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boy ive been a bundle of tears today…i havent cried i mean really cried in so long…so today it just pored out… i feel like a lot of “new ” things are going on in my life…ive been traveling so much lately, i actually like it ,being in different cities … except ive been around a hell of a lot of people  and at times it gets to me … i call it  wearing the mask syndrome…( smile here, be nice there, look like this , say that) …i just dont believe the b.s of it all…and after a while i wonder if people would just like me for me ( the real me)…maybe if i wasnt so tired today i wouldnt be such a debbie downer , jeez…i was recently in “Miami” … i have to say it was a magical experience for me… im hoping i can go back there and kinda make it a home away from home place…or…just keep working there … i miss my “Miami”

…like i said before so many new things are happenin in my life and im just trying to show up for it all… i have to say i suck ass real bad i kept saying i was goin to start bloggin but these days the way life is for me if i have my shoes on as i leave out the door every morning its a lucky day , so getting on the computer is a miracle when it happens …i promised quite a few people that i would blog more often and i didnt keep my word …. i dont like empty promises so sorry….mickey is so cute right now he is kissin me and sitting on my neck like a parrot this little guy is such a trip with his crazy personality u just never know what to expect well…. he always is a loving mamas boy its kinda riduclous we were out earlier and he was into just makin out and anytime people touched him he would take a deep breath and start kissin me ….like a possesive boyfriend… i loved it !!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Lesley says:

    Dogs are so great. They love you for you, it’s totally unconditional. All they want is to be with you. You are their world, incredible.

  2. traveling fool says:

    Balance is not easy. You know what, I know you don’t like empty promises. But you’re so busy, I think you’re putting to much pressure on yourself to do this, too.

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