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I will be hosting Loveline with Dr.Drew tonight check your local listings or go to www.lovelineshow.com for live streaming…….


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  1. traveling fool says:

    Listened last night mama. Great job! 🙂

  2. rebecca says:

    hi, i am writing this in hopes that it finds you well. i am a fan of sober house and an addict (in recovery) for many years now. i now have children of my own and it seems like the years of drug use in my past aren’t even real, maybe just a fading nightmare, but as i watch the show, which i believe is not staged, well most of it anyway, i just can’t help but feel, and wanted to very politely comment that i know that this is not something you were trained to do or have much experience in, that you are not the right person for this job. you are supposed to check your personal feelings and emotions at the door in a setting such as this one, and you just don’t, you clearly experience jealousy, infatuation and just plain dislike for some of your patients, you pick and choose who you are going to like and it breaks my heart, i cried for that poor kerri ann (sp?) a child, lost and scared and alone, and needing guidance and you turned on her like a pitt bull. i understand that you need to work just like everyone else, but please keep in mind that young and pretty and sarcastic as she may be, she, and all others like her, is a person, a human being who just needs to be accepted like all of us do, accepted not because she does the same drugs someone does, or because she will have sex with them, or because she could possibly boost someone’s career, but because she is funny and smart and full of life. and it’s not just her, she’s just the one i singled out for an example. i truly hope you read this and take it to heart, and know that it is not in anyway mean spirited or judgmental, but an excerpt from my own experience so that maybe you don’t spend half of your life creating enemies where you could have made a life long friend or just bring a little sliver of light into someone Else’s life a smile to the face of their soul; but mostly a tiny bit of hope that maybe there is someone out there in the world that doesn’t want to use them and throw them away but who can love them even through their own stupidity and someone that just holds on tighter when she is fighting to push them away. 🙂

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