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Jennifer’s Side Of Sober House – Season 2, Episode 3


As she did last season, house manager Jennifer Gimenez is set to give us her weekly take on each episode of Sober House with Dr. Drew. Below, Jenn talks about the third episode of the show: Mike’s departure (and return), Kari Ann’s intercepted attempt at a return and the curfew violation by a few that resulted in consequences for all.

Toward the beginning of the episode, Mike was kicked out for hitting a camera man. I thought it was strange that he was let back in, given the no-tolerance policy for violence.

The difference between Mike and Kari Ann is that Mike didn’t come into the house loaded and he wasn’t starting havoc. During the group meetings that they had with Drew, he wasn’t interrupting and getting on the phone because he wanted more attention. He was participating. When Mike hit the camera, he felt provoked. Kari Ann had punched the cameraman in the neck; Mike shoved him. It’s still physical violence, it’s still not OK and there are consequences due to that. Keep in mind that Kari Ann didn’t want to be there. She never apologized. Mike did.

But that  all said, there really isn’t a no-tolerance policy regarding violence, then.

Dr. Drew evaluated Mike between him leaving and coming back. I know I said there’s absolutely no violence, but we were worried that Mike would die if he was out. And the thing is that I really did care about Mike. We were a couple days into filming and I started to care about all of them at that point.

Speaking of coming back, Kari Ann attempted to this episode. Was this as big of a surprise as the show made it out to be?

There were finally a couple hours where things were going OK at the house. We are all getting along. Seth and I were bowling, Heidi and Tom were throwing a football. And all of a sudden Bob comes up the hill with Kari Ann. It was like a bomb on our happiness. I was like, “Are you kidding me?” You could see by everyone’s reactions how shocked we were.

From what we saw, you stayed pretty quiet.

I think everybody was freaking out. What you see is the one who freaks out the most, and that’s Heidi. I was more in disbelief and trying to keep calm because I knew if I overreacted the whole house would react. I need to lead by example. Heidi started going off about how Kari Ann was loaded. Kari Ann was being really confrontational and going off on everyone. If you really want to come back into the house, why are you going off on everybody? Kari Ann started getting anyone that she could get on her side, and that person ended up being Tom, which was so weird and gross. It was disgusting.

So you think, as Heidi implied, that he was sexually motivated to take Kari Ann’s side?

Yeah. I think that Tom is very distorted in some areas. I think they are all sick. They are sick trying to get better, but Tom sees this girl, and…I don’t know. I don’t think he was trying to be the hero here. That was the first time I saw the interaction between Tom and Heidi turn — they were getting along and then he did something to piss her off. It wasn’t because he was purposely trying to piss her off. Tom’s not all there, I think you see. Tom has a violent streak, an angry streak.

At this point, it was unfathomable as a viewer that Kari Ann’s return to the house should even be considered.

I agree with you. It wasn’t like Kari Ann was trying to change and get better. It was like Kari Ann was just coming back to play the part. She obviously didn’t want it from the moment she walked in there. So I was really shocked, I was angry, I was appalled. I said that I needed to test her. It was at that moment she decided to leave, and not just because of me but because she realized she wasn’t welcomed there. Heidi did have a great point, why come back to a place where you’re not wanted? At that point we saw her intentions — you can’t bulls*** a bulls****ter. We could see right through that. That’s really a key thing: you know that this girl doesn’t want it so why try and help her? I don’t wish ill will, but if you don’t want it, there are so many other people out there that do.

In happier news, Seth made a decision this episode to stay home and play board games instead of going out on their first free night.

I was blown away, especially after all the stuff that was happening. I was like, “Oh no. This going to end in another webcam apology for Seth. This is going to be terrible.” But all week he had been saying, “I really want this, I really want this.” When he told me he wanted to stay home, I got teary eyed because I saw the desire in him. That’s the difference between Kari Ann and Seth – you can see a desire in a person’s eyes.

On the flip side, Jennie, Mike and Dennis Rodman stayed out, violating curfew.

By the way, Heidi stayed home too — she went to bed early. I suffer from migraines and I caught a full-blown one that night. I was vomiting, I couldn’t see and I had to take my migraine medication. When they came home, I was little out of it. It was like, “Are you kidding me? I have to stay up and wait for these people?”

It did seem unfair that Seth and Kendra were punished for what other people did.

This is a group — they rally together. I figured that if everyone didn’t pay the consequences, the people who did stay would think they could get away with something next week because they were good this week. I wanted the people who did the right thing to be angry at those who messed up, not me. In this setting, if one person fails, they all do, because of the group dynamic. It doesn’t have to do with sobriety, it has to do with accountability to each other. Kendra and Seth didn’t have to write the 150 words, but they did lose their phones. When I was living in a recovery home, I got my phone all the time. I don’t think I had it half the time. It happens.

How long do you take the phones away for?

Twelve hours. They were probably going to sleep eight of those hours.

Dennis gave you the biggest problems about this. Among the things he said to you were that you don’t know what you’re doing, and most people in the house don’t respect you.

Meanwhile, I ended up getting his phone, and he ended up writing. If he didn’t respect me, he wouldn’t have done that. He was just trying to push my buttons and I gave him no reaction.

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  1. Carrie Lynn says:

    I think Carri Ann definitely has prima donna syndrome – that whole thing about her juice was really irritating and I think it was good she was gone but I also think Heidi is a big problem too – she and Tom should never have been on this show at the same time, and I don’t like the way that Heidi has this evil smile every time she causes some drama and when she says mean things – she reminds me of a bully and she should go live with her birds – she reminds me of what I suppose she actually is – a cheap and ugly street hooker capitalizing on anything she can she is disgusting – Tom has his problems too obviously but at least the guy has talent –

  2. Carrie Lynn says:

    I also think Jennifer did a good job in dealing with everyone in the house – difficult job and she deserves cudos for her hard work and dedication – all the staff deserve a big round of applause, for that matter – must be really grueling dealing with all the bs all the time

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