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i am so happy to hear from u !!! that u are reading my blogs ! really its just my journalling… regardless u are taking the time out of ur busy life to follow me and THANK YOU  from the bottom of my heart…i was asked to twitter and so i started that too so please follow me … http://twitter.com/JenniferGimenez 

last week i had alot of nite life going on… my girl MANDY SHERMAN had a birthday party at the”SAINT” on Wednesday nite , Thrusday i had an event for my friend ALLIASON MELNICK at “PLAYHOUSE” and Friday nite my friend RYAN OCONNOR had a play “RYAN O CONNOR EATS HIS FEELINGS” so it was soical nite life at its finest… during the day i was super busy with life…running around phone calls and yes the fun filled gym! TOM and I were so beat by Saturday with just one more party to attend Sunday THE SUPERBOWL! ahhh my “COLTS” lost and lost bad…i was at Toms friends house with 100 people and 90 of them were cheering for the “SAINTS” including TOM … ya and there i was all in “COLTS” gear talking all the SHIT one could until the 4th quarter… oh my ass and ego hurt !!!oh well , theres always next year… now im on to the “LAKERS”…

on Thrus i got the call… and yes my car was  finally ready after 33 days of all the crap and serious work on my car and my baby is back in my belonging… TOYOTA OF GLENDORA  was outstanding in there service of my vehicle… i would like to personally “THANK THE SERVICE DEPARTMENT DAVE, DANNY AND THE ACTUAL SERVICE TECH WHO TOOK CARE OF MY CAR”they really worked with TOM and i and now baby is ready to rock and roll…

i had my mama over for the weekend and played daughter and mommy to both her and little MICKEY…it was nice…i dressed her up in “COLTS” gear too…

SOBER HOUSE 2 IS COMING OUT IN A MONTH or less  ON VH1… ive been watching CELEBRITY REHAB 3… last weeks show was amazing for me … HEID FLIESS & TOM SIZEMORE laying there talking as a once couple made me sad…(u cant act that moment as great as they were in their reality) & TOM SIZEMORE  with his girlfriend monroe(wow how she triggers him by just being in his presence) are toxic for eachother…im a little nervous about it ,SH2…i just tried my best to do what my job entailed… although im happy to say i do look much different from even that show… due to my intensive work out ,training ,eating habits and yes DARLENE oh and me too…8-O

ok so speaking intense working out my BOSS ,DARLENE  decided to crank it up a notch … ya thanks lady… to burn 3000 or omore caleries a day 10000 ateps or more and that means much more cardio and moving me around more at all times… adjusting to that has yet made me come to another challenge…she broke down how im not eating enough to burn carbs and fat so my body starts to burn muscle … this whole new way has been so intense… mentally my body doesnt want to keep going but my mind is trying… so hence me grunting like a freak at the gym and on my treadmill (poor TOM and people around me at gym) its me really going for mind over matter… last nite i watched  “THE BIGGEST LOSER’ and so effing related to them… i felt as if i was on the show… when Juliann was yelling at the poor girl who was the “teacher” about how she was playing tough girl and then her teaching her mom and her mom on the treadmill moaning,grunting thats me…breaking thru…


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  1. traveling fool says:

    Sorry about the Colts. 🙁 Busy social life, I wish I had one. I’m so glad your car is feeling better. Monroe is trouble, for sure. She just sits there and smiles, but there seems to be nothing behind it! Having said that, I hope she gets help. I’m glad you had fun with your mama.

  2. Stacey Ahh says:

    Hey thanks for the reminder on Facebook. Not sure if you read comments – but what protein bars are you eaing? I love your menu’s – keep em coming. You are so friggin inspiring. Look into GREEN SMOOTHIES. They are the fountain of youth.

  3. Carly B says:

    Isn’t 3,000 cals excessive? And that’s not necessarily true that you’re using muscle for energy. I’m majoring in nutrition in college to become an R.D and your body will use muscle as a LAST resort source of energy, and that’s only after you’ve used up all of your glycogen/glucose and fat storage. Initially, if your not taking in enough fuel, you may possibly use some muscle for energy, but that’s very short term (2-3 days), and that’s if your starving yourself. But you should probably take in some more carbs/fat/protein if your burning 3,000 cals, crazy lady ; )

  4. Stacey A. says:

    3000 calories indeed is too much. im lucky if i burn that in one week! what is your goal weight? height? from the new pictures, you look AMAZING. you are inspiring me since i have slacked so much in the last few years…. thank GOD for miss me jeans – they are so forgiving and suck everything IN…. made for tall ladies like us. dont forget weight goal and height… trying to find my own standard.

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