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thank you for ur love and support during my dads anniversary…i am short on timeĀ  tonight and very tired… yet again a full day but i did find a few hours to be alone this morning….we all need alone time to regroup…

i hit an all time high yesterday inĀ  calories burned 3567…crazy but true and 16786 steps taken….and i sucked at eating yesterday very little just 2 cken tacos w cheese… protien bar…and a shake banana, whey, blueberries…today i woke up with a shake whey ,banana,yogurt,blueberries then 1/2 half a tuna sandwhich and then i met tom for thai food, 2 fresh spring rolls with 1 shrimp in it, brown rice ,brocholi,eggs and chicken dish…i only did cardio for an hr at crazy incline got up to level 10….trainin with DARLENE tomorrow morning… i trained via text with her yesterday … she had the last 3 days off due to personal reasons but that didnt stop little miss.THANG from running the show via text and calls durinng the day…she has been a GOD answered prayer for me …a woman who i trust to guide me in my new way of life and its not 12step program related…

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  1. traveling fool says:

    You’re welcome Jenn! I wish I could have physically been there for you. Keep up the good work. Thai food? Did somebody say Thai food?!

  2. Jorge Ramob says:

    Very proud of you sweet thang! you are rocking out so hard!! love ya.

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