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OMG my days are going by so quickly…with SOBERHOUSE 2 coming out i am on super overload …doing alot of stuff for it..yes i am still training with the boss ,DARLENE… i just shot for LIFE & STYLE MAGAZINE last week and the story is coming out either this week or next… ill keep u posted…today DARLENE kicked my arms into a whole nother gear… they are super sore .i am very tired today…but i did work out w her for an hr and then did a total 55 minutes on treadmill…i dont know where i got that energy to do that much today… i ended up at the gym for way too long i kept answering work phone calls and found myself  talking with people at the gym which totally threw me off… i dont mean to sound like an ass but i dont have the time to socialize there…im on a timed schedule.. i drank my yogurt,blueberry,banana,whey shake…lunch 2oz of turkey orange and an apple for dinner 4chicken soft tacos w corn tortillas…very small ones … im still hungry….

im really gonna need u guys ,ur support during this experience of soberhouse…

im really tired and still have work to do…long work day tomorrow…

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  1. traveling fool says:

    I’m really looking forward to that article. Maybe you should have your phone off when you’re at the gym. Bummer to still be hungry. I’m always here for you sweetheart! 🙂

  2. You took on alot regarding the sober living house. Those that haven’t got a clue about surrender will always be a burden. The only thing we can do is know who’s really carries the burden. You did awesome girl! I’m cheering for you to get through the reactions by not lowering your inner standards. Trust yourself to reach for help at those times whether it be HP or another member of your network. You can do it! As for your exercise, Keep It Up! Even though you look great already. No, I’m not gay… can’t wait for next week!

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