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so thrus of last week i went bike riding to the post office …thinking i was a car i made a left hand turn into the post office with my mail in my mouth i turn … “oh how cute i am “, ” look at me im a car!!!”…  im turning to go into the drive thru like all the other cars… there are 2 cars in front of me and 10 behind me…what happens next is only something that could only be seen in a comedy movie…i start wobbeling , i start losing control and BOOM!!!!!!!!!!! i fall !!!! not only do i fall but im about to hit a poll so i pull my body more to one side so i could avoid it! i land in a bush with MUD all over my hair,face, mouth, body, clothes shoes and bike on top of me… i am mortified so i start wiping myself off and 5 cars behind me pulls over this lady who asks me if im ok and i reply “ya i cant believe i just fell its been decades since i fell off a bike”… she replies”oh my im glad ur ok but to have had to fall in front of all these cars and people , u must be so embarrassed’ … i couldnt look at her anymore … hello i was more than embarrassed…i got up and waited for the cars to pass and called TOM and was dying… i did end up going thru the drive thru though… i am still covered in sooooooo many bruises its unbelievable….and am so sore… oh man what a fool i was… we live and learn… im being a baby to TOM and DARLENE about it cuz you know, i want some compassion… a friend of mine i call “CHIEF” asked DARLENE if i was an athlete in high school or college? ummmmm i didnt go to school but 2 months out of the year cuz i was busy working as a SUPER MODEL!!!!!!!! and no college yet… so “NO” im not nor was i ever an athlete … but now i am going to be DAMN IT!!!! 😉 first i must over come my clumsiness 😉

my weekend was great… i worked out everyday last week but rested sunday… even though i was sore i listened to DARLENE… today i ended up doing 7.5 miles of cardio and trained with the boss for an hour… she now has me burning 3000 caleries a day … i have the “bug” on so its all logged…i ended up burning 3322 calories and took 15569 steps today as well… i had to do 45 minutes more of cardio tonight to burn more caloriesl… DARLENE  might get mad that i didnt eat enough… this morning i had whey protien, yogurt and a banana shake/ for lunch i had 1/2 a salad/  and tonight a protien bar…. see for me i feel its alot but DARLENE doesnt feel that way… im about to get introuble tomorrow…

i am training early then i have to do pick ups/reshoots for SOBER HOUSE 2 … and inbetween i have a lot of work to do for other projects…i have a busy i mean busy week!  

i miss some of my friends i havent seen for a while … that doesnt mean i dont think of you often though xoxoxoxo

my mama isnt feeling  well again… ill i can do is just be there for her and im pray

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  1. traveling fool says:

    You are so funny! 🙂 I’m sorry you fell, but I’m glad nothing was broken. I think I would have been crying form embarrassment. I don’t envy work with a trainer. I wish your ma felt better, and I’ll be praying!

  2. Stephanie Stahl says:

    Jenn, how are you doll…I havent left you a message or comment in months. I still remember talking to you for about a half hour on blog talk radio… I want you to know that I got Married Nov 12th. I am so happy. And I have learned that I can accept love and return love in a very healthy way. Everyday I feel like I just fell in love with him again. I can not wait to see you on Sober house. I am doing well. Still having the same health problems, having some medication changes this month, but I already went head to head with my doc about pain management. The thing I dont get is how one day they say this is bad for you and the next they are pushing me to take it. ” it will help” that is the hardest thing for me. Its like here, let me help you get hooked again…no problem…but every time I stick up for my feelings I walk out of there with my head held high..
    Don’t worry to much about falling. I used to get so embarrassed about everything. And now I am who I am. Flaws and everything. I laugh more about embarrassments then ever. They are things I never do on purpose so how could I be mad at myself.

    I hope everything is going great for you. You still are such an inspiration and beautiful as ever.


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