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i am so happy that you are reading my blogs… and that you are commenting on THIS SITE or even on FACEBOOK or MYSPACE…its nice to know there is support out there… and truthfully that im getting honest about my moments of my day…having a connection is so important to me…i have the biggest craving for TACO BELL…nacho belle grande…i talked myself out of going there…but my head was playing nasty games on me… like telling me “no one has to know you can get something,you deserve it”…i didnt!!! but the drive back from Silverlake tonight was like that the whole way home…

Today at the gym eith DARLENE was intense and no joke… i stayed centered and focused… i couldnt stand almost all the stuff we were doing cuz my brain wouldnt connect but ill be damned if i didnt stayed centered to keep at it… today was everything with squats involved and i dont like them but im tired of the lines underneathe my ass having a bunch of friends all around that one line thats only suppose to be there…and all the cellulite … i also decided to do a stupid thing and tell DARLENE (who just gets off on me challenging myself and her) i wanted to work my abs off too… i was so mad doing these crunches and stomach exercises and SLOWLY….wtf…ive been quite active all day…i had a protien shake with a banana, ,light vanilla yogurt and whey for breakfast /then a bowl of tuna with 1/2 a cup of brown rice for lunch/then 4oz of chicken with a teaspoon of mayo salt and pepper for an early dinner/ then a appex protien bar….im so freakin hungry right now but its 1am in the morning so im going to guzzle yet more effing water… oh TACO BELL why are you friends with my enemy cellulite?????

i talk with my little brother DWIGHT everyday and when GOD made DWIGHT he just made him so angelic like… he is such a sweet and loving brother… im so lucky… i miss him i havent seen him since CHRISTMAS and i cant wait til he moves back to L.A soon…no wait i saw him in VEGAS during the New Year but he only saw me for like 5 minutes cuz big sister wasnt cool enough to hang with him and his friends … wow my ego still hurts i guess 🙁 haaa

i just took  MICKEY out in our backyard to poop… he gets so shy about it… its hysterical watching him in all his ways… he has such a personality …he is so sensitive and sweet and acts like such a baby most of the time then he can be terrible which i absolutley LOVE…

i had to get my roots done yet again… DAMN IT this thing called getting older i wish i was warned about … JEEZ  i can do without the GRAYS… ugh

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  1. traveling fool says:

    I like to read your blogs! Getting honest with your moments? When did that start? I can’t tell. Good for you on resisting Taco Bell, and trying to stay focused. It’s great you and your bro are so close. My goodness, dogs are so funny to watch with their quirks!

  2. Holly says:

    You’re so funny :0) My dog is shy when he poops too…haha.

    You make me wanna eat better – I have lost 15 lbs after having my gallbladder out last week…hope it stays off. Working out starting tomorrow!

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