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TOM just sits like a 3 year old yelling in between fast forwarding TIVO “24 BABE 24″… he’s sometimes like a child… and right now i just smile… he came to save the day , so i am grateful to him … so my day started off late cuz well i woke up late …drove frantically over to get my nails done with slippers on and i forgot to brush my hair (ew) then i went home and showered… umm ya my nails were still wet ,messed those up nicely then i got ready for  my reshoots/pick ups for SOBERHOUSE 2 … went back to the house we shot in and was so delighted to see ROB and JOHNNY and some other crew members … they are super awesome…our shoot went quick and smooth so im driving on the 210 fwy when  BOOM car engine and screen lights  goes off and just dies on me  so i started exiting on LAKE and had to start pushing my car ,THANK GOD for nice men, 5 of them, who start pushing  my car with me to a gas station.. my F%$#@!* car broke down for the 3rd time in the last 3 weeks on me… ive had it at the dealership and it has to be something theyve done wrong(again)… im stuck ,and low n behold my night and shinning armor arrives TOM… im crying,tom calls for tow truck and the dealership finally tow truck comes and im just so overwhelmed(real life shit just takes it out of me)…he really (at times) can be a saint… im scheduled to train with DARLENE so he drops me off and waits for me …i have to say the day just started off wrong…

 DARLENES poor adventure with a pissed off  and manic jenn…(TOM sees this side often) … im out of my mind screaming and cursing with a packed and i mean packed gym and crazy girl  here doing out of control exercises… some of the things DARLENE had me do were out of this world really…like man push ups droping elbow to elbow without cheating back to push ups… squats on a medicine ball while balancing on it then throwing a ball catching it …crazy sit ups with a heavy ball in both hands holding until Miss.Thing thought it was a good (torture) time for me to release..squatting with 10 lbs weights lifting weights from anckle up to ceiling against a medicine ball all while squatting… seriously the others were just insane to do  for anyone plus  i was on one( one of those moments)…my eating today was a yogurt ,3 oz of chicken , protien bar and ham and swiss sandwhich … so much water … im still swishing… i didnt do cardio today though…

i just got off the phone with one of my BEST Friends BRANDI GLANEVILLE(CIBRIAN) … im going to go spend the night this week … i miss her … she is such a strong woman and an angel in my life who has been there for me like nobodies business… itll be fun to catch up and just be with her…

man sometimes i wonder whats the lesson with all this shit that goes on in my life…i hope the journey gets smooth for a while soon … although i must say i ran into alot of helping hands with kind faces who just had good intentions…i was wearing my COLTS jacket that JIM IRSAY gave me (he owns the COLTS) and one guy who helped me push my car says at the end ,”hey im saying sorry in advance ” and tips his hat , which happened to be a SAINTS hat… i just smile … see even people of different teams can help one another…

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  1. traveling fool says:

    Yikes, what kind of car do you have?! Sorry about the car trouble, but thank goodness for Tom!

  2. jeniffer Butler says:

    This is TOO FUNNY… You any I are SOOO alike. Poor Tom now I really feel bad that he’s been dealing TWO manic Jen’s back to back in one week.

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