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its just busy for me right now…every single second counts these days…

i have been running my booty off… yes ive trained but last week not everyday but hells ya i ran everyday… i took sunday off and layed on my back and watched tv all damn day…oh and ate whatever i wanted …sunflower seeds,pasta ,2 burritos oh ya i started off good by having my sweet little shake… but then i just went for it…you know every now and then u say wtf and do what u want…today i ran 56 minutes in the morning then in the evening 20 minutes of cardio warm up and then trained w DARLENE… today i had a shake a, a protien bar,2 pieces of chicken w brown rice and a handful of sunflower seeds (shell less)…

i really need to work on my time management…

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  1. traveling fool says:

    Sounds like a little rebellion going on. 😉 If I had to work with the boss, I think I would be rebelling all the time. Boy I’d give her hell. Take the entire weekend off this weekend, and I’m so glad you said you need to work on your time management!

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