stay strong and happy lovie! xoxoxo

  2. traveling fool says:

    I’m glad you’re getting to where you want to be. I’m not there yet. I need to lose weight so I can fit into clothes better.

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