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 JAN 15TH  is my sober birthday… i just turned 4 !… honestly im pretty blown away how different my life is today…its so much better .. i have peace ,joy, happiness and a lot of laughter for the most part… ive learned im not alone in my journey…. ive learned that people actually care and that there are good hearted people out in the world… you know i am blessed with what i have and i love the people i have in my life  today, im grateful for all the people who have come and gone in my life as well because i learned and leaned on them in those days , so to them i say “Thank You” ….

today i woke up with a migraine… i suffer from migraines … they are so dibilitating…. i get the full blown works… cant see, smell of anything kills me, i can only be in the dark, i must lay in bed, i throw up, my body hurts and my head just throbs uncontrollably…with migraine medication it eventually does pass but boy when they come its terrible and it takes me a few hours to feel somewhat normal again after the matter….

the last 24hrs hours with this eating 5 times a day thing i was NOT so good on … part of writing my next 6/8 weeks experience with connecting in all areas of my life is telling on myself … with eating yesterday and today my time was cut short and boom i just forgot to eat  then i had an extremely late nite last nite and had dinner at midnight…. then with the migraine ,forget about it,  the last thing i wanted to do was smell food so then i would throw it up… u know its just planning ahead and cooking things so im prepared to be on time…i know it sounds simple but its not for me with my crazy schedule…  i hope i can keep on track with it… im trying… my body is still so sore… jeez when does the pain end…i rested finally after weeks of not having a day off at the gym … i go back tomorrow after i go to my home group 12 step meeting then a panel…

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  1. traveling fool says:

    I’m so sorry honey. Talk to your trainer about that.

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