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so i had to wear heels today… wow its been a hot minute since i wore heels and since im so freakin sore boy i t was a task…thanks DARLENE…so im wearing this monitor on my arm and somehow im connected to miss.trainer so i feel like its some kind of electric shock she knows what im doing at all times device…today was a much better day dealing with the process of  “body” well ok work out ,pain and eating… i just dont want to get bigger in size or bulky…. ha not that i am but see my head plays mean tricks on me… i ate exactly as i was told… iwas thankful i didnt have to roll on a dumb ball  balancing myself on top of it with push ups and reverse sit ups without touching the floor or do things that my brain cant comprehend but i did have to do man push ups with a twist in the air… i swear im not lyin…as i complain i secretly enjoy the challenge…

today i got to live my dream … well one of them… it had to do with my profession and i was really grateful….

so i came home tonight to find little MICKEYs face covered in mud and greenies covered in dirt all over my living room… so i scream ‘TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMM  im going to beat u!!!” … see he taught MICKEY how to barry bones in the backyard and then he digs them up and brings them in the house or at times in my bed on my face as im sleeping…ya and im not so sweet being woken up … ok ok im a total nightmare…. anyways i thought it was a dead something….oh sweet LORD minutes from now im about to turn 4 !!!! wow!!!!!! im grateful for a loving GOD who saved a girl like me !!!! it hasnt been easy but its sure been worth it….IM NOT A MISTAKE AND I MATTER TODAY I AM A MIRACLE!!! i write this with tears coming down my face in disbelief…for anyone out there feeling hopeless in any kind of situation i want to let u know MIRACLES EXIST im living proof and u dont have to do this alone and u can get thru it  if  nobody told u today they love u ,  I  want to say to you “I LOVE YOU AND YOU MATTER”

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  1. traveling fool says:

    I’m so glad you got to live one of your dreams. Not many people can say that! Happy Birthday!

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