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my name is jennifer and im a SALTAHOLIC… i was doing good on my salt intake and boom out of no where i had the urge and its just progressively gotten worse… until today…i have had a bit of a salt attack for the last 2 wks … i just craved it so badly it was making my mouth water… i told on myself and now i had to quit cold turkey …”NO SALT” DARLENE “the boss” commanded… and u know what ,i dont want to be swollen or live dependent on danm SALT… i asked what i could substitute  salt for and she said MRS.DASH so there i went to the store to buy it … when i made my spinach salad with chicken i put MRS.DASH on , ummmm MRS.DASH should be called MRS.YAWN… so i started eating it and nothing…ugh… i got so mad cause all i wanted was salt with lemon on it… so instead it was mrs.dash and lemon w a teaspoon of olive it went….on that note today i started w a yogurt,protien powder, blueberries,banana shake.sugar free rock star, 2 pieces of chicken and brown rice w a bit a parmesan cheese, then for dinner spinach salad w 4oz of chicken and the dash thing….i did alot of cardio 1st 45 minutes at the gym then trained w MISS.DARLENE  during the day but tonight i needed to reach over 3000 calories so i got on the treadmill for 30 minutes…im at 17000 steps so far and its 11pm and i hit over 3400 calories… yesterday i hit 2964 i was on under by 36 and im on this kick for a certain reason ,so miss.thang said that  for what im trying to achieve its not acceptable for me to do that …IM AN ATHLETE damn it…. i watch the OLYMPIANS do their thing and that determination i see in there eyes ,its in their pores ,in the every breath , so its in mine, to achieve my goals…they inspire me as i watch them live their dreams…. such an inspiration.

im so blessed to have a great group of people who really love me and want the best for me…i need them and u…SOBERHOUSE is coming out 2wks from tomorrow and im a bit nervous… i just hope it reaches someone out there watching…

my mama is over for the next few days so itll be nice to have her around… we spend alot of time together regardless… but when life gets super busy its nice to have a loving face around…Toms and Mickeys helps so much too…but having my mama ,theres nothing that compares… shes my mama!!!!!! carrying little mickers warm poop in a bag while walking him keeps me laughing ,reminding me how humble and how my life is soooo filled with humility … and its on a daily basis…he loves to lay on my shoulder when we sleep and the best part is ,he farts on my shoulder and as im sound asleep my face is right in his ass…. oh the lovely moments….sometimes its the small things….

im pms’d to top it off and as a dear old friend of mine C.D use to say “i get the opzies” right before my period so im dropping everything and just stumbling a bit ,NOT FALLING… did enough of that recently still have slight bruises from that POST OFFICE fall…damn it that was terrible but effing HYSTERICAL… again being humbled….

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  1. Allie says:

    Jennifer, I don’t know what your post office fall entailed but that sure brought a smile to my face as I had my own “post office fall” a few months ago. To this day if I think about it I still LAUGH OUT LOUD and so does my daughter. All I did was lift my foot from the parking lot to go up on the sidewalk and my shoe caught or something and I LAUNCHED into a forward lunge at a scary speed and collided with this poor old woman. I couldn’t catch myself and we came within inches of smashing thru the glass wall of windows. EMBARRASSING! But hysterical! ALWAYS a klutz. That’s why my screensaver on my iphone says “it takes skill to trip over flat surfaces” LOLOLLL Ok, so anyway I’ve been lurking here for a while and thrilled to have you posting regularly but I am in awe of your perseverance and determination to be the best you you can be. You are inspiring! You DO reach people! You are gorgeous, loveable and I can’t wait for new Sober House to start. I’m 45 years old and trying to lose my last 30 pounds after a 70 pound loss and just stuck. Boxing is kicking my ass right now…THANK YOU for sharing your life on the blog and on tv. You are great!

  2. traveling fool says:

    Get the Low Salt Cookbook by the American Heart Association. I’m glad you get to spend time with your mama. 🙂

  3. Carly B says:

    Sooo excited about Sober House!

    the salt situation sounds difficult haha. you do need some salt, though : )

  4. Paul Desiderio says:

    I had about 9 years salt free and Relapsed lol!1 Now im worse than ever. Salt on everything. A lot of salt. I lost 40 lbs since I got clean. I will show you my before and after sometime. Sober house really and truly inspired me to stop. It was very hard. My last week using I had 1 intentional OD that nearly killed me and one by accident that left me on Life support. As soon as they removed the tube I left and used some more. I am really happy that you have a website you are really inspiring. Thanks

    Paul Desiderio

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