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i was wondering how to start or rather catch up with my last few months of not blogging and instead of trying to back track , ive chosen to just allow whatever comes out to be just that… my moments…i have been working with a trainer the last month… a woman at that… ive never worked with a woman on my body before… i know it could sound odd to you because when i realized i hadnt it was odd to me…. i mean a woman would understand my body, my issues, my struggles, my challenges , my pms, my nuttiness , my just being a woman…it actually took a while , well, in believing “THE PROCESS” …theres so much more that entails working with someone… TRUST in all areas and that doesnt come easy for a girl like me….i am so grateful for her… her name is DARLENE and she truly is an incredible woman… shes on top of her game,quick,funny,fiesty, caring,kind,compassionate and doesnt let me get off the hook…. but she does it in a loving way … thus far its a blessing to have her in my life… sore ,oh hells im so sore all the time  but all the worth it… i am going to blog about the next 6 to 8  weeks we have (she) has decided to get me into tip top shape…. i dont want to fail her but its time to not fail myself in this area ….im wearing a body bug that counts calories ,logging everything i am eating , getting a menu of what to eat and   even drink daily… getting measured (yuck) ,weighed (ew) ,and body fat checked(ugh) weekly… i check in with her all day long… see what recovery has taught me is i dont have to do things on my own today or ever again if i choose…. ive searched and searched for the right person  to guide me to connecting  me to my body , what im learnening is im connecting my mind, body and spirit as a one , a whole nother level…im asking GOD to keep me teachable and open in this process… hopefully he takes the soreness out of this situation…

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  1. Joni says:

    Hi Jenn,
    This is Darlene’s mom. It was a pleasure to meet you today at the gym. I’m not saying this because I’m her mom, but she is an expert in her field. She has a keen sense of body physics and can adjust the workout to get the best results. Keep up with all the positive things you are doing in your life.


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