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let me just start off by talking about my tom… seriously he is such a little boy sometimes… as im writing he just locked MICKEY in our patio without even noticing…i clean our house and im a freak about it…i ask him maybe 5 times a year to help me put the sheets on the bed and seriously he kicks and screams like a baby about it… dropping f bombs and turning red its hysterical to me and how can it be a man like him changes clothes so damn much in a week… i feel like i just folded 507 t-shirts….oh i forgot to mention i also do laundry a few times a week …theres so many funny moments with TOM…watching his reaction (sometimes ) cracks me up

well tomorrow is my TOM’s birthday…

 ive been under the weather(again)… ive been around and hugging way to many people and alot of them have been sick… why hug when your sick… i only say this cuz i had pneumonia and bronchitis and its so easy for me to get sick… im now back on meds for bronchitis… man my body is so sensitive lately ….

relearning to eat correctly has been a challenge for me…ya i get sore from working out but trying not to get overwhelmed with this food intake is my challenge…see my head tells me im eating way to much and im going to get fat…but im following DARLENEs direction…i dont know if its just me but being educated on nutrition is something ive lacked in… today i had a protien shake in the morning, 4 oz of chicken and 2 corn tortillas for lunch, low fat/low sodium soup and an orange for dinner…. and yes so much water , i wished it was a slurpee ;)!!! tomorrow DARLENE said to be ready cuz she is going to intensify my training …great…. hopefully i feel better and i can do this…

SOBER HOUSE 2 comes out in MARCH on VH1!!!

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  1. traveling fool says:

    Tell his mom how he acts. Shame on him for such behavior, and it sounds like you need a swear jar. Sorry you’ve been sick. Good luck with the your new routine.

  2. JerkyPays says:

    Women sick again! but you know I still Love You…. Get well soon….I’ll call Tom Tomorrow!

  3. Suzanne says:

    Happy belated b-day to Tom! I hope you are feeling better by now. Sounds like you’re busy with housewife style fun. YIKES next blog needs to be some Hollywood glitz and glam. Inquiring minds need to know, especially those that get no glitz or glam. lol Gotta live through you Chica. 🙂 Besos, if you aren’t contagious that is. 😉

  4. Cynthiya says:

    Loving you!

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