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the last few days have been hectic…i guess for all of us life is challenging on a daily basis, right?… my MAMA had a procedure done and had to be hospitalized so i was on daughter duty…. on Thrusday i picked her up and brought her to my house to recover… i always get panicky about my mama… i value her so and love her so much… i have been blessed with a strong MOM!!!…on Thrusday evening i had started feeling alot of pain on my side and prior for a few days had wierd  sharp pains in my back… well the pain started to increase and sure enough i was passing kidney stones…7 years ago i passed 10 yes 10 kidney stones in 1 year so i was familiar with the pain … i thought i was dying… poor TOM ended up taking care of my MOM and i…yesterday i was very sore and sensitive…

i was doing really good on my workouts and eating… yesterday i took the day off from working out and rest … i had a protien shake for breakfast, for lunch i had a turkey provalone cheese ,mustard sandwhich, and a cup of chicken noodle soup for dinner… then came today… umm not so great i woke up at 12:30 ish this afternoon so i decided i couold eat fritos a good size bowl of it … you know it wasnt a choice and it hurt my stomach… i felt gross after that then my MOM came over and we had dinner with TOM … i had meat a piece of bread and  tomatoe salad… the meat was heavy for me, dont get me wrong i do like eating it once in a while but tonight it was so heavy for me… so i decided after dinner to get proactive and vacuum the whole house and get on the treadmill, so i wouldnt feel so shitty about myself… i did 35 minutes and did 2.6 miles…tomorrows a new day and i have choices … i am going to choose to do the things that will help me in my life that are positive like eating right and working out…i do feel bad about my choices today… i am still connected to DARLENE wirelessly so we will be able to see my activities and fat intake calories burnt and so much more… seeing her and working with her is such a blessing…i was spending way to many hours at the gym this week…i guess its better than not right…

on Friday i was talking to ANDY DICK  via text right before he went on stage in West Virginia …and today he was arrested early this morning at a bar, im sure everyone knows already… we talked tonight and he said he was “really sad” and some other things …ill i can say is my heart goes out to him and he knows I LOVE HIM and IM HERE FOR MY LITTLE ANDY DICK… im not here to judge just here to  help , support and love my friends and family when they need it… 

on Monday i get to do reshoots/pick ups  for SOBERHOUSE 2 …ive done like 10 days already… its always nice to see  the crew …

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  1. Jeniffer Butler says:

    Let us know if you need anything honey!!

  2. traveling fool says:

    Wow, an exceptionally busy week! Sorry about the kidney stone. There’s no need to feel badly about yourself, you’re doing great.

  3. Holly says:

    I’m so glad you are blogging again – it is SO theraputic isn’t it? I too talked to Andy this weekend…after. I wish people could understand what a HUGE heart he has.

    Keep up the great work Jenn – you are so strong.

  4. brendam says:

    hey jenn ive been keeping up with you;re post you’re such an inspiration to me my question is about the monitor can anyone purchase that as well so i can help track my calories and my steps im 5’8 and weighed a litte over 239lbs i want to be able to accomplish you;re weigh loss any tips will help. xoxo


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