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i cant even tell u as i approved my comments how excited i was to hear from u woman and 1 man! i was screaming like i won something …TOM just looked at me like “oh no ” here she goes again (with a headshake)….

how did it get from tuesday to saturday so quickly….wednesday i got weighed and measured by DARLENE… im so happy to report that in 2 weeks i lost a little over 5 FAT lbs (not water) and almost 2%body fat…YAY me!!!i only did on Thursday 15minutes of cardio and that was it….my eating sucked…i had lasagna and burger and fries …i didnt drink much water and didnt eat correctly had nothing with me while i drove all over California(not really but kinda)…on Fri i was like “ok im in control of me ” right> wrong !!!!i didnt drink my shake in am which was day 2 of that…went to the gym to workout with THE BOSS and i drank an energy drink and my vitamins and”boom”i start feeling nauseous…DARLENE was pissed because i knew better and she couldnt help me…i finished my work out and while driving home i held my vomitt in my mouth…yup…i ended up throwing up like crazy for 10 minutes then got ready for a full day …i did ok with the food intake the rest of the day just really tired and fell asleep early…today i kick booty at the gym and with my eating …started off with whey protien shake/yogurt/blueberries/banana, 3 soft ckicken tacos with just cheese on it from BAJA FRESH, a tuna sandwhich and 2 oz of shredded ckicken tonight …ran 1hr 5 minutes and trained biceps ,ugh stomach, chest flies,back , shoulders….over 13500 steps 25oo calories….

 i had lunch with my manager yesterday and she was in shock to see how different i look in 6 weeks… its weird cuz she asked me if i was proud of myself and taking in my accomplishment and to be honest i hadnt thought about it… how much my outsides are changing for the better…its really what ive been yearning for ,for a long time and its not just a dream anymore its a reality …wow…im startled and my eyes are filled with tears right now …i never so discriminated before until i was overweight…people can be so cruel…we started talking about the last month and a half of my life and how busy and overwhelmed i had been …and to be truthful this new way of life has been a full time job lately…maybe its just getting use to it that was so hard…

oh tomorrows VALENTINES DAY and if no one has told you today they love you “I LOVE YOU”… oh its LOVE day… i really (ok most of the time) try to have LOVE day all the time… my dads anniversary of his death is in a few days… GOD I MISS HIM so much… they use to tell me “oh honey itll get better or easier” and my experience is , it doesnt get better it just get less… but when it hits me it feels like it just happened 30 seconds ago…. he was 48 and died unexpectly…i would give my life to have 5 minutes with him again… oh daddy I LOVE YOU SO MUCH… he was a magnetic man with so much charisma and life… he was love…as my tears drop from my face  i want to let you know i know i was loved and am… but a love from a father can never be replaced!!!!

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  1. traveling fool says:

    Wow, keep up the great work Jenn! 🙂

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